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By Buck Woodward on 2009-01-25 21:25:22

At one point, JTG and Morrison went over the ropes on one side of the ring, Mysterio and DiBiase went out on another, and all four men held on and got back into the ring.  Orton and Triple H slugged it out. 

Chris Jerico is number eleven. 

Jericho tried to toss Randy Orton out, but he held onto the bottom rope. Jericho bulldogged HHH, HHH dodged a Lionsault, Jericho avoided a Pedigree and went for a Walls Of Jericho, but HHH flipped him over.  Triple H and Mysterio tried to eliminated Jericho.  Orton and DiBiase worked over Morrison. 

Mike Knox is number twelve. 

Knox kicked Mysterio in the head, then splashed JTG in a corner and clotheslined Mysterio.  Knox beat down Mysterio in a corner.  DiBiase and Orton went after JTG.  Morrison and Jericho went at it.  HHH went after Knox, who almost had Mysterio eliminated.  Jericho went after DiBiase.  Orton, JTG and Morrison were all going at it. 

The Miz is number thirteen. 

Miz went after JTG and DiBiase. Jericho and Mysterio went at it.  Miz hit Triple H with a clothesline in the corner, then did the same to Mysterio.  Miz then saved John Morrison from Randy Orton.  Miz and Morrison hit Orton with a double gut buster.  Mysterio shoved Morrison into an RKO.  Orton then gave RKO's to Miz and JTG.  Triple H gave Orton a Pedigree.  Triple H tossed Miz into Morrison, and they both fell over the top. 

Miz and Morrison are elminated. 

Finlay is number fourteen. 

Rey Mysterio was tossed out, but he walked on Miz and Morrison's backs and got back into the ring.  Finlay cleaned house on everyone, including a sit down splash on HHH.  Finlay and Mysterio tried to toss out Jericho, but he held on.  Finlay then went after DiBiase, but Knox cut him off.  Finlay gave Knox a clothesline.  Orton and DiBiase double teamed Finlay. 

Cody Rhodes is number fifteen. 

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