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By Mike Johnson on 2009-04-13 12:33:00

Ring of Honor issued the following exclusive statement to this afternoon in response to requests for comment on recent statements made by ROH talent Larry Sweeney and Dragon Gate's CIMA:

We would like to comment on several topics that have been addressed by outside sources over the past week in regards to Ring of Honor. This will be our only public comment in regards to these issues.

First, Alex Whybrow's (Larry Sweeney) claim that he is owed money from ROH. Mr. Whybrow is under contract with Ring of Honor. His contract clearly states that he is paid "X" amount of dollars when he appears for Ring of Honor. Mr. Whybrow has been paid in full for all dates in which he has performed in front of Ring of Honor fans. Any claims in regards to payment for dates in which he has been unable to perform is not in accordance with his ROH contract. Everybody at Ring of Honor would like to wish Alex the best of luck in dealing with his current issues.

Secondly, CIMA from the Dragon Gate promotion in Japan has made claims that Ring of Honor owes Dragon Gate money from our Sept. 2008 show stating "Some of the ROH wrestlers' airfare and their guarantees were supposed be shared between two companies, but the promise had never been kept." This statement is false. All Ring of Honor talent was paid in full for these events along with their airfare. CIMA and the Dragon Gate promotion are very well aware of what agreements they did not live up to in regards to the ROH/Dragon Gate show and why we choose to no longer do business with them.

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