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By Richard Trionfo on 2009-05-16 09:26:17
Full Impact Pro Wrestling returned to action with their Unfinished Business 2009 show. There were a few changes to the lineup due to injuries suffered by the FIP World Heavyweight Champion Tyler Black and Jon Davis, one half of the Dark City Fight Club. Here are some of the stories to come out of Unfinished Business.

Davey Richards is finally the FIP World Champion

After claiming that he was the Undisputed FIP World Heavyweight Champion after winning the Second Battle of the Belts, Davey Richards finally got to call himself the FIP World Heavyweight Champion and he did not even have to defeat Tyler Black to get the title. Due to an injury suffered by Black on Friday night, Black had to forfeit the title. Richards thought that he would have the night off, but instead he had to wrestle and he faced a man returning to FIP after some time away, Kenny King. After a grueling match, Richards was able to retain the title thanks to help from the members of Heartbreak Enterprises and Sal Rinauro of the YRR.

The YRR Overthrow their King

With three quarters of the YRR in Crystal River, we saw Kenny King confront Sal Rinauro and Chasyn Rance and wonder why they were the ones to face Erick Stevens and Roderick Strong for the FIP Tag Team Titles that King and Jason Blade lost last year. After Rance and Rinauro won their match, King wondered why they needed any outside help and wanted an answer from Rance and Rinauro. They responded with their fists and then they tried to take care of him in a handicap match but King was able to defeat Rinauro and Rance. Later in the night, the YRR would get their revenge on King when they may have cost him the FIP World Heavyweight Title.

Heartbreak Enterprises adds two but subtracts one

Since the Heartbreak Express have stepped out of the ring as active competitors, they have tried to assemble the top stable of wrestlers and that has included finding new FIP Tag Team Champions. They thought they had a team with the Heartbreak Assassins which included Damien Wayne. Wayne has been a disappointment. Thanks to the assistance of Nigel McGuinness, Heartbreak Enterprises added the British Lions of Tommy Taylor and Chris Grey. This was announced after Chris Grey helped Rhett Titus retain the Florida Heritage Title against Chris Jones. While there might be some tension between Gray and Taylor over this association, they are being guided by the former FIP Tag Team Champions at this time as they fight for their shot at the titles. While Gray and Taylor have joined Heartbreak Enterprises, Damien Wayne has been fired from the group after disappointing Sean Davis with his recent performances and his loss to Bruce Santee.

Here are the results from the show:

The show starts off with Jonathan Gold announcing that Tyler Black suffered an injury on Friday night and as a result, he would not be in Crystal River to defend his title.

Shawn Osborne comes out and he mentions his recent losing streak but that ends tonight because he has hand chosen his opponent.

Match Number One: Grizzly Redwood defeats Shawn Osborne

Osborne takes advantage of his significant size advantage over Redwood as he throws the littlest lumberjack around the ring and even uses Redwood’s beard to throw him around. Osborne hits a splash into the ropes but when he tries for a second one, Redwood moves out of the way and Redwood gets the three count with a victory roll.

After the match, Osborne throws a tantrum in the ring.

Heartbreak Enterprises (Sean Davis, Phil Davis, Damien Wayne, and Baby Doll) come out and Phil makes sure that everything is safe. Sean says that he is excited because this is a huge night for Heartbreak Enterprises. He has a special treat for Damien Wayne because it is a new beginning for Damien because Damien has been a bit of a disappointment due to his recent losing streak, but he is being given a second chance. Damien Wayne will challenge anyone in the building and a few fans want to get into the match. Sean picks someone who is much smaller than Wayne, but Damien wants to prove something to Sean. Damien decides to choose someone standing by the concession area and Sean freaks out because Damien just chose Bruce Santee. Bruce accepts the challenge and we will have a match later tonight.

Match Number Two: Francisco Ciatso versus Caleb Konley goes to a No Contest

Konley is able to avoid Ciatso at the start of the match and Konley chops Ciatso around the ring. Ciatso gains control over Konley as he uses his experience to wear down his opponent. Konley punches Ciatso in the corner but Ciatso hits a Flatline. Before Ciatso can make the cover, Kory Chavis and Leva come to the ring and Ciatso hits a Sit Out Spinebuster on Ciatso. Chavis also attacks Konley.

Chavis gets on the mic and he points out that his tag team partner, Jon Davis is injured so FIP management does not want him in the ring. Chavis says that he is still here and that the Dark City Fight Club does not care about anyone else.

Match Number Three: Bruce Santee defeats Damien Wayne with Sean Davis, Phil Davis, and Baby Doll

Santee starts off with the advantage but Baby Doll’s distraction allows Wayne to start working on Santee’s leg with a clip. Santee is able to get a near fall with a sunset flip but Wayne still maintains control of the match. Wayne keeps the advantage with help from Sean and Phil Davis but Santee gets some near falls after a backdrop driver and choke slam. Wayne tries for a piledriver, but Santee escapes the hold and he hits a choke slam and the Big Dump for the three count.

After the match, Sean yells at Damien and he says that he told Damien that he could not beat Santee. Sean tells Damien to listen to him or Damien will be a nobody. Wayne walks away and Sean tells him that he better not walk away. He tells Wayne that he better beg Sean to stay in Heartbreak Enterprises.

Match Number Four: Sal Rinauro and Chasyn Rance with Kenny King and Mister Saint Laurent defeat 2 Fast 2 Furious (Jerrelle Clark and Nooie Lee)

The YRR attack Lee and Clark when the bell rings, but Clark and Lee are able to take control of the early part of the match and this frustrates Rance and Rinauro. After trying to regroup on the floor, Rinauro and Rance have the same results and they continue to show their frustration. Lee and Clark connect with a series of double team moves on Rance and Rinauro. Rance and Rinauro get back into the match by working over Lee. After a series of counters, Rance hits an enzuigiri on Clark followed by the Chasyn Driver for the three count.

After the match, Mister Saint Laurent gets on the mic and he says that the YRR are back on top. King wants to know who Mister Saint Laurent is and why he is around. Kenny mentions that it was him and Jason Blade who lost the tag titles, but Sal and Chasyn got the rematch. Rance and Rinauro attack King and they fight into the ring and then Mister Saint Laurent mentions that he signed Kenny to a match against Chasyn and Sal.

Match Number Five: Kenny King defeats Sal Rinauro and Chasyn Rance with Mister Saint Laurent

After a quick double team move, King connects with knees to Rance’s back and then he hits the Coronation on Rinauro for the three count.

It was time for intermission.

Chris Jones gets on the mic before the next match. He says that he is not going to let Heartbreak Enterprises get away with things so he is going to have some people at ringside to make sure the Florida Heritage Title comes back to him. Chris brings out the British Lions of Tommy Taylor and Chris Gray. Tommy says that they will have Jones’ back while Chris Gray says that Jones will get his.

Match Number Six: Rhett Titus with Heartbreak Enterprises defeats Chris Jones with The British Lions to retain the Florida Heritage Title

With the desire to regain the title, Jones gets the early advantage on Titus, but Phil grabs Jones’ leg and Baby Doll distracts the referee long enough to allow Titus to send Jones to the floor with a drop kick. Titus works over Jones but Jones hits a tilt-a-whirl head scissors followed by a rana to regain control of the match. Jones goes to the turnbuckles but Phil Davis gets on the apron and while Tommy Taylor tries to get Phil off the apron, Chris Gray pushes Jones off the turnbuckles and Titus hits the Muff Driver for the three count.

After the match, Chris Gray is with Sean Davis and Tommy Taylor is confused. Sean Davis says that he told everyone that he had a surprise and it is the latest addition to Heartbreak Enterprises, the British Lions. Sean brings out the man who made it possible, the former Ring of Honor World Champion, Nigel McGuinness. Nigel says that the British Lions are finally taking his advice and not care about the fans. Chris Gray says that he was tired of losing and he expected that Tommy would have gotten the lesson after his match against Nigel. He points out that they got together to win tag titles.

While this is taking place, Damien Wayne has a confused look on his face and he tells Sean Davis that he is done with Heartbreak Enterprises. To make sure that it is over, he punches Sean Davis. Heartbreak Enterprises attacks Wayne and they give him a spike piledriver. Sean Davis officially fires Damien Wayne from Heartbreak Enterprises.

Joey Ryan comes out and he addresses the fans. He tells the people of Crystal River that when the dust settles, there will only be one question to ask and that is who wants a mustache ride. Before Brad Attitude comes to the ring, Ryan challenges anyone in the building under the age of 10.

Match Number Seven: Brad Attitude defeats Joey Ryan

Ryan yells at the referee for his incompetence when he does not make Attitude break the hold quick enough in the corner. Ryan works on Attitude’s ribs and he uses a bear hug and body scissors. Attitude hits a drop kick and clothesline but he misses the neck breaker out of the corner. Shawn Osborne comes out to watch the match. Ryan hits a spear but misses a splash in the corner and that allows Attitude to hit a neck breaker. Ryan tries to get the victory with help from the ropes but the referee sees it and stops the count. Attitude gets the victory with the Attitude Adjustment.

After the match, Shawn Osborne approves of Attitude’s performance.

Match Number Eight: Roderick Strong and Erick Stevens defeat The British Lions (Tommy Taylor and Chris Gray) with Sean Davis and Phil Davis to retain the FIP Tag Team Titles

Taylor gets the early advantage over Strong and the problems that appeared to exist between Taylor and Gray are a thing of the past. Gray and Taylor work on Strong’s arm. After Strong and Stevens are able to regain control, Gray uses his new found attitude and rakes the eyes to get control back. While the challengers remain in control of the match, Taylor questions some of Gray’s tactics during the match. Despite the problems, Gray and Taylor maintain control of the match and wear down Stevens but Stevens is able to hit a backdrop driver and both men are down. Strong tags in and he wears down Gray with clotheslines and a slingshot Falcon Arrow. Taylor gets a near fall after a double underhook DDT. Strong and Stevens finish off Taylor and Gray with a Yakuza kick from a Hart Attack set up.

After the match, Sean Davis tells Chris Gray that he did great and then he tells Taylor to go to the back and have a good time. Sean vows to get the British Lions the tag titles. Taylor does not want to hear what Davis has to say and looks like he wants to hit Davis. Taylor goes to the back.

Sean Davis says that it is time for Jonathan Gold to make the announcement that Davey Richards is the new FIP World Heavyweight Champion. Jonathan Gold announces that Tyler Black was injured and as a result of the injury, Black would have to forfeit the title and Davey Richards is the new champion. Davey points out that he has already been the champion for two months but it took an injury for the company to realize the truth. Sean says that there is no title match tonight because Tyler Black is now a cripple.

Jonathan Gold tells Davis that Davey Richards must defend his title, but Sean Davis says that since there is no Tyler Black, there is not title match. Jonathan Gold mentions that the contract was for a title match so Davey has to defend the title.

Davey Richards, Sean Davis, and Phil Davis threaten Jonathan Gold and Kenny King comes out.

King says that he has laughed and joked for the last two years and some people might not have liked it. However, everyone wants to be the champion and he challenges Davey Richards for the title.

Match Number Nine: Davey Richards with Heartbreak Enterprises defeats Kenny King to retain the FIP World Heavyweight Title

King tries for a quick victory with a Coronation but Richards gets to the floor to regroup. Richards returns to the ring, but he leaves just as fast after King clotheslines him over the top rope. Richards goes to the back with the title belt, but King brings Richards back into the ringside area. Richards uses his associates at ringside to help him work over King while Richards talks to the referee. Richards works on the ribs and midsection to wear down King. Richards goes up top and King tries to stop him but King is knocked off the turnbuckles, but King does hit a desperation kick to knock Richards to the floor. King is able to take control and he works on Richards’ back. King goes up top but he may have taken too long because Richards is able to hit a drop kick as King comes off. Richards eventually goes to the floor and King goes up top but he misses a splash to the floor and King goes into the guardrails. King barely makes it back into the ring and then Richards puts King in a Cloverleaf. Richards with a series of kicks but King wants more. Richards charges into the ring post and King hits Coronation but Sean Davis gets on the apron to distract the referee. King takes care of Davis, but Sal Rinauro comes out and he hits a springboard kick and Richards gets the three count.

After the match, Sal Rinauro attacks King while Heartbreak Enterprises leave the ring. Chasyn Rance and Mister Saint Laurent come to the ring and get a table and Rance and Rinauro send King through the table.

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