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By Mike Johnson on 2009-03-30 11:35:12

The ECW-themed Hardcore Reunion in Allentown, PA drew about 350-400 fans this past Saturday.  The event was well organized and came off as a fun gathering of ECW Originals, many of whom hadn't been in the same place together in years.  Some Notes and News from the convention:

*Since the event was held in the area of a shopping mall that also hosts a local independent wrestling event, a ring was set up.  Joey Styles reprised his old role as the voice of ECW, introducing all of the talents in attendance and giving comments on them.  Styles was self-deprecating at one point, commenting he was going to wish himself the best in his future endeavors after talking about his "current employer."

*Appearing as part of the Superticket of the convention were Styles, Tommy Dreamer, Beulah McGuillicuty, Danny Doring, Roadkill, Sal E. Graziano, Little Guido, Mikey Whipwreck, Raven, Kid Kash, Sandman, Francine, The reunited Blue World Order, Axl Rotten, Balls Mahoney, Chris Chetti, Shane Douglas and Joel Gertner.

*Talent also appearing or brought in by vendors included Terry Funk, Bob Backlund, Scott Hall, Ian Rotten, Mickie Knuckles (who has dropped a ton of weight), Tito Santana, Don E. Allen, Justin Credible, Gillberg, Barry Hardy, Chastity, Prodigette and referees John Finnegan and Mike Kehner.

*The biggest "news" to come out of the convention was Shane Douglas' announcement of "November to Remember - The Final Chairshot" which is being promoted as the last ECW reunion type event.  An official press release is expected later today. 

*In one of the funnier moments of the day, Scott Hall was "confronted" by the Blue World Order and given a BWO t-shirt for his troubles.  In another funny moment, an announcement was made over the sound system for "Raven to return to his signing position" as he had disappeared in the midst of the signing session.   The announcement popped those in attendance in that "you got caught by the principal" way.

Some updates on ECW Originals:

*Chris Chetti now works as a safety inspector for a construction company and is happily married with five children.  He's feeling much better after having back surgery to relieve ongoing issues from his time in the ring.

*Kid Kash is now training full-time in MMA and has had several fights.  He's cut his trademark long hair and has added a number of tattoos.

*Beulah McGuillicuty has been working hard as a full-time mother of her twin girls and has written a children's book that is expected to be released in the next year.  An artist is in the process of working on the project now.

*Roadkill has returned to New York following his WWE departure.  He hasn't returned to the ring since a neck surgery and currently has no plans to return.

*Following his (most recent) retirement, Mikey Whipwreck has taken a position working full-time for a cable company in the New York area.

*While he is still "Big", Sal E. Graziano has dropped 200 lbs.

*Danny Doring is still working a full-time schedule for a number of indy companies around the Eastern seaboard and is studying to become a physical therapist.

*Don E. Allen has released his latest musical CD, A Scar is Born.  For information, visit

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