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By Mike Johnson on 2009-06-09 23:56:33
Billy Krotchsen called in the following results from tonight's Smackdown taping in Biloxi, Mississippi:
WWE Superstars:
*Evan Bourne pinned Zach Ryder with the shooting star
WWE Smackdown:

*Smackdown opened with World champ CM Punk coming out to cut a promo. The crowd was into him until Jeff Hardy came out.

*World champion CM Punk defeated Chris Jericho.

*Dolph Ziggler defeated The Great Khali via countout.

*Michelle McCool & Layla defeated WWE Womens champion Melina & Eve Torres. 

*John Morrison & R-Truth defeated Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas.

*Ricky Ortiz defeated Jimmy Wang Yang.

*Edge defeated Jeff Hardy by DQ when CM Punk got involved.   Punk was doing commentary and Edge threw Hardy at him.  Punk then responded, causing the DQ.
*World champ CM Punk & Jeff Hardy beat Chris Jericho and Edge in a dark steel cage match.  After the match, Hardy nailed Punk with the Twist of Fate.

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