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By Mike Johnson on 2009-05-14 09:52:56

CM Punk was interviewed by the UK's Sky Sports today.  Highlights included:

His Inspiration to Wrestle: "That's a hard question to answer because there are so many. Shawn Michaels is definitely one and he is pretty relevant because he's still with the company. Ricky Steamboat and Bret Hart as well, those"

Best Matches: "About a year ago on SmackDown I had a really good one with Edge. That sticks out in my mind. My championship win for the ECW title against John Morrison and probably the Money In The Bank from last year.

Fracturing his Skull while Wrestling on the Independent Scene: "I thought I broke my neck at the time. I was giving a guy a neckbreaker and his head wound up on top of mine and everything just sandwiched and hit the mat at the same time and my head was turned. It felt like somebody took a pot of warm water and poured it inside my brain. Everything got hot so I thought I broke my neck. I still had feelings so like a knucklehead I continued to wrestle for 12 more minutes. Afterwards it was a chore to walk from the ring to the back and as soon as I got in the back I hit the floor and couldn't get up. I couldn't open my eyes, I couldn't see and was throwing up."

Doctors' reaction to the fact he continued to wrestle: "No they didn't say anything like that they told me that they were shocked because I walked into the hospital. They were like 'how did you get in here?' I said 'I walked' so they said 'the bad news is you have a fractured skull. The good news is you should have died.' I was out two months."

Why Fans Should Watch Wrestling in 2009: "Nowadays it's bigger and more insane than ever. It's literally the best entertainment for your dollar. It's part soap opera, part action movie. There's loud music like a rock concert, explosions like four or five pyro, gorgeous women, people you can get behind and root for, underdogs, people you want to see get their teeth kicked down their throat. To me, it's the greatest thing in the world.

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