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By Mike Johnson on 2008-12-17 15:53:10

Recently re-signed WWE developmental talents Chris Cage and Ryan Reeves started with Florida Championship Wrestling yesterday in Tampa. I haven't confirmed it yet, but Cage was given a new ring name, which should add to the discussion that Christian Cage is WWE bound in the New Year.

"The Wrestler" was among top searches on earlier today.'s "Sports Guy" Bill Simmons wrote an excellent piece on "The Wrestler", tying the story of Randy the Ram to all too many of the stars we've seen pass away in the last decade.  You can read the piece, and you really should, at this link.  Thanks to David Jakielo and Julian Carrongton for passing that along.

Tribeca Film has a big piece on the "resurrection" of Wrestler star Mickey Rourke on their website today, which you can check out by clicking here.

Chuck Fiello sent the following.....I found this article on the main page of Yahoo! Sports that talks about the bonding of the Carolina Panthers running backs Jonathon Stewart and DeAngelo Williams (you know, those running backs who will trample all over the Giants defense this weekend on their way to the super bowl) over talking smack playing video games and their love of WWE and the Hardy Boyz. Not much but thought it was an interesting little note with the Carolina connection.  Enjoy, Go Panthers.

Where Are They Now: Former WWF Intercontinental champion and MMA pioneer Ken Shamrock is scheduled to return to the MMA ring on 2/13/09 in Fresno, California on an event being co-promoted by his own company. Shamrock's son Ryan will also be competing.

Former WWE star Elijah Burke will be holding a live chat at 10 PM Eastern tonight on his official website

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