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By Buck Woodward on 2009-01-25 21:25:22

Rhodes, DiBiase and Orton attacked JTG, then Triple H, then Finlay.  Rhodes and DiBiase then went after Knox.  Mysterio went for a springboard, but Orton caught him with an RKO.  

The Undertaker is number sixteen. 

Undertaker cleaned house and tossed out JTG. 

JTG is eliminated. 

Undertaker gave Cody Rhodes Snake Eyes and a boot to the face.  Undertaker went to chokeslam Knox, but he blocked it. 

Goldust is number seventeen. 

Goldust decked DiBiase.  Rhodes stopped him and they stared at each other.  Goldust slapped Cody, then threw him out.  Cody landed on the apron.  Cody got back in, but Goldust tossed him out again.  Cody landed on the apron again.  Goldust punched DiBiase and Rhodes, and Orton hit Goldust with an RKO.  Orton told Rhodes to toss him out, and Cody eliminated Goldust. 

Goldust is eliminated. 

CM Punk is number eighteen. 

Punk gave Rhodes and DiBiase clotheslines, then gave Jericho a flying knee.  Punk gave Mysterio a knee, then bulldogged Jericho.  Triple H went to Pedigree Triple H, but Punk reversed it and gave HHH the GTS.  Punk then went after the Undertaker, who decked him.  Orton and Rhdoes were going after Jericho.  Finlay and the Undertaker slugged it out.  Knox tossed out Mysterio, who held on. 

Mark Henry is number nineteen. 

Henry decked Priceless, then Jericho, then headbutted Orton to the mat.  Henry gave Undertaker a clothesline.  Henry stood on the chest of Punk.  Jericho dropkicked Undertaker.  Henry powerslammed Triple H.  Punk jumped into a Henry bearhug.  

Shelton Benjamin is number twenty. 

Benjamin went after DiBiase, then Mysterio.  Benjamin then went after Finlay and hit Paydirt.  Punk and Jericho were fighting on the top rope.  Benjamin leaped up there and pulled both to the mat with a double Paydirt.  Benjamin gave Henry a back heel kick.  HHH tossed out Punk, who held onto the ropes.  The ring is getting crowded. 

William Regal is number twenty one. 

Regal went right after Punk, hitting a suplex.  Undertaker clotheslined Benjamin.  Finlay went at it with Knox.  DiBiase and Rhodes fought with HHH. Undertaker kicked Henry, and Mysterio pulled the top rope down, and Henry fell to the floor. 

Mark Henry is eliminated. 

Kofi Kingston is number twenty two. 

Mysterio backdropped Cody to the apron, but he skinned the cat back in.  Kofi gave Knox a legsweep and a legdrop.  Jericho clotheslined Kofi.  Undertaker was busted open.  Benjamin kicked Knox in the head.  Benjamin went to splash Taker in a corner, but Undertaker chokeslammed him, then tossed him out. 

Shelton Benjamin is eliminated. 

Kane is number twenty three. 

Kane took down both members of Priceless.  Kane and Undertaker had a staredown.  Then they both grabbed DiBiase and gave him a double chokeslam.  Kofi got a chokeslam from Kane.  Undertaker tossed Jericho into a ringpost.  Regal and Punk fought on the apron and Punk pulled Regal over the top and to the floor. 

William Regal is eliminated. 

R-Truth is number twenty four. 

Truth went after Rhodes.  Undertaker and Knox went at it.  Truth gave HHH a spinning forearm.  Orton and Kofi and Mysterio worked over Kane.  Jericho went after Truth.  Punk and Finlay fought in a corner.  Undertaker and Kane pounded Orton.  Punk went after Undertaker. 

Rob Van Dam is number twenty five. 

Van Dam gave Kane a springboard kick, then started cleaning house with kicks and punches.  RVD hit Punk with a springboard kick. Van Dam gave Truth a legdrop and went for a a five star frog splash, but Triple H blocked the attempt, so RVD jumped over him and gabe him a kick, then splashed both HHH and Truth with a rolling backsplash. 

Brian Kendrick is number twenty six. 

Kendrick ran in and tossed out Kofi Kingston. 

Kofi Kingston is eliminated. 

Triple H tossed Kendrick into the ropes, he bounced off, and HHH tossed Kendrick over the top rope. 

Brian Kendrick is eliminated. 

RVD tried to eliminate Punk, but he held on. 

Dolph Ziggler is number twenty seven. 

Dolph ran in, tried to introduce himself to Kane when punching him didn't work, and Kane tossed him over the top rope. 

Dolph Ziggler is eliminated. 

Rhodes gave Punk an Electric CHair.  Undertaker and Triple H went at it. Finlay and Truth went at it. 

Santino Marella is number twenty eight.  

Kane kicked Marella out as soon as he got in. 

Santino Marella is eliminated.  New record for shortest time!

Santino, from the floor, said he wasn't ready. 

Jericho and Undertaker went at it in a corner, Orton pounded Mysterio.  Rhodes and DiBiase went after Knox and RVD.   Kane tried to eliminate HHH, but he held on. 

Hacksaw Duggan is number twenty nine. 

Hacksaw decked DiBiase and Punk, then went after Kane and Jericho.  Duggan went after the Undertaker, decking him.  Duggan went after Rhodes.  Jericho tried to eliminated HHH.  Finlay and Mysterio went at it.  Punk tried to eliminated DiBiase.  

Big Show is number thirty.  All participants have entered. 

Big Show entered, with Undertaker staring him down.  They went face to face, but Kane clipped Show with a punch from the blind side.  Duggan went after Show and tried to slam him, which didn't work.  Finlay and RVD went at it.  Show tossed out Duggan, to a lot of boos. 

Hacksaw Duggan is eliminated. 

Chris Jericho jumped on Show's back and tried to put him in a sleeper.  Taker threw out Punk, but he held on.  Show chopped Truth against the ropes.  Knox stomped Mysterio in a corner. Kane and tried to push DiBiase out.  Big Show pressed Truth over his head and tossed him out. 

R-Truth is eliminated. 

Undertaker tossed out Rhodes, who held onto the ropes.  Show did the same with Punk.  Punk went right back at Show, and Show tossed him, but he held on again.  Show tossed Punk a third time, and this time punched him off the apron. 

CM Punk is eliminated. 

Rey Mysterio and Mike Knox were both eliminated by Big Show while struggling by the ropes with Finlay. 

Rey Mysterio is eliminated.
Mike Knox is eliminated. 

Hornswoggle came in and tried to help Finlay against Kane.  Kane chokeslammed Finlay, and Hornswoggle scooted out.  Kane backdropped Finlay from the ring. 

Finlay is eliminated. 

Jericho gave a Codebreaker to Kane.  RVD gave Big Show a springboard kick.  Orton gave HHH a DDT.  Big Show and Undertaker went face to face again.  Undertaker hit some punches, and Jericho hit Big Show from behind.  RVD gave Orton a five star frog splash, but hurt himself doing it and Jericho tossed out RVD. 

Rob Van Dam is eliminated. 

Jericho turned around, and Undertaker was staring at him.  Jericho hit Undertaker with a Codebreaker, but Undertaker side stepped a charge and tossed Jericho out. 

Chris Jericho is eliminated. 

Kane went at it with Orton, but Rhodes and DiBiase ran up and tossed Kane out. 

Kane is eliminated. 

Rhodes, Orton, DiBiase, Big Show, Undertaker and HHH are the final six.  HHH and Show went at it, and Legacy attacked Undertaker.  Big Show chokeslammed Triple H. Undertaker fought back, clotheslining Rhodes and DiBiase, then chokeslamming Orton, then DiBiase, then Rhodes.  Big Show and Undertaker faced off again.  There was a chant for the Undertaker.  They traded punches, then Taker hit a boot to the face and a clothesline, taking down Big Show.  Undertaker hit a big boot, and Show went over the top rope, but held on to the ropes.  Undertaker punched Show on the apron.  Orton went for an RKO on Undertaker, but he shoved it off.  Big Show grabbed Undertaker by the throat and pulled him over the top.  They fought on the apron, trading chokes.  Orton gave Show an RKO across the top rope, and Show fell to the floor. 

Big Show is eliminated. 

DiBiase and Rhodes went after Undertaker, but he grabbed them by the throats.  Big Show, from the floor, yanked Undertaker down, eliminating him. 

Undertaker is eliminated. 

Undertaker and Big Show fought into the crowd.   Triple H, left in the ring with the Legacy, gave them a crotch chop and charged at Rhodes.  Soon, the Legacy were just beating up on Triple H.  Triple H fought back, shoving off an RKO attempt, hitting a facebuster on Rhodes and a spinebuster on DiBiase.  Orton charged and Triple H backdropped him, but Orton landed on the apron.  Triple H gave Rhodes a Pedigree.  HHH tosed out DiBiase. 

Ted DiBiase is eliminated. 

Triple H tossed out Cody Rhodes.

Cody Rhodes is eliminated. 

Orton ran up behind Triple H as he eliminated Rhodes and tossed him out. 

Triple H is eliminated.

Royal Rumble Winner: Randy Orton. 

Orton had Rhodes and DiBiase get back in the ring, and raised their hands.  Orton then pointed at the Wrestlemania sign, and fireworks went off as the show ended. subscribers are able to enjoy the coverage on an ad-free version of the site, and also hear the exclusive post-PPV audio hotline.  To become a subscriber, click here.

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