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By Buck Woodward on 2009-05-17 22:45:45

Welcome to's coverage of WWE Judgment Day.  We will be updating this page throughout the evening with results from the show, so check back often.


The usual PPV opening video was a lot shorter than usual, then they showed CM Punk entering to a big hometown pop, as Jim Ross and Todd Grisham reviewed the recent events between Punk and Umaga. 


CM Punk vs. Umaga. 


Punk opened up with kicks, and Umaga knocked Punk down with a shove, but missed a headbutt to the mat.  Punk continued with his kick-based offense, then tried a springboard bodypress, but Umaga caught it and hit a spinning side slam.  Umaga stomped Punk, then worked him over in a corner.  Punk battled back with right hands, but was taken down with a back elbow.  Umaga whipped Punk hard into a corner, then did the same into the opposite turnbuckles.  Umaga pounded Punk's shoulder, then applied a nervehold.  Punk grabbed the ropes to break it, and Umaga jumped on the outstretched arm.  Umaga threw Punk shoulder-first into the ringpost, then applied a double nervehold.  Punk upkicked to try and break out, but Umaga switched to an armbar.


Punk got to his feet, but Umaga threw him to the mat and delivered a kneedrop.  Umaga scored a two count, but Punk rolled to the apron.  Umaga kicked Punk off the apron, and into the security wall at ringside.  Punk got on the apron and hit some shoulderblocks, then went for a slingshot sunset flip, but couldn't get him over.  Umaga dropped all his weight on Punk's chest, then did it a second time.  Umaga went to do it a third time, but Punk got his feet up and kicked Umaga in the face. 


Punk picked up Umaga for a bodyslam, but collapsed under the weight and fell to the mat for a two count.  Umaga went back to work on the arm, but Punk battled up and hit some right hands, only to be decked by a thrust chop.  Umaga then went for a flying headbutt from the second rope, but Punk rolled out of the way.  The fans have been chanting for Punk a lot here.  Punk hit some right hands, then dodged a charging Umaga, pulling down the top rope so Umaga would fall to the floor.  Punk then hit a pescado. Back in the ring, Punk hit a series of kicks, then a kneelift and a leg lariat.  Punk went for a whip, but Umaga reversed it.  Umaga charged into a Punk boot, then charged again and Punk moved, sending Umaga into the ringpost.  Punk hit a jumping knee, then went for a bulldog, but Umaga shoved Punk into a corner. 


Umaga went for the running posterior butt, but Punk moved out of the way and Umaga crashed in the corner.  Punk hit a second rope bulldog for a two count.  From the apron, Punk hit a kick to the head, then delivered a springboard clothesline onto Umaga for a two count.  Punk called for the GTS, but couldn't lift Umaga.  Umaga reversed positions and hit a Samoan Drop for a two count.  Umaga called for the Samoan Spike.  Punk ducked the Spike, hit three kicks to the head in a row, and went to lift Umaga for the GTS.  Punk's back gave out on him, and Umaga hit a thrust kick.  Punk fell into a corner, and Umaga hit the running posterior butt, then the Samoan Spike for the pin at the thirteen minute mark. 


Winner: Umaga. 


Backstage, Chavo Guerrero informed Vickie Guerrero that John Cena was medically cleared to wrestle tonight.  Vickie Guerrero told Big Show, who was sitting on the couch across from her, that the match is on.  Big Show said that Raw has already lost Triple H, and now they would lose John Cena, and it was "bad for business."  Vickie said WWE was bigger than one man, and if Show takes out Cena, someone else would step up to take his place.  Show said "I know who will take his place" and walked out.  Edge entered, and Show stared him down and said "Hello Edge."  Edge said he needed to talk to his wife, and Big Show left.  Edge approached Vickie, and Chavo excused himself, while Vickie was not looking Edge in the face. 


Matt Striker and Josh Mathews reviewed the events leading to the ECW Title match. 


ECW Champion Christian vs. Jack Swagger.


They did the "big match" intros for the title match.  Swagger lunged at Christian at the start, but Christian sidestepped him and hit some right hands.  Swagger whipped Christian to the ropes, but Christian slid to the floor.  Swagger gave chase, and back in the ring went for a press slam, but Christian floated out and went for the Killswitch.  Swagger broke out, and Christian gestured that he almost had him.  Swagger applied a waistlock to Christian, but Christian elbowed out, only to be hit by a shoulderblock.  Swagger whipped Christian hard into a corner, but missed a clothesline.  Christian dodged a charging Swagger and sent him over the top rope.  As Swagger tried to get back in the ring, Christian dropkicked him between the ropes, sending him back to the floor.  Christian then hit a springboard bodypress onto Swagger on the floor.  


Christian rolled Swagger in the ring, and as Christian got in, Swagger hit a kneelift, and knocked him to the floor.  Back outside, Swagger threw Christian ribs first into the ringpost, then stood on his midsection.  Back in the ring, Swagger scored a two count. Swagger applied a bodyscissors, using the ropes for leverage at one point without the referee seeing.  Swagger stomped Christian's gut, but Christian battled back with backhands before being hit with a knee to the midsection.  Swagger slammed Christian, then went for a V-Bomb, but Christian got his knees up.  Christian hit a second rope back elbow, but Swagger hoisted him in a slam position and rammed him into a corner.  Swagger went for a second, but Christian floated over into a reverse facebuster for a two count.  Christian hit a pair of pendulum kicks in the corner, but missed a top rope splash.  Swagger rolled up Christian for a two count. 


Swagger went for a powerbomb, but Christian blocked it.  Swagger tossed Christian into a corner, but Christian ducked the charge.  Christian went to the top rope, but Swagger met him there and hit a top rope belly to belly suplex for a two count.  Swagger went to pick up Christian, but Christian rolled him into a small package for two.  The two men clotheslined each other.  Christian went for a second rope sunset flip, but Swagger dropped down on him for a two count.  Christian went for a tornado DDT, which Swagger blocked, but Christian managed to reverse back into position and hit a reverse DDT for a two count.  Swagger cradled Christian with a handful of tights, but only got a two count as the referee caught him. Christian and Swagger went into a series of reversals, with Swagger trying to get the gut wrench powerbomb and Christian tried to get the Killswitch.  At one point, Christian pulled down Swagger's straps, and he rolled up Swagger and pulled the tights (out of view of the ref) to get the win at the ten minute mark.  They showed replays of how Swagger was unable to pull the tights and get the win, but Christian was. 


Winner: Christian. 


Backstage, Chavo Guerrero was at the door of Vickie Guerrero's office.  Edge came out, and Chavo wanted to know what was going on.  Edge said he was talking to his wife, and Chavo pointed out they aren't living together.  Edge ripped into Chavo for not defending Vickie against a "cross dresser" who called his aunt a pig.  Edge said Chavo was an embarrassment and walked off.


Coverage continued on next page.

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