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By Mike Johnson on 2009-03-31 16:32:33

The legal counsel for former TNA and ECW star Pat "Simon Diamond" Kenney issued the following press release today in regard to a lawsuit Kenney has brought against a cleric he claims sexually abused hm as a teenager. 

In speaking to Kenney this afternoon while confirming the press release was legitimate, he noted that he had the option of filing the suit with anonymity but decided to go ahead publicly in hopes of helping others to come forward with their own claims and help their own healing process. 

Since his departure from TNA, where he worked as an agent, Kenney is now working full-time outside of the wrestling business and has no plans for an in-ring return, feeling that chapter in his life has closed.

The release reads:

 Former TNA Star Files Child Sex Abuse Lawsuit Against Priest
Church Officials Knew Cleric Was Abuser, Yet Allowed Him to Stay in Schools in Three States
Simon Diamond Vows to Help Keep Kids Safe

"The Time for Silence and Shame is Over," He Says

A former TNA Wresting Star filed a child sex abuse lawsuit today, accusing a teacher and priest at a prestigious Delaware high school of sexually abusing him when he was a young teen student at the school.

Pat Kenney, who wrestled under the name Simon Diamond, used a landmark Delaware Law, the Child Victims Act, to come forward and tell his story of childhood sexual abuse at Wilmington's Salesianum High School, where he says he was sexually molested by known predator Denis Killion.

Rev. Denis Killion was removed from ministry when four men came forward in August to accuse him of sexual abuse.  Letters exposed in the cases showed that church officials knew that Killion was a molester, but instead of removing him, moved the priest to schools in Pennsylvania and Florida.  Since then, a fifth victim has come forward.

"Pat has a goal," said his attorney, J. Michael Reck of Manly & Stewart of New York and Newport Beach, CA.  "He wants to make sure that what happened to him never happens to another child.  Pat spent an entire career being strong and ignoring the effects of his abuse.  Now, he realizes that the best work he can do will be to keep kids safe, urge them to report abuse, and hold abusers and their protectors accountable."

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