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By Mike Johnson on 2009-03-08 23:17:00

World Wrestling Entertainment released developmental talent Ryan Braddock sometime in the last few days. Braddock, who has worked independents as Jay Bradley before being signed by the company, had done some enhancement work on the Smackdown brand but wasn't given much of any kind of television push.

Braddock, an Illinois native, was signed in December 2005. He held both the Deep South and Ohio Valley championships while working for those then-developmental promotions.

Braddock debuted on the Smackdown brand in August 2008. He was last seen on the brand defeating Festus by DQ before being wrapped up in duct tape and packing paper by Festus and Jesse as part of the "moving to MyNetworkTV" unspoken storyline during the final days Smackdown aired on the CW Network,.

In recent weeks, he had been doing a gimmick in Florida Championship Wrestling where he had been sitting ringside taking notes on competitors on a laptop computer.

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