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By Kris Zellner on 2009-03-23 12:40:04

Maria Elena Ibarra broke the story last night on that the body of Andres Palomque Gonzalez also known as Abismo Negro was found in a river near Mazatlan at 1:30 PM after supposedly having a nervous breakdown on a bus where he forced the driver to put him out at the river.

Gonzalez was very despondent at the scene and no one knows what really happened other than he fell into the river and was trapped in the mud thus couldn’t get out.

Gonzalez sent a text message to his wife telling her that he was lost in the hills by the river and she got in touch with Vicente Martinez who is the local promoter in Mazatlan who began the search. The search party showed up after going around the local towns showing photos of him trying to get any information and they eventually found his body floating down the river by a bridge.

The body was then exhumed from the river and was positively identified as Gonzalez by Jesus Lopez who is the local coroner and he determined that Gonzalez had an anxiety attack which led to the events that caused him to get stuck in the river. Lopez then said that anabolic steroids that Abismo had been supposedly taking at the time could’ve triggered the attack. I’m not sure if they will continue an investigation on this or not or whether there will be an official autopsy.
Televisa broke the news nationally last night and AAA soon followed on their website but neither had any more details. There are tons of rumors going around on whether the death was natural or foul play being involved which considering Gonzalez’s past is definitely an option.

Gonzalez was 37-years-old.

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