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By Brian Thomas on 2008-12-29 13:23:00

Former TNA backstage announcer/manager, Goldy Locks, was recently interviewed by The Daily Suplex.  Topics covered include TNA, backstage morale during the tumultuous first few months, wrestlers reaction to her, and her current music career.  Here are some highlights from the interview:

On getting started with TNA: Goldy got her start through the agency she was working with.  TNA needed a backstage correspondent who was attractive and had personality and she was suggested for the role. 

On how she was treated by the boys: Goldy said she was treated completely with respect and never had a problem with any of the boys. 

On how much she knew about the company's financial difficulties: She knew more than most because of her lawyer, but says that everyone felt something was going to happen and pretty much knew the company was in trouble. 

On whom she enjoyed working with most: She says that Sonny Siaki was always a joy to work with because he always ripped on her.  She also liked working with AJ Styles, The Road Warriors, and the Rock and Roll Express. 

On her departure from the company: She had a feeling she wasn't going to be asked back and feels that too many people thought she was getting too much camera time for not being a wrestler.  She comments on the dog-eat-dog attitude many wrestlers have in the business as well.

Other topics include her feelings on Alex Shelley, who really helped her learn the business and become a better interviewer, the sexual harassment incident that occurred mentioned in Jerry Jarrett's book and what she was told to do about it, her thoughts on Vince Russo, Eric Watts, the infamous cell phone segment and her reaction to it being aired on pay per view, her musical influences, working the mall crowds at the start of her musical career, and much more.

Plus, find out which superstar pulled a classic rib on her backstage and hear some of her music.

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