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By Mike Johnson on 2009-06-14 10:00:00

 Does Stephanie McMahon-Levesque have a sister? I read somewhere that she does.

Shane McMahon is Stephanie's only sibling.

With the new Randy Savage DVD coming out , does Savage receive any royalties from the sale of the DVD?

Interesting question.  I do not believe Savage will be owed any royalties since it's all material WWE owns and has paid him for in the past.  That said, I do believe WWE will cut him a check, just as they will others who appear.

I have been wondering why they blur out the words "Of Wrestling" in WWE Superstars?  I really do not get it, also they blur out the name on the banners " Superstars Of Wrestling." Why is it such a big deal to say those last two words at the end of old school Superstars "Of Wrestling?"

I believe that is actually part of an old lawsuit settlement from when Albert Patterson, who owned the rights to the terms "Superstars of Wrestling" sued WWF over the name and usage of the term Superstars.  Obviously, Superstars was not something he could claim, so WWE uses the term "WWE Superstars" but the Superstars of Wrestling term ended up in his domain.  He's filed similar lawsuits over the usage of the term against TNA and the now defunct World Wrestling All-Stars promotion as well.

I've read many stories about how Ricky Steamboat was never a heel.  Has there ever been any other major star never to make the jump between heel and face?  I don't recall Ivan Putski ever being a heal.

The only other name that comes to mind is Tito Santana.

How many times do you think you guys are going to have to answer the same questions over and over and over?

This many.

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