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By Buck Woodward on 2009-01-16 10:00:00

Please could you explain the how the WCW International Heavyweight Championship came about, and also explain how they were unified?

It started when WCW got back the familiar "Big Gold Belt" and a revived NWA World Title was created to be used in WCW and New Japan Pro Wrestling, who had a co-promotional agreement.  WCW wrestlers like Sting and Rick Rude and New Japan wrestlers like Masahiro Chono and Hiroshi Hase wrestled over the NWA belt, while Vader was the reigning WCW World Champion.  Problems came up in Fall of 1993 when smaller promotions that were "NWA members" wanted to be able to book the NWA Champion for shows.  WCW pulled out of the NWA, and renamed the Big Gold Belt the "WCW International World Heavyweight Championship".  The belt was not being used in Japan much, and WCW soon realized how silly it was to have two World Champions, so the belts were unified at a Clash Of Champions event in 1994, with Ric Flair (WCW Champion) defeating Sting (WCW International World Champion) to unify the belts. 

Is it me or have the WWE started doing TV Tapings in smaller arenas compared to maybe 6-7yrs Ago?

There has definitely been a lot more TV tapings in smaller venues, which isn't much of a surprise given the decline in live attendance in North America.  Personally, I think WWE has always done a great job in making smaller venues look huge on television. 

Looking back, I have noticed that WWE often has a habit of having wrestlers job on more than one occasion before putting a top title on them, as a way of having several potential challengers already in place. With that being said, do you think its likely that MVP will win Money in the Bank this year?

If that is what WWE is doing with MVP, then they certainly have set up a lot of challengers, including Funaki, Kizzarny and Great Khali!  I would like to see MVP get a big win like Money In The Bank, since at this point I feel his talent is being wasted in the "loser" storyline, but there are plenty of worthy wrestlers to get that win, including Miz or John Morrison.

What is the latest on WWE Divas champion Maryse and the injury (dislocation) to her knee she suffered in a recent house show some time ago?

Maryse suffered a dislocated kneecap, which they were able to pop back into place without surgery.  I would expect her back in TV within a month.

Would you know if any WWE wrestler, male or female, would be appearing at the inauguration of President elect Barack Obama when he is sworn in on January 20th as the 44th President of the United States? Any possible repercussions if they do?

I haven't heard of any WWE performers appearing at the inauguration, although given WWE's involvement in registering new voters, it wouldn't shock me if they have a representative in attendance.  If any wrestler went to the inauguration on their own, there wouldn't be any repercussions for it.  

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