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By Manuel Gonzales on 2008-12-15 15:36:30

WWC held their final 2009 event, LOCKOUT, at the Ruben Rodriguez Arena at Bayamon. Juan Rosario, of PRW, and Havoc, from Superestrellas WWC, reported the action as follow:

We have a report stating that there was 2000 fans, other one reported 4000.

1-Angel defeated Profe with help from Mini Profe, who passed a knux to Angel.

2-Rico Suave & Huracan Castillo and the team of the Texas Outlaws are now the top contenders for the Tag Team titles when they did a double pin against Los Aereos and Los Adorables. Bad Boy Bradley eliminated Los Adorables. Later Todd Dean eliminated Los Aereos. Then the confusing final came with the illegal men pinning both legal men, so the referee, to avoid further confrontation, told them that the match ended in a draw and then declared both teams as winners.

3-BJ defeated Tommy Diablo on a ladder match and won the Puerto Rican Title. At a moment of the match BJ applied a splash to the outside, but he landed wrong but thanks there were no bad situation and match continued. He landed his back part of the heat to the floor, and there was a wound, but he continued the match. Later there was a scaffold made of two ladders, and at the moment that he wanted to attack BJ on it, was Diablo who ended being hurt, so BJ took that advantage and pinned him to won the match and the title.

4-Thunder & Lightning defeated Team 3D by DQ when Armando Alejandro Estrada and Elijah Burke interfered. Before the match Estrada offered himself to manage Thunder & Lightning, so they asked the fans what they believe. The answer was a very loud NO. Final came when Team 3D where very disappointed of being unable to defeat the world champions and then Burke and Estrada interfered to help them. After the match Team 3D applied their move, the 3D, to Thunder on a table.

5-Shane The Glamour Boy defeated Charles Evans using Chicky Starr baseball bat. Evans turned on Starr, who was managing him, during the match.

There came the ceremony of Abdullah The Butcher retirement. Several wrestlers came and saluted him, as well Commissioners of the Puerto Rican Wrestling Commission. After the ceremony ended, Abby danced.

6-Sabu defeated Steve Corino & Elijah Burke on a Three Way Hardcore Match. Both Sabu and Corino bleed, due to the use of Sabu steel nail. Burke was very shy to wrestle, as he seemed to be scared and only entered when he saw opportunities to attack either Sabu or Corino. Sabu scored the victory with his tradional spot, using a chair to drop it against Corino, who was flat on a table.

There came Carlito’s Cabana. Both Carlito and Primo came in. Carlito said that Eddie had to change his name to Primo because WWE wanted to leave Eddie to honor Eddie Guerrero. Then began to speak regarding the Puerto Rican woman. Carlito mentioned that he meet one tall woman at a discothèque named Verona. (Verona is in real life a man, who is homosexual but looks, resembles and act as a woman, well known because ‘she’ have clothes stores and is a clothes designer, and is claimed that ‘she’ already’ did the sex change surgery, but that is not clear yet). Eddie had to reveal the reality of Verona to Carlito. They presented their guest, who ended being Fidel Sierra and Fantasy. Then came Jose Chaparro, who told them that this his his Cabana, and said he has invited a very special guest, and called out Orlando Colon. Orlando came in and Chaparro asked him to grant permission to let Bronco wrestle fulltime in WWC (as Bronco lost a retirement match to Orlando). Chaparro insulted Orlando, and then Fidel Sierra took Chaparro by surprise and lay down Chaparro’s pant, leaving him on underwear. Then Carlito, who was already eating an apple, spit it on Chaparro’s face and Primo attacked him as well.

7-On what was billed as his retirement match Abdullah The Butcher wrestled Balls Mahoney to a no contest. Well, the reality is that the match never took place on the ring and Mahoney was being attacked by Abdullah’s fork, so special referee Carlos Colon ordered the match to end as a no contest. Armando Alejandro Estrada came in to attack Abdullah, but Abdullah attacked him. After the match Abdullah The Butcher and Carlos Colon almost fought because Abdullah told him that the match must continue, but Carlos left to the dressing room. Abby’s manager gave the fans a very special THANK YOU, but said that Carlos Colon is a dog and then started dancing and left.

8-Bronco defeated Ray Gonzalez. Final came when Ray used a baseball bat against Bronco and against the referee, moment that saw a black dressed masked man and applied a chair shot to Ray. Then the masked man took the referee’s hand and did the count. After the match Bronco told Ray that if he wants a rematch, it must be for the Universal Title. During the match Ray used the figure 4 leg lock on Bronco, who managed to escape holding himself from the referee. Later Jose Chaparro throwed a baseball bat to Bronco, but Ray pushed Bronco out of the way and catches it

Stu Hart son Smith Hart was backstage. He wrestled for WWC in 1978 with Bret Hart as team mate.

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