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By Buck Woodward on 2009-02-08 22:50:00

TNA Tag Team Champions Beer Money Inc. vs. Jay Lethal & Consequences Creed

Storm had his "Boozer Cruiser" motorized cooler, with a keg on a dolly attached to the back that Roode rode on. Jackie just walked to the ring.  Creed's shoulder and arm are taped up, selling the attack from Impact.  Lethal and Roode started out, with Roode hitting a shoulderblock.  Lethal came back with an elbow, and Roode regrouped in his corner.  Roode hit some punches, which Lethal absorbed.  Lethal threw punches, but Roode poked him in the eyes.  Lethal backdropped Roode, then Storm when he came in.  Creed came in and they double dropkicked Roode, then Storm.  Beer Money bailed out to the floor to regroup.  Creed and Storm then went at it in the ring, with Storm hitting some knees to the gut.  Creed bounced back with a hiptoss and a slam, then he flipped over a backdrop attempt and hit a tilt-a-whirl headscissors.  Creed kicked out Storm's legs and elbowdropped his back.  Roode ran in and he tripped him.  Roode got tied to the Tree Of Woe, then Creed and Lethal "made a wish" on Storm into Roode's face.  Roode and Storm fell into a  mouth-to-genitals position.  Beer Money went to the floor to wash their mouths out with beer, and Roode accidentally spat beer in Storm's face. 

Back in the ring, Roode finally got in control, setting up Lethal for a Storm bulldog.  Roode took Lethal to the floor and rammed him into the rails, then tossed him back in the ring.  Beer Money hit a nice elbowdrop combination on Lethal for a two count.  Roode and Storm hit a spinebuster/Backstabber combo on Lethal, but Creed broke up the cover.  Roode ripped at Lethal's face, then held him open for a shot by Storm.  Storm applied a chinlock, but Lethal elbowed out.  Storm hit a jumping knee and tagged in Roode.  Lethal mounted another comeback, but got crotched on the top rope.  Beer Money hit a double superplex on Lethal and did the Beer Money cheer.  

Lethal kicked away a double backdrop attempt, and we had a domino collision with Lethal bumping into Roode, who bumped into Storm.  Lethal made the hot tag to Creed, who threw right hands, then dropkicked Storm.  Creed hit a double clothesline on Roode and Storm, then went to the top rope.  Creed hit Storm with a top rope bodypress, but Roode broke up the cover.  The match broke down, with all four men in the ring.  Lethal punched Roode, while Jackie distracted Creed as he was climbing the ropes.  Storm shoved Creed off the ropes and into the railing at ringside.  Back in the ring, Roode stomped Creed's injured arm and applied an armbar.  Storm tagged in and hit a double axhandle on the arm.  Storm hit a armbreaker, then punched at his shoulder.  Roode tagged in and hit some short arm shoulderblocks.  

Storm kneedropped Creed, and Beer Money pounded him in their corner.  Storm hit a double underhook into a slam on Creed, then tagged in Roode.  They worked over Creed, and Lethal finally ran in and knocked down both opponents, then left the ring so he could be tagged in.  Lethal cleaned house, including a flip into a dropkick on Roode.  Lethal went to the top rope and gave Roode an elbowsmash, but Storm broke up the pin.  The match broke down, and Jackie ran in, but Lethal backdropped her. Lethal hit the Lethal Combination on Roode for a two count.  Storm was thrown out of the ring.  Lethal and Creed gave Roode a flapjack for a two count.  Jackie handed Storm a chain at ringside.  The referee was getting Creed out of the ring.  Lethal went for a monkey flip on Roode, and Storm jumped on the apron and nailed Lethal with the chain.  Roode then scored the pin on Lethal at the 16 minute mark. 

Winners: Beer Money Inc. 

TNA World Champion Sting vs. Kurt Angle vs. Brother Ray vs. Brother Devon

Mick Foley came out and joined the announcers at ringside.  Foley quoted Randy The Ram and said "I'm good to go".  Each wrestler had their own video package before they came to the ring.  Team 3D entered together, while Sting and Angle had their own entrances.  They did the "big match" introductions for this bout.  

All four men stared down each other at the bell.  Team 3D then stood side by side.  Sting stepped up, and gestured for Angle to stand with him.  Angle slowly did, but then backed up when Team 3D stepped closer to them.  Brother Ray attacked Angle and Devon attacked Sting to start the action.  Brother Ray then went to the floor with Sting, while in the ring, Devon hit Angle with a shoulderblock.  Devon hit a Thesz Press and punched Angle.  Brother Ray came in and they hit a double shoulderblock on Angle.  Sting got slingshotted into the ring, and they gave him a double clothesline.  Brother Ray covered Sting for a two count.  Sting and Angle rolled out of the ring.  Devon and Ray stared at each other, and Angle ran in and rammed Ray into Devon.  Angle worked over Ray in a corner, and Sting chopped Devon.  Ray and Devon were whipped together, but they spun around and hit Angle and Sting.  Team 3D slammed them, and they rolled to the floor. 

Ray and Devon high fived and Ray dropped to his back, letting Devon pin him.  Angle ran in to break it up.  Team 3D tossed out Angle, then they gave Sting a flapjack.  Sting and Angle were knocked out of the ring again.  Team 3D smiled at each other.  They locked up, and traded reversals on a waistlock.  There was an "ECW" chant.  Devon and Ray then talked, and went punch for punch with each other.  Devon got the better of it at first, then Ray got the better of it.  They traded body slams, then clotheslined each other to the mat.  Angle and Sting ran in, and Sting took Ray to the floor on one side of the ring, while Angle took Devon out on the other.  

They brawled on the floor, and Sting rammed Ray into the announce table, then tossed him into the crowd.  Ray ended up in the lap of Dixie Carter, who was not identified by the announcers.  Devon choked Angle with a camera chord.  While all this brawling was going on, Mike Tenay and Mick Foley were making jokes about not having anyone yelling in their headsets.  They got into the ring, where Angle put Ray in an ankle lock and Sting put Devon in a Scorpion.  Ray kicked off Angle into Sting, and Angle and Sting had words.  Team 3D ambushed them before they could come to blows.  Angle was busted open.  Brother Ray put Sting in a figure four and Devon put Angle in a Boston Crab.  Angle, while crawling out of the Crab, put his arms over Sting to try and score a pinfall.  Sting kept pulling is shoulder up.  

Angle rolled out of the Crab and kicked Devon out of the ring.  Angle tried to pin Sting again, Sting kicked out, then Angle dropped an elbow on Ray.  Angle gave Ray an enzugiri and Ray fell out of the ring.  Sting and Angle were alone in the ring, and stared each other down.  Angle kicked Sting's legs, sending him to the mat.  Sting battled back with clotheslines, then hit a Stinger Splash on Angle.  Sting went for the Scorpion Death Drop, but Angle reversed it into an ankle lock.  Devon broke it up.  There was a 3D chant.  Team 3D went for a double backdrop on Angle, who put on the breaks, and Sting was really late in clotheslining Team 3D from behind.  Angle gave Sting an Olympic Slam for a two count.  Devon gave Angle a reverse suplex for two.  Ray gave Devon a uranage for two.  Sting gave Ray a DDT for two.  

Angle threw Sting out of the ring, and went after Devon.  Team 3D gave Angle the Doomsday Device, but Sting broke up the cover.  Angle was sent out of the ring, and Sting gave Ray a back suplex after kicking Devon during a 3D attempt.  Sting missed a Stinger Splash on Devon, and Ray slammed him.  Devon went to the top rope, but Angle met him on the ropes and gave him a belly to belly suplex off the top.  Ray clotheslined Angle out of the ring.  Sting grabbed Ray and hit a Scorpion Death Drop for the pin at the 15 minute mark. 

Winner: Sting.

Kurt Angle looked upset on the floor, as Sting held the belt in the ring.  Mick Foley went to get in the ring and present the belt to Sting.  Mick got in the ring, shook Sting's hand, took the belt from Sting, then "presented it" to him.  They kept showing Angle, upset in the aisle.  Sting yelled "You would have done the same thing, Kurt.  We're family, man." and Kurt just stared at him as the show ended. Elite subscribers are able to enjoy the coverage on an ad-free site, and will be able to access an exclusive post-game audio show, as well as audio coverage of past editions of the TNA Against All Odds PPVs.  Click here to become an Elite Subscriber.

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