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By Mike Johnson on 2009-05-01 10:23:22

TNA Wrestling released Roxxi yesterday, according to several sources. As previously noted on in our Elite section, Roxxi and Rhaka Khan had been serving a 60 days suspension following a backstage issue that became physical several weeks back at an Impact taping. I am told that in the midst of the suspension, the decision was made not to bring her back.

Roxxi, real name Nicole Raczynski, began wrestling in the New England area under the ring name Nikki Roxx and was brought into TNA in July 2007 as a second for BG and Kip James as "The Voodoo Queen" Roxxi Laveaux.

As the Knockouts division grew, she became something of an underdog in the division with fans getting behind her as she was having regular good matches with Gail Kim, The Beautiful People and Awesome Kong, among others.

The Laveaux surname was dropped after the 2008 Sacrifice PPV, where she lost a multi-woman bout where the final loser would have her head shaved. The loss of her hair actually increased her popularity with fans in the Orlando area due to the sympathy factor.

In more recent months, she was pushed as the hardcore Knockout, using weapons and cursing regularly. While she had not been in the top mix for the Knockouts title of late, she was easily in the top three babyfaces for that side of the division and still had strong fan support when the decision was made to let her go.

TNA quietly removed Roxxi's profile from their website this morning.

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