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By Mike Johnson on 2009-01-27 19:09:00
TNA Impact Spoilers for Thursday 2/5:


*TNA Tag Team champion Robert Roode defeated Consequences Creed.


*The Main Event Mafia comes out.  Kevin Nash takes the mic and says Samoa Joe has been cast into a new role...."my b***h."  Kurt Angle tells TNA champion Sting that he thought he knew him but perhaps he doesn't.  Angle said that he guarantees the TNA title will stay with the Main Event Mafia and tells Sting, "I'll see you later tonight. partner."

*Eric Young and Jay Lethal defeated The Motor City Machineguns.  Young was a substitute for Consequences Creed who was attacked and laid out by Beer Money Inc. with a chairshot to the arm.  Young enters the match and pinned Shelley.  Shelley challenges Young to a X-Division title match at the Against All Odds PPV.

*Shane Sewell defeated Sheik Abdul Bashir by DQ.  There was a ref bump and a second ref ran to the ring, only it was Booker T.  He jumped Sewell and they brawled until security broke them up.

*The Beautiful People defeated Taylor Wilde and Roxxi.  After paperbagging them, they beat them until the Governor made the save.

*Brutus Magnus defeated Shark Boy, then issued an open challenge for Against All Odds.

*Matt Morgan vs. Rhino went to a no contest.  Morgan was going to nail the Hellavator on a chair on Rhino but Abyss hit the ring with a bag of thumbtacks and Morgan bailed.  Abyss filled the ring with weapons and took a mic.  He thanks Morgan for unleashing the old Abyss again and cuts a promo saying that Matt can call himself the DNA of TNA but this is what happens when you add Abyss to the equation and bloodies himself using the weapons.  He says that you hurt the ones you love the most and that's true...and he will prove it at the PPV.

*Team 3D defeated TNA champion Sting and Kurt Angle by DQ when the Main Event Mafia ran in. The story of the match was that Angle wouldn't tag Sting in and flipped him off. The Mafia had to separate them after as 3D mocked them.


*Satanico del Exotico debuted, pinning Petey Williams after shocking him with a kiss and rolling him up. will have continued live spoilers as the taping progresses.

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