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By Buck Woodward on 2009-02-08 22:50:00

Lauren interviewed Team 3D.  Devon said that every wrestler wants to be World Champion, and only one of them can be.  Brother Ray said Sting and Kurt Angle are the enemy tonight.  They both mentioned their 21 tag title reigns, and Brother Ray said tonight will be the first step to see if one of them can do it on their own.  Brother Ray ended by saying "Dudley Blood is thicker than water".  He then said they were going to go talk to Sting.

TNA Knockouts champion Awesome Kong vs. ODB

Kong was accompanied by the Kongtourage, despite Jim Cornette's orders that they can not be part of this match.  Cornette came out and reminded them of his order. Cornette said he would give the Knockouts Title to ODB immediately if they didn't go to the back. As they went to the back, Kong grabbed Cornette, but ODB attacked Kong from behind, starting the match.  ODB brawled with Kong around ringside.  They made it into the ring, and ODB stomped Kong.  ODB went for a slam, but it didn't work.  Kong went for a slam, but ODB floated over it, kicked Kong's leg and hit a bulldog for a two count.  ODB kicked Kong and hit some forearms.  ODB jumped off the second rope, but Kong nailed her with a clothesline.  Kong yanked ODB by the hair and hit an avalanche.  Kong stomped ODB, and hit a forearm to the back.  ODB tried to fight back, but Kong put her in a bear hug. 

Kong shoved ODB in a corner, then reapplied the hold.  ODB clapped out of it, then went for a slam again, this time with Kong falling on top of her.  Kong pulled ODB up at the two count.  Kong went to the middle rope and went for a splash, but ODB moved.  ODB hit some punches and forearms, then landed a clothesline.  ODB rammed Kong into the turnbuckles, then finally hit the bodyslam. ODB scored a two count.  ODB picked Kong up off the mat.  Kong went for a spinning backfist, but ODB ducked.  ODB went for a clothesline, but Kong caught it and grabbed ODB in the Implant Buster, hitting it for the win at the six minute mark. 

Winner: Awesome Kong.

Backstage, Team 3D were with Sting.  Sting said "Good luck tonight, but not too much".  Brother Ray said he had something that was running through his head ever since the Main Event Mafia sent him to the hospital.  Brother Ray said Sting didn't stop the beatdown, but he didn't take part in it either.  Brother Ray said that the Main Event Mafia stands for ego, while Sting stands for respect.  Brother Ray said he hopes Sting does "the right thing", and that if the "old Sting" does the right thing, Team 3D would have his back. Team 3D left, and Lauren said Kurt Angle wanted to see Sting.  Sting seemed to be distracted, and appeared to blow off the request. 

TNA  Legends champion Booker T vs. Shane Sewell

Sewell is wrestling in jeans, sneakers and a sleeveless referee's shirt, and is wearing a chain around his neck.  Booker was accompanied by Sharmell.  Booker stalled at the start of the match.  They locked up, and Sewell backed Booker into a corner.  Sewell broke clean, and Booker smiled.  They locked up, and Sewell grabbed an armwringer.  Booker grabbed the ropes to force a break.  Booker backed Sewell in a corner and hit a knee to the gut, then a forearm to the back.  Booker hit some chops, and stomped Sewell on the mat.  Booker trash talked, saying "you want your job back?" as he ripped at his face.  Booker hit a back kick, then danced around the ring.  Booker hit some punches on the mat, then a Bookend.  Booker took his time going for a cover, and Sewell kicked out.  Sewell hulked up, ducked a clothesline, and hit a series of punches in a corner.  Sewell hit pair of clotheslines and a bodyslam, then pulled his shirt off.  Sewell hit a bulldog, then got tripped by Sharmell as he ran the ropes.  Booker hit an ax kick for the win at the six minute mark. 

Winner: Booker T. 

Booker got on the mic and stood over Sewell, and was about to administer more punishment, but AJ Styles ran out.  AJ hit a series of right hands and an enzugiri.  Styles pounded Booker, who fought back with a kick.  Styles ducked a clothesline by Booker, then clotheslined him out of the ring.  Booker and Sharmell retreated to the back.  Styles grabbed the Legends title belt and said he didn't group with "with a sliver spoon in my mouth".  Styles said he grew up "dirt poor" and what got him here was a dream to be the best professional wrestler in the world.  Styles said he dreamed of being a "legend".  Styles cut a promo about how he gives all he has every time he is in the ring, and that he does it for the fans. Styles said it is time for AJ Styles to step up to the Main Event Mafia and be "the legend". 

Backstage, Lauren tried to convince Matt Morgan that she could talk to Abyss and avoid all this.  Morgan yelled at her to be quiet, and said Abyss is a "dope, half-retarded, and most importantly, the weak link of the team".  Morgan told Lauren if she comes out to the ring, he would lay her out too. 

Abyss vs. Matt Morgan

They traded shoulderblocks at the start, then Morgan hit some punches in the corner.  Morgan rammed Abyss into the turnbuckles, but it had no effect.  Abyss hit an elbow to the gut, then rammed Morgan in the corner.  Abyss hit a series of punches, and chased the referee out of the ring as he tried to break them up.  Morgan missed a running kick and got crotched on the top rope.  Abyss went under the ring and pulled out a kendo stick.  The referee took it away.  Abyss went for a backdrop, but Morgan kicked it away.  Morgan charged and Abyss sidestepped him and flung him over the top rope.  They brawled on the floor, and then into the crowd.  They went back and forth, with Abyss getting thrown into a wall at one point.  They fought up into the stands, all the way to the top.  Then they brawled back down.  Just a lot of punching, until they got to the floor again, where Morgan hit a side kick.  Abyss threw Morgan into the guard rail.  

They got back to ringside, and Abyss threw Morgan into the ringpost.  Abyss then tossed Morgan into the ring and went back for the kendo stick, which he tossed in.  Abyss then tossed in some trash can lids, a baseball bat, a cookie sheet and a trash can.  Abyss then got a chair and got back into the ring.  The referee took the chair away.  Abyss argued with the referee, and Morgan hit the "Carbon Footprint" (jumping kick).  The referee cleared some of the plunder out of the ring.  Morgan hit a series of back elbows in the corner, then an avalanche.  Morgan kneed Abyss in the gut, then hit a Russian legsweep.  There were some chants for Morgan.  Morgan straddled Abyss on the top rope, then legdropped the back of his head as he was hung over the bottom rope.  Morgan hit a top rope bodypress for a two count. 

Morgan hit a standing dropkick for another two count. Morgan hit some shots in a corner, but Abyss mounted a comeback with punches.  Morgan jumped over the top rope on a whip attempt, and yanked Abyss throat first across the top rope.  Morgan went to the top rope, but Abyss grabbed him by the throat as he came off.  Morgan elbowed out of the chokeslam attempt.  Abyss and Morgan then clotheslined each other.  They got up and Abyss hit some punches and a clothesline.  Abyss hit an avalanche, then a side slam for a two count.  Abyss pointed to a bag in the corner.  He picked up the bag, but Morgan clotheslined him.  The referee threw the bag from the ring.  Abyss reversed a whip, and Morgan almost hit the referee, but stopped short.  Abyss charged, Morgan moved, and Abyss squashed the referee in the corner.  Morgan grabbed a chair and blasted Abyss with it.  Morgan covered, the referee woke up, and Abyss kicked out at two. 

Abyss blocked another chairshot attempt and hit a chokeslam for a two count.  Abyss then went for a sit down splash, but Morgan grabbed the chair and crotched Abyss with it.  Morgan chokeslammed Abyss on the chair and got a two count.  Morgan grabbed the chair, but Abyss kneed him and grabbed it.  Abyss swung the chair, but Morgan moved and the referee got hit by it.  Abyss gave Morgan the Black Hole Slam, but by the time a second referee came out, Morgan kicked out.  Morgan hit Abyss with a low blow, set up for a Carbon Footprint, but ran into a second Black Hold Slam for the pin at the sixteen minute mark. 

Winner: Abyss. 

Abyss grabbed his bag and dumped thumbtacks in the ring.  He ripped off Morgan's shirt, revealing bandages due to the infection surgery he had.  Abyss went for a Black Hole Slam in the tacks, but Morgan stopped himself and slid out of the ring.

In the Main Event Mafia locker room, Booker T was upset no one had helped him against AJ Styles.  Kevin Nash calmed him down.  Kurt Angle talked to Sting, saying Brother Ray doesn't give a "s***" about him.  Angle said Brother Ray has a bigger ego than anyone.  Angle said the Frontline was in full force, and the Main Event Mafia needed him for the war.  Angle said they would go at it for the World Title, but tomorrow, they had to agree the MEM would be as strong as ever.  Angle and Sting shook hands and hugged.  Sting left, and Angle told Kevin Nash to keep an eye on him. 

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