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By Buck Woodward on 2009-04-05 22:55:34

A video package on the Chris Jericho-Mickey Rourke-Legends storyline was shown. 

Chris Jericho vs. Roddy Piper, Jimmy Snuka & Ricky Steamboat in an handicap elimination match, with Ric Flair at ringside. 

Mickey Rourke was seated at ringside in the front row.  Chris Jericho made his entrance, then Steamboat, Snuka, Piper and Flair were all introduced, coming out on the stage and then walking to the ring together. Flair hugged Rourke at ringside. Apparently it will be tag team rules for the Legends.  The Legends argued over who would start the match.  

Piper spat at Jericho and charged him to start the match. Piper tackled Jericho to the mat and hit some punches.  Piper tackled Jericho over the top rope and to the floor, catching his hand in the ropes.  As they got back in the ring, Jericho kicked Piper, but Piper came back with a sunset flip for a two count, and a ugly dropkick.  Piper slapped Jericho and punched him in a corner.  Piper rammed Jericho into a corner.  Snuka called for Piper to ram Jericho into his head, and he did.  Piper tagged Snuka, who hit some chops against the ropes.  Snuka hit some chops and tagged Steamboat, who came off the top rope with a chop, then a pair of trademark armdrags.  There was a chant for "Steamboat" as he worked over Jericho's arm.  Steamboat tagged Snuka and they hit a double chop.  Snuka headbutted Jericho, but Jericho tripped Snuka and grabbed the Walls Of Jericho.  Snuka tapped out at the four minute mark. 

Jericho didn't release the hold right away, and Steamboat and Piper came in to try and break it.  Jericho let go, then shoved Steamboat out of the ring as he turned to exit.  Piper went at it with Jericho, hitting the eye poke, and then applying a sleeper.  Jericho thrust forward, sending Piper throat first into the top rope.  Jericho hit an enzugiri for the pin at the five minute mark. 

Steamboat immediate came off the top with a flying bodypress for a two count.  Jericho and Steamboat traded chops.  Jericho hit a snap mare and a kick to the back.  Jericho put Steamboat in a chinlock, Steamboat fought up and hit some shots, then a shoulderblock.  Jericho tossed Steamboat from the ring, but Steamboat skinned the cat (which the camera missed) while Jericho knocked Flair off the apron.  Steamboat hit a pescado on Jericho, tossed him into the ring and hit a top rope chop.  Steamboat hit some chops, leapfrogged Jericho in a corner and rolled him up for two.  Jericho threw punches and chops, then kicked away a backdrop attempt by Steamboat and hit a bulldog. Jericho missed a Lionsault, but ran into an elbow.  Jericho kicked Steamboat to the mat, but ran into a Steamboat powerslam.  Jericho tripped Steamboat and grabbed the Walls Of Jericho, but Steamboat rolled out of it into a small package for a two count.  The crowd is going nuts for Steamboat.  Steamboat flipped out of a suplex attempt, but Jericho grabbed him with a Codebreaker for the pin at the nine minute mark. 

Winner: Chris Jericho. 

Flair ran into the ring and went at it with Jericho.  Flair hit some shots, but Jericho backdropped him.  Jericho then gave Flair a Codebreaker.  Jericho kicked Flair's body out of the ring and called for the microphone.  Jericho began bragging about his win, then called out Rourke.  Rourke gestured that Jericho was all talk.  Jericho called him a coward, and said if he doesn't get in the ring, he'd jump the rail and slap him.  Rourke talked to the people with him (one of whom looks like Frank Shamrock), then stepped into the ring, taking off his jacket as he did so. Rourke played up to the crowd, then took off his hat and stepped onto the apron.  Rourke finally got in the ring, and he certainly doesn't have his "Randy The Ram" body anymore. Rourke threw a few jabs at Jericho, and Jericho backed up.  Rourke decked Jericho with a left hook.  Flair got in the ring and raised Rourke's arm. 

A video package on the events leading to Hardy vs. Hardy was shown. 

Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy in an Extreme Rules match.

Matt Hardy has new, long tights.  Jeff had full face paint on, and Matt was trash talking him as soon as he got in the ring.  Jeff slapped Matt and the bell rang.  Jeff hit some punches and Matt fell to the floor.  Jeff reached under the ring for a Wrestlemania sign and broke it over Matt's head.  Jeff pulled out a trash can, but Matt kicked Jeff in the gut and he dropped it.  Jeff blocked a shot into the steps and rammed Matt head first into them.  Jeff then launched himself off the steps into Matt with a leg lariat.  Jeff grabbed a chair as Matt rolled into the ring.  Jeff went for a chair launch, but Matt moved and Jeff crashed in the corner.  Jeff hit a back elbow and went for a Whisper In The Wind, but Matt grabbed the chair and blasted Jeff with it.  Matt hit a chairshot, then bent Jeff over the top rope.  Matt grabbed a Shopvac from under the ring and blasted Jeff with it, then covered him for a two count.  Matt rammed Jeff in a corner, but Jeff kicked him. Jeff walked into a Side Effect on a chair from Matt for a two count. 

Matt kicked Jeff in the gut, then punched him in a corner and stood on his throat.  Matt stretched Jeff around the ringpost, pulling on his arm and leg. Matt set up a table at ringside.  Matt went for a suplex off the apron, but Jeff blocked it.  Jeff knocked Matt to the floor, then jumped off the apron and clotheslined Matt on the floor. Jeff hit a mule kick to send Matt backwards into the steep steps.  Jeff pulled out a kendo stick and a crutch, hitting Matt with the stick as Matt rolled into the ring.  Jeff tossed in a trash can, put it over Matt's head, then bashed it with a metal crutch.  Matt slumped in the corner, and Jeff hit the elevated kick into the trash can.  Jeff covered Matt for a two count.  Jeff hit a gourdbuster, then went to the top rope for a swanton, but missed.  Matt kicked Jeff in the gut and hit the Twist Of Fate for a two count.  Matt went to the top rope, calling for a swanton, but Jeff met him there and hit a superplex.  Jeff blasted Matt with a chairshot, and Matt rolled to the floor.

Jeff laid Matt on the table at ringside, then put a chair on top of him.  Jeff went under the ring, and pulled out another table. Jeff opened the other table and placed it on top of the first, with Matt and the chair stuck between them.  Jeff went to the top rope, and jumped off with a splash, crashing through both tables and driving Matt into the floor.  Jeff rolled Matt into the ring for a cover, but Matt put his foot on the bottom rope.  Jeff tossed a chair into the ring, then went for a pair of ladders under the ring and tossed them in.  Jeff set up the chair, then jumped off it into a legdrop on Matt.  Jeff set up one of the ladders, which was huge, then set up a slightly smaller one next to it. Jeff climbed the small ladder, then boosted himself over the larger one and went for a legdrop, but Matt rolled out of the way and Jeff crashed into the mat. Matt put Jeff's head through the opening of a unfolded steel chair and gave him a Twist of Fate, crushing his head in the chair, for the pin at the fourteen minute mark.

Winner: Matt Hardy.

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