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By Ryan Martinez on 2009-01-31 08:00:00

January 31st

On this day in history in ....

1935 - Lord Lansdowne defeats Jack Reynolds to win the National Wrestling Association World Welterweight Title in San Francisco, California, ending his third reign.

1942 - Robo Negro defeats Bobby Bonales in Mexico City, Mexico for the Mexican National Welterweight Title.

1948 - Ron Etchison defeats Albert Mills to win the vacant Montana State Heavyweight Title in Helena, Montana.

1951 - Daniel Aladana defeats Steve Morgan to win the Mexican National Heavyweight Title in Mexico City, Mexico.

1955 - Bob Geigel and Boris Kalmikoff defeat Jesse and Johnny James in a tournament final for the vacant NWA Southwest Tag Team Title in Abilene, Texas.

1957 - Dory Funk, Sr. defeated Dizzy Davis to win the Amarillo NWA North American Heavyweight Title in Amarillo, Texas.

1958 - Karloff Lagarde defeats Blue Demon for the NWA World Welterweight Title in Mexico City, Mexico.

1964 - Rocky (Larry) Hamilton defeats The Stomper to win the Central States NWA United States Heavyweight Title in St. Joseph, Missouri.

1966 - Black Terror (Bobby Graham) and John Tolos defeats Paddy Barrett and Tom Geohagen for the Vancouver NWA Canadian Tag Team Title in Vancouver, British Columbia.

1966 - Tony Borne and Jay York defeat Shag Thomas and Bearcat Wright to win the NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team Title, ending Thomas and Wright's second reign.

1970 - Ben Justice and The Stomper defeat The Skull Brothers for the Detroit NWA World Tag Team Title in Detroit, Michigan.

1972 - The WWWF held an event at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York. The results:
- King Curtis defeated Tomas Marin.
- Victor Rivera defeated Stan Stasiak.
- WWWF World Tag Team Champions Karl Gotch and René Goulet defeated The Rugged Russians in two straight falls to retain the title.
- Pampero Firpo defeated Manuel Soto.
- Sonny King and Gorilla Monsoon defeated Ernie Ladd and Jimmy Valiant.
- Chief Jay Strongbow defeated Fred Blassie by disqualification.
- WWWF World Heavyweight Champion Pedro Morales defeated Prof. Tanaka by disqualification to retain the title, after Tanaka hit the referee in the eyes with salt that was meant for Morales.

1981 - The WWF held an event at Capital Centre in Landover, Maryland. The results:
- Special Delivery Jones defeated Johnny Rodz.
- Bulldog Brower defeated Manuel Soto.
- Yoshiaki Yatsu defeated Jose Estrada.
- Hulk Hogan defeated Tony Atlas by disqualification.
- WWF Heavyweight Champion Bob Backlund fought Sgt. Slaughter to a double-countout to retain the title.
- Jose Estrada (subbing for Rick Stallone) vs. Larry Sharpe ended in a draw.
- Pat Patterson and WWF Tag Team Champions Tony Garea and Rick Martel defeated Lou Albano and The Moondogs (King and Rex) in a two-out-of-three falls match.

1981 - The Fabulous Freebirds (Terry Gordy and Michael Hayes) defeat Ted DiBiase and Stan Frazier to win the NWA National Tag Team Title in Atlanta, Georgia, to begin their second reign.

1981 - Les Thornton wins his second NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title in Dothan, Alabama, defeating Jerry Stubbs.

1981 - The Grappler defeats Killer Karl Kox in Greenwood, Mississippi for the Mid-South Mississippi Heavyweight Title, beginning his second reign.

1984 - The Zambuie Express (Elijah Akeem and Kareem Muhammad) defeat Norvell Austin and Sweet Brown Sugar for the vacant AWA Southern Tag Team Title in Memphis, Tennessee. The Zambuie Express, who had won the title by forfeit from The Fabulous Ones (Steve Keirn and Stan Lane), had been stripped of the title when winning by forfeit was disallowed.

1984 - Danny Little Wolf defeats Teddy Marshall to win the Canadian Junior Heavyweight Title in Burlington, Ontario.

1987 - Bad News Allen defeats Kevin Sullivan for the Florida NWA Southern Heavyweight Title in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, ending Sullivan's third reign.

1987 - Tinieblas defeats Bill Anderson in Los Angeles, California to win the WWA World Heavyweight Title.

1988 - Satánico wins his third Mexican National Middleweight Title, defeating Mogur in Mexico City, Mexico. At the same event, Tony Arce, Emilio Charles, Jr., and Vulvano defeat Jerry Estrada, Hombre Bala and Pirata Morgan for the Mexican National Trios Title.

1990 - Jushin Liger wins his second IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title, defeating Naoki Sano in Osaka, Japan.

1992 - The WWF held an event at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York. The results:
- Rick Martel pinned Kerry Von Erich with his feet on the ropes. This match aired on the February 24 edition of Prime Time Wrestling.
- Shawn Michaels pinned Jimmy Snuka after a back suplex. This match aired on the March 2 edition of Prime Time Wrestling.
- The Warlord (with Harvey Wippleman) pinned Hercules after a running powerslam. This match aired on the February 17 edition of Prime Time Wrestling.
- Jim Duggan and Sgt. Slaughter defeated The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags) by countout, after Duggan attacked Knobbs on the floor with his 2x4 and Slaughter shoved Saggs into the ringpost.
- Chris Walker pinned Kato with a flying bodypress.
- The Undertaker (with Paul Bearer) pinned Bret Hart after hitting him with the urn.
- Repo Man pinned Virgil with a back elbow. This match aired on the May 11 edition of Prime Time Wrestling.
- Randy Savage (with Miss Elizabeth) pinned Jake Roberts after the flying elbowdrop.

1992 - The Dark Patriot (Doug Gilbert) defeats The Patriot to win the Global Wrestling Federation North American Heavyweight Title in Dallas, Texas, ending The Patriot's second.

1993 - The WWF held an event at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto, Ontario. The results:
- Tatanka defeated Damien Demento.
- Randy Savage defeated WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels by countout.
- Tito Santana defeated Skinner.
- Typhoon defeated The Berzerker.
- Jim Powers defeated The Predator.
- WWF Champion Bret Hart defeated Yokozuna (subbing for Bam Bam Bigelow) by countout.
- The Steiner Brothers (Rick and Scott) defeated The Beverly Brothers (Beau and Blake).
- Razor Ramon defeated The Big Bossman.
- Mr. Perfect defeated Ric Flair.

1993 - The Universal Wrestling Association held its 18th Anniversary Show at El Toreo in Naucalpan, Mexico. The results:
- El Sagrado and Sato defeated Rey Richard and Titere.
- The King, Villano I and UWA World Tag Team Champion Villano V defeated Kennich, Karloff Lagarde and El Rudo.
- King Lee, Enrique Vera and UWA World Tag Team Champion Villano IV defeated El Engendro, Killer and Scorpio, Sr.
- UWA World Trios Champions Los Misionares de la Muerte (Black Power II, UWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion Negro Navarro and WWF Light Heavyweight Champion El Signo) defeated Shu el Guerrero, Scorpio, Jr. and Dr. Wagner, Jr. to retain the title.
- Crash the Terminator (Bill DeMott), Goliath el Gigante and Eddie Watts defeated Dos Caras and Los Cowboys (Silver King and UWA World Light Heavyweight Champion El Texano).
- Canadian Vampire Casanova (Vampiro) defeated UWA World Heavyweight Champion Canek to win the title. This ended Canek's 11th reign.

1994 - The Moondogs (Rex and Spot) defeat The Rock 'n' Roll Express (Robert Gibson and Ricky Morton) to win the USWA Tag Team Title in Memphis, Tennessee. At the same event, Eddie Gilbert wins his third USWA Unified World Heavyweight Title, ending Lawler's 17th reign.

1996 - Damian (Ultraman 2000) defeats Octagon to become the first International Wrestling All-Stars World Light Heavyweight Champiio

1997 - Dan Cooley defeats K.C. Thunder in Shawsville, Virginia for the Southern States Wrestling Heavyweight Title.

1998 - WCW held Boston Brawl, a pay-per-listen event plagued by technical difficulties with the Internet broadcast, at the FleetCenter in Boston, Massachusetts. The results were:
- Goldberg pinned Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker.
- WCW World Television Champion Booker T pinned V.K. Wallstreet to retain the title.
- WCW Cruiserweight Champion Chris Jericho defeated Dean Malenko by submission to retain the title.
- Steve McMichael pinned Greg Valentine.
- The Steiner Brothers (Rick and Scott) defeated Raven and Saturn, when Scott pinned Saturn.
- Chris Benoit defeated Eddie Guerrero by submission.
- Bret Hart defeated Ric Flair by submission.
- Lex Luger, WCW United States Heavyweight Champion Diamond Dallas Page, and Larry Zbyszko defeats Randy Savage and WCW World Tag Team Champions The Outsiders (Scott Hall and Kevin Nash), when Luger made Savage submit.
- Sting pinned Hulk Hogan in a steel cage match.

1998 - ECW held the fifth-annual, and final, Hostile City Showdown at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The results:
- Chris Chetti and Jerry Lynn defeated The Full Blooded Italians (Little Guido and Tracy Smothers).
- Rob Van Dam and Sabu defeated Axl Rotten and Balls Mahoney by disqualification.
- Spike Dudley pinned Gran Naniwa.
- Justin Credible pinned Gran Hamada.
- The Triple Threat (ECW World Heavyweight Champion Shane Douglas and ECW World Tag Team Champions Chris Candido and Lance Storm) fought Bam Bam Bigelow and ECW World Television Champion Taz to a no contest.
- Al Snow pinned Doug Furnas.
- In a four-way dance, Rob Van Dam & Sabu defeated The Dudley Boyz (Buh Buh Ray & D-Von), The Gangstanators (Kronus & New Jack) and Tommy Dreamer & The Sandman. D-Von pinned Kronus, Sabu and RVD pinned The Dudleys, and Sabu pinned Sandman.

1999 - Shohei "Giant" Baba, founder of All Japan Pro Wrestling, dies of liver failure at the age of 61.

2000 - The WWF won this week of the Monday Night War, with WCW Monday Nitro earning a 2.8 rating on TNT, with WWF RAW is WAR more than doubling that, with its 6.6 rating on USA Network. This night was one of the few times that both shows took place in the same state, in this instance less than 300 miles apart.

WCW Monday Nitro was live from the First Union Arena in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. The results were:
- In a WCW Cruiserweight Title tournament match, Lash LeRoux pinned Evan Karagias.
- WCW World Tag Team Champions The Mamalukes (Big Vito and Johnny the Bull) defeated Crowbar and David Flair in a Bensonhurst Street Fight.
- Booker T vs. Big T ended in a no contest.
- Billy Kidman pinned The Wall.
- WCW Hardcore Champion Brian Knobbs vs. Lex Luger ended in a no contest.
- Norman Smiley defeated Shane Helms.
- Diamond Dallas Page pinned Disco Inferno.
- Creative Control (Gerald and Patrick) and WCW United States Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett defeated Ric Flair, Terry Funk and WCW World Heavyweight Champion Sid Vicious.

WWF RAW is WAR was live from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the Pittsburgh Civic Arena. The weekend's episode of Jakked was taped as well. The results:
- In a dark match, Papi Chulo pinned Julio Fantastico.
- D'Lo Brown and The Godfather defeated The Headbangers (Mosh and Thrasher).
- The Big Bossman pinned Steven Richards.
- Prince Albert pinned Gangrel.
- Mideon pinned Funaki.
- WWF Tag Team Champions The New Age Outlaws (Billy Gunn and Road Dogg) vs. Steve Blackman and Al Snow ended in a no contest. At the start of the match, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn, who all had recently left WCW, made their WWF debuts, showing up at ringside with front row seats. At one point, Road Dogg was thrown outside the ring, and fell over the ringside wall and into the four men's laps. He climbed back over the wall and then noticed who he fell on, appeared dumbfounded, then shoved Benoit. Benoit and Malenko attacked Road Dogg, while Guerrero and Saturn got in the ring and attacked Billy Gunn. Saturn suplexed Gunn, then Guerrero hit the frog splash on him. Malenko and Benoit brought Road Dogg into the ring, and Road Dogg sustained a Benoit diving headbutt following a Malenko suplex. After the men left the ring, exiting up the ramp and into the back, Jim Ross dubbed the men as "radicals", which would be the stable's name, The Radicalz. After the commercial break, Cactus Jack was seen talking with the men backstage, indicating that he was who brought them to the WWF.
- Christian (with Edge) pinned D-Von Dudley (with Bubba Ray Dudley) after the Unprettier. After the match, The Hardy Boyz put the Dudleys through tables.
- Big Show defeated Too Cool (Grandmaster Sexay and Scotty 2 Hotty) in a handicap match.
- The Rock pinned Kurt Angle after the People's Elbow, after Tazz stopped Angle from leaving and thew him back into the ring. This was Angle's first official pinfall loss.
- X-Pac (with Tori) pinned WWF Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho (with Chyna) after the X-Factor, after Tori hit Jericho with his title belt while he had X-Pac locked in the Walls of Jericho.
- Hervina (Harvey Wippleman) pinned WWF Women's Champion The Kat in a Lumberjill Snowbunny match to win the title, becoming the first, and only to date, male wrestler to hold the title. The lumberjills were B.B., The Fabulous Moolah, Ivory, Jacqueline, Luna and Mae Young.
- Crash and Hardcore Holy defeated Viscera in a handicap match, after Hardcore dropkicked Crash ontop of Viscera.
- Bubba Ray Dudley (with D-Von Dudley and The Acolytes (Bradshaw and Faarooq)) defeated Matt Hardy (with Jeff Hardy) by disqualification, after D-Von tried to give Bubba Ray a chair, which was intercepted by Matt, who then hit Bubba with it. After the match, The Dudleys and Acolytes took out Edge and Christian and The Hardy Boyz.
- WWF Champion Triple H (with Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley) defeated Cactus Jack (subbing for Kane) by disqualification, when The Radicalz interfered on Cactus' behalf.

2001 - OVW held Christmas Chaos in Louisville, Kentucky at the Louisville Gardens. The show featured many stars from the WWF, who had wrestled the previous night in Columbus, Ohio. The results were:
- The Minnesota Stretching Crew (Shelton Benjamin and Brock Lesnar) defeated Sly Skraper and Johnny Spade.
- Randy Orton defeated Slice Robbie D.
- Rob Conway defeated Ron Waterman.
- The Suicide Blondes (Derrick King, Jason Lee and Rip Rogers) defeated Sean Casey, Buddy Landel and Chris Michaels.
- Russ McCullough defeated The Damaja.
- Flash Flanagan and Trailer Park Trash defeated Rico Constantino and OVW Hardcore Champion Mr. Black.
- Big Show defeated Mark Henry.
- Team Xtreme (Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy and Lita) defeated The Disciples of Synn (Synn and OVW Southern Tag Team Champions Damian and Payne).
- OVW Heavyweight Champion Nick Dinsmore defeated Chris Benoit by disqualification to retain the title, after Rico Constantino interfered.
- Kane pinned Leviathan (Batista) after the chokeslam, after Steve Austin interfered and gave Leviathan a Stone Cold Stunner, just after Team Xtreme stopped the The Disciples of Synn from interfering.

2001 - The Dupps (Bo and Jack) win their second Memphis Championship Wrestling Southern Tag Team Title by defeating Shooter Schulz (subbing for American Dragon) and Spanky in Corinth, Mississippi.

2003 - Tomohiko Hashimoto and Sanshiro Takagi defeat GENTARO and Takashi Sasaki for the Dramatic Dream Team KO-D Tag Team Title in Tokyo, Japan.

2004 - The Ultimate Fighting Championship held UFC 46: Supernatural at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Preliminary bouts:
- Matt Serra defeated Jeff Curran by unanimous decision in a Lightweight bout. All three judges scored the bout 30-27.
- Josh Thomson defeated Hermes Franca by unanimous decision in a Lightweight bout. All three judges scored the bout 29-28.
- Georges St. Pierre defeated Karo Parisyan by unanimous decision in a Welterweight bout. The judges scored it 29-28, 30-27 and 30-27. This was St. Pierre's UFC debut.
Pay-per-view bouts:
- Lee Murray defeated Jorge Rivera by submission (triangle armbar) at 1:45 of round one in a Middleweight bout.
- Frank Mir defeated Wes Sims by knockout (punches) at 4:21 in round two in a Heavyweight bout.
- B.J. Penn defeated UFC Welterweight Champion Matt Hughes by submission (rear naked choke) at 4:39 of round one to win the title. Penn would leave the UFC in May for K-1, leaving the title vacant.
- Renato Verissimo defeated Carlos Newton by unanimous decision. All three judges scored the bout 30-27. This bout was originally to be a Welterweight (170 pounds) bout, but Newton and Verissimo agreed to fight at a Catchweight of 175 pounds, due to Newton having trouble losing weight for the fight.
- Vitor Belfort defeated UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture by TKO (doctor stoppage) 49 seconds into the first round to win the title. Belfort landed a grazing punch to Couture's left eyelid, and after the fight doctor inspected the cut, called for the fight to end.

2004 - Pro Wrestling ZERO-ONE held a pay-per-view event at Differ Ariake Arena in Tokyo, Japan. The results:
- Josh Daniels and Jonny Storm defeated Buffy and Mace, when Daniels pinned Mace.
- Osamu Namiguchi, Yoshihito Sasaki and Tatsuhito Takaiwa defeated BAMBI, Kohei Sato and Kuroge Wagyuta, when Takaiwa pinned BAMBI.
- Tom Howard defeated Prince Nana.
- Samurai Shiro (Shiro Koshinaka) defeated C.W. Anderson.
- Ape the Man and NWA Intercontinental Tag Team Champion Shinjiro Otani defeated Pimpinela Escarlata and Charly Manson, when Ape pinned Manson.
- NWA Intercontinental Tag Team Champion Masato Tanaka defeated Steve Corino by referee stoppage to become the first NWA United National Heavyweight Champion.
- NWA International Lightweight Tag Team Champion Leonardo Spanky defeated NWA International Lightweight Tag Team Champion Low Ki and Frankie Kazarian in a triple threat match, by pinning Kazarian.
- Hashif Khan defeated Magma the Kirawea.

2004 - Zack Mercury defeats Kenny Omega for the Canadian Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Title in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

2004 - Antonio Thomas defeats Maverick Wild in Ludlow, Massachusetts to win the Eastern Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight Title.

2004 - Bigg and Kid Cupid defeat Quinn Magnum and Scottie Gash for the Pro Wrestling eXpress Tag Team Title in McKeesport, Pennsylvania.

2004 - Brad Attitude and Brad Rainz defeat Mikael Yamaha and Gemini Kid for the Carolina Wrestling Federation Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Title in Seagrove, North Carolina. This began and ended both teams' second reigns.

2004 - Trevor Michaels defeats Da Munchies (Sheik-Abdul Hassan and Dick Trimmins), Charlie Mansun, Jay Scott and Bobby Shields in a six-way match to win the vacant Keystone Championship Wrestling Hardcore Title in Altoona, Pennsylvania. This began Michaels' second reign, as he had been stripped two weeks earlier due to a scheduling conflict.

2005 - WWE held a "Supershow", airing a live RAW, then taping the February 4 edition of SmackDown!, from the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California. RAW got a 4.1 rating on Spike TV and SmackDown! did a 3.2 on UPN. SmackDown! featured the first two matches in the Road to WrestleMania Tournament, to determine who would face the WWE Champion at WrestleMania 21. The results were:
- In a dark match, Tajiri defeated Psicosis.
- WWE Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin pinned Simon Dean after the exploder suplex. After the match, Simon said that the only reason Benjamin beat him was because he was on the Simon System. Benjamin proved that wrong though, as he returned to the ring, Stinger Splashed Dean in the corner, and hit him with a second exploder suplex.
- Maven pinned The Hurricane after driving both knees into Hurricane's back after he missed a flying neckbreaker.
- Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho vs. World Tag Team Champions La Résistance (Rob Conway and Sylvian Grenier) ended in a double-disqualification, when the referee lost control of the match.
- Muhammad Hassan (with Daivari), who issued an open challenge to any American, defeated Sgt. Slaughter by submission with the Camel Clutch following an STO.
- Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton defeated Ric Flair and World Heavyweight Champion Triple H (with Batista), when Orton pinned Triple H after Michaels hit the Sweet Chin Music and Edge interfered, spearing HHH instead of his intended target, Shawn Michaels.
- Kane pinned Gene Snitsky in a steel cage match after a chokeslam onto the steel cage door.
- Kurt Angle defeated Nunzio in a Kurt Angle Invitational match by submission with the ankle lock. Nunzio took the place of the local wrestler originally scheduled to face Angle, in retaliation for Angle stealing Nunzio's Royal Rumble entry number the night before.
- Rey Mysterio pinned Mark Jindrak with a roll-up.
- Big Show defeated WWE Tag Team Champions The Basham Brothers (Doug and Danny) in a handicap match, by pinning Doug after a chokeslam.
- In a Road to WrestleMania Tournament first round match, The Undertaker and Rene Dupre fought to a double-countout, after Luther Reigns grabbed Undertaker's leg, keeping him from getting back in the ring after throwing Dupre into the ring steps.
- In a Road to WrestleMania Tournament first round match, Booker T pinned Eddie Guerrero after reversing a suplex into a roll-up and grabbing Guerrero's tights.
- In a dark match after the show, Big Show defeated Orlando Jordan and WWE Champion John "Bradshaw" Layfield in a handicap match.

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