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By Mike Johnson on 2009-01-11 22:30:00

Backstage, Jim Cornette demanded Booker T and Sharmell tell him what happened to Rhino.  Booker didn't like the way Cornette spoke to his wife and grabbed him physically.  The referees and Shane Sewell, "returning" pulled Booker off.  Booker and Sewell had a staredown and Booker warned him not to get involved in his business.  I guess that's going to be the new program.  I figured Sewell's push would end with the Bashir win, but perhaps not. 

TNA Tag Team champions Jay Lethal & Consequences Creed vs. Matt Morgan & Abyss vs. Beer Money Inc.

Storm and Creed opened the bout.  After they went back and forth, Lethal and Roode tagged in.  Lethal nailed a series of jabs in the corner then backdropped Roode.  Lethal nailed the double sledge off the top for a two count.  Lethal and Creed worked over Roode for a two count.

Jackie Moore jumped into the ring to protect Roode.  The champs whipped Storm into them.  Abyss whipped the champs into them, then hit his running charge in the corner.  They did the bit where the heels landed in sexual positions.  Abyss clotheslined Roode over the top to the floor.  The reaction of a shocked woman in the first row was priceless.  Lethal and Creed hit dives to the floor on Beer Money.

Matt Morgan went to the top rope and hit a dive to all four to the floor.  A seven footer just did a dive.  You gotta love his gumption.  Abyss clotheslined Roode and teased a chokeslam.  He tried to slam both but they nailed him in the gut and driven face-first into the mat.  They nailed a double suplex on him but Roode could only get a two count.

Creed  tagged in and cleaned house on the champs.  Matt Morgan and Abyss had words in their corner, continuing the tease of issues there.  Creed covered Storm for a two count.  Beer Money drilled Creed with a DDT spike for a two count, as Lethal broke it up.  Beer Money made a wish with Creed's legs.   Roode caught Creed with a spinebuster for a two count.  Storm tagged in, wearing his hat to shock disrespect, and went for a charge.  Creed moved and Storm crashed into the corner.

Roode tagged in but Lethal tagged in.  He cleaned house on Roode and went for the pin.  Storm went to drop an elbow but Lethal saw it coming and moved, so Storm nailed his partner.  Lethal hit the Lethal Combination and went to the ropes but Matt Morgan blind tagged in and went for the cover.  Lethal broke it up.  Abyss tossed Lethal into the air and drilled him with a backbreaker.  Creed hit a missile dropkick to Abyss.  Morgan hit the Carbon Footprint on Creed.

Storm drilled Morgan with the Backstabber.  Beer Money tried to double team Morgan.  He fought them off.  Jackie Moore distracted the ref.  Storm tossed one of the tag belts to Roode but Abyss intercepted.  Morgan knocked Storm off the apron.  Abyss charged Roode with the belt but Roode ducked and Morgan got nailed instead.  Lethal hit a top rope elbow but Beer Money stole the win and regained the belts.

Your winners and new TNA Tag Team champs, Beer Money!

Match was OK.  It felt like it was really muddied by the third team being involved but TNA tries to put everyone on the PPVs. 

Morgan and Abyss argued after the match.  Morgan kept ripping him and Abyss was getting pissed. 

Backstage, Jeremy Borash was following Kurt Angle, who was furious.  He stormed into Jim Cornette's office.  He told Cornette if he has questions about anything regarding the Main Event Mafia, you come to him and don't bother anyone else.  Cornette asked him where Rhino was and Angle told him he should be more concerned about Jeff Jarrett.  Cornette said Jarrett was somewhere in the building and not to worry about him.  Cornette pressed him on Rhino.  Angle admitted they grabbed Rhino at his hotel this morning, tried to get him to give up the TNA title bout and when he refused, they beat him down and left him in a lot somewhere.  He told Cornette he had better start working on "Plan B."

It certainly looks like Sting is going to work the six man tag tonight, doesn't it?

ODB & Roxxi & Taylor Wild vs. Raiesha Saeed & Sojourner Bolt & Rhaka Khan - Winner Earns TNA Knockouts title bout

Saeed had a form fitting new outfit, which should help her actually show how good she really is in the ring.  No sign of Kong.  Bolt and Wilde started the bout.  Wilde rolled up Saeed for a quick two count.  Roxxi tagged in and nailed a dropkick and several forearms on Saeed. 

Khan tagged in. Wow, she needs work.  Wilde began nailing her with kicks.  She whipped Wilde into the ropes where the other heels tripped her and dragged her to the floor for a beatdown.  They tossed her into the guard rail.  Wilde was tossed back into the ring, where Saeed worked her over.  Saeed stomped Wilde's legs and knees.  Bolt drops an elbow off the top for a two count

ODB made the hot tag and slammed Saeed and Bolt.  She nailed a double clothesline.  ODB went for a Fall Away Slam.  It wasn't pretty.  She got it on a second try.  ODB nailed a powerslam on Saeed but Bolt broke up the pin.  ODB was far and away the most over female in the bout.  Roxxi grabbed Khan and Bolt on the outside.  Khan tripped.  Roxxi tossed them to Wilde, who nailed them.

ODB rolled up Saeed in a small package for the pin, so she gets a title shot down the line.

Your winners, ODB & Roxxi & Taylor Wilde!

The match was just there, not really memorable.

TNA Knockouts champ Awesome Kong came into the ring and faced off with ODB.  ODB challenged her to have the match right now.  Kong shoved her away.  They started brawling.  The other four jumped in and everyone brawled as Kong stood over ODB.  Kong nailed a chokeslam on ODB, since she couldn't do a powerbomb with her injured back.  The Kongtourage stood over the fallen ODB.

Backstage, Jim Cornette was questioning TNA champion Sting and asked him how he could condone what happened to Rhino.  Sting asked, "Who said I condoned it? Who?"  Sting said he hadn't been to Charlotte for 15 years and came to defend the World title.  He said he would be doing that tonight, whether Rhino showed up or not.  Total babyface interview. 

Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle - No DQ

They brawled center ring at the bell.  Jarrett ran Angle into the turnbuckles, then whipped him hard into the opposite corner.   Angle tried to cinch a sleeper in on Jarrett, who low blowed him.   Jarrett hit a running clothesline over the top to the floor. 

Backstage, they showed Rhino somewhere in the building, beaten throwing trash cans around backstage.

Jarrett ran Angle face-first into the guardrail on the floor, then did it again.  Jarrett grabbed a beer and tossed it in Angle's face.   Angle nailed Jarrett, sending him into the railing, then slammed his head into the side of the steel steps leading to the ring.  The crowd began doing dueling chants for both men.  It's been a solid brawl so far.

Angle hit a suplex in the ring for a two count.  Angle controlled the bout for a bit, cinching in a side chinlock on the mat.  Jarrett backdropped Angle over the top.  Jarrett then tried to do a dive and in a scary moment that reminded me of JT Smith in 1995, fell to the floor in frightening fashion when his foot caught the top rope.  He's really, really lucky.  Angle slammed Jarrett into the table, then smashed Jarrett in the face with the timekeeper's bell.  Jarrett was busted open.  They brawled up the ring ramp and a bloody Jeff DDT'd Angle on the ramp.

They brawled to the entranceway.  Jarrett smashed Angle's face into the scaffolding.  Now Angle was busted open.  They brawled to the left side of the stage.  Jeff kept trying to punch Angle off, but missed a punch and Angle hit the Angleslam off the stage through a table they had made up to look like "one of the pyro boards" according to the announcers.  The place went nuts for it. 

Both men slowly recovered and made their way to the ring.  Angle made his way to the ring first with Jarrett slowly crawling down the aisle.  They returned to the ring with Jeff refusing to say die fighting to his feet again and again as Angle nailed shots.  Jarrett began using the ropes for momentum to fight back.  Angle kicked Jeff who responded with several clotheslines and a double underhook DDT for a two count.

Jarrett went for the Stroke but Angle countered into the Anklelock.  Jarrett fought his way to the ropes but as he reached out for them, Angle pulled him to the center of the ring.  Jarrett rolled through, sending Angle out to the floor.  Angle, furious, grabbed a chair at ringside.  He swung at Jeff, who ducked, then dropkicked the chair into Angle's face.  Jarrett nailed the Stroke for a two count.  Really well constructed match. 

Jarrett attempted a suplerplex but was shoved off by Angle.  Angle hits a glancing missile dropkick, then an Angle Slam.  Jarrett got his shoulder up at the two count.  Jarrett kicked off an anklelock attempt.  Angle charged but Jarrett evaded him and Angle hit his shoulder on the ringpost.

Jarrett grabbed the guitar.  He went for the El Kabong but Angle kicked him low.  Angle grabbed the guitar and the chair, as if he was deciding which to use.  He chose the chair and drilled Jarrett in the back of the head with it.  Jarrett kicked up at two.  Angle lost it and began grabbing and screaming at the referee. 

Jarrett fought his way over to the guitar, but Angle saw it and cinched in the anklelock.  Jarrett teased tapping but refused.  He finally rolled through, catching Angle in a front roll-up for a two count.  Angle went for an Angle Slam but Jarrett turned it into a DDT. 

Jarrett grabbed the guitar, which fell apart in his hands.  Ooopps!  He grabbed the chair and smashed Angle with it.  After Angle went down, Jarrett collapsed to the mat grabbing his ankle.  He crawled over for the cover but Angle got his shoulder up at two, then grabbed Jeff and pinned him to the mat in a surprising end with a rollup.

Your winner, Kurt Angle!

As Jarrett was being tended to, Angle attacked him in the corner, Pillmanizing his ankle with the chair.  Jarrett did a stretcher job.

A great fn' match.  Seriously, for all the flack Jarrett gets (and in his position, he's always going to get it) I loved the hell out of this match.   He and Angle had one hell of a brawl and told a great story.

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