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By Buck Woodward on 2009-01-25 21:25:22

They showed a commercial for No Way Out, noting that the "Road To Wrestlemania" will go through the Elimination Chamber, as both the World and WWE Championships will be defended in Elimination Chamber matches at the PPV. 


Todd Grisham interviewed Randy Orton backstage about the "rumors" that legal action would be taken against him tomorrow on Raw.  Orton said he hasn't heard anything from the McMahons, but as far as he was concerned, he was still in the Royal Rumble.  Chris Jericho entered, saying he didn't blame Orton for what he did.  Jericho said he was a different Vince McMahon than he used to be.  Jericho said "The real Mr. McMahon was already dead and buried" and the McMahon that showed up last week was just pandering to his daughter.  Orton accused Jericho of siding with him so he would lower his defenses in the Rumble.  Jericho said he wasn't worried about that, since he said the McMahon are vengeful people, and that Orton would probably be gone from the company tomorrow. Jericho wised Orton luck and left. 


The video package for the Rumble was shown.  Apparently, there was a technical problem, as they abruptly left the package and went to the ring. 


The 30-Man Royal Rumble, with the winner receiving a title match at Wrestlemania. 


As always, we will do our best to update during the Rumble match itself. 


Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler are calling the Rumble, with Ross saying "The band's back together". 


Rey Mysterio is the first entrant. 


John Morrison is the second entrant. 


Morrison shoved Rey in the face, and Mysterio responded with kicks to the body.  Rey kicked away a Morrison backdrop attempt, but Morrison tossed Rey over the top rope.  Rey grabbed the ropes to stop himself, and Morrison tried to kicked him off.  Rey springboarded back into the ring with a bodypress on Morrison, then hit a double tilt-a-whirl takeover.  Rey tossed Morrison over the top, but he held on.  


Carlito is number three. 


Carlito spat apple at Morrison, and went at it with Mysterio.  Mysterio hit Carlito with a springboard moonsault, but Carlito turned it into a neckbreaker.  Carlito hit Morrison with a double springboard moonsault as Morrison tried to toss him out.  Carlito went after Rey, and Morrison hit him with a running knee. Morrison stomped Mysterio, then hit a forearm uppercut.  


MVP is number four. 


MVP hit Carlito with a clothesline, then Rey with an elbow, then slammed Morrison.  There was a chant for MVP.  MVP gave Rey Mysterio a belly to belly suplex.  Morrison went for a springboard kick, and MVP ducked, and it hit Carlito.  MVP gave Morrison a Shining Wizard. Mysterio gave MVP a flying headscissors. 


Great Khali is number five. 


Everyone went at Khali, but he swatted them all away.  Khali easily threw around everyone in the ring, then Rey went for a springboard dropkick, which did nothing.  Carlito tried a Backstabber, which didn't work.  Khali gave Carlito the Punjabi Plunge.  


Vladimir Kozlov is number six. 


Khali and Kozlov went at it, with Kozlov needing just a headbutt, a kick and a punch to sent Khali over the top rope. 


Great Khali is eliminated. 


MVP went to work on Kozlov, but missed a running kick in the corner.  Kozlov tossed MVP to the floor. 


MVP is eliminated. 


Kozlov tossed Carlito to the apron.  Carlito did a springboard back in, but Kozlov caught him and slammed him down.  Kozlov then tossed Carlito out. 


Carlito is eliminated. 


Rey hit some kicks and punches on Kozlov, but Kozlov downed him with a headbutt.   Morrison was just lying on the apron. 


Triple H is number seven. 


Kozlov and Triple H stared each other down.  They traded punches, with Triple H getting the better of it.  Kozlov hit his battering ram headbutt, but missed a charge in the corner.  Triple H hit a facebuster on the knee, gave him a DX crotch chop, and tossed him over the top rope and to the floor. 


Vladimir Kozlov is eliminated. 


Morrison attacked Triple H, hitting forearms and punches.  Triple H came back with a jumping knee to Morrison. 

Randy Orton is number eight.  


Triple H and Orton went at it with punches, while Morrison and Mysterio fought near the apron.  Orton hit Triple H with a side neckbreaker.  Orton measured up for a RKO, but Triple H blocked it and went for a Pedigree, but Morrison hit Triple H with a springboard kick.  Mysterio gave Orton a springboard senton.  Rey tripped Morrison in the ropes and hit a 619. 


Cryme Tyme came out as number nine, and tossed a coin to see who would go in.  JTG won, and headed to the ring.  Shad then realized it was a two-headed coin. 


JTG shoulderblocked Morrison in the corner, then got slugged by HHH.  Orton was trying to toss Mysterio out of the ring.  HHH rammed Morrison and JTG's heads together. 


Ted DiBiase is number ten. 

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