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By Dave Scherer on 2008-11-27 10:24:12

Jim Ross has posted his latest blog entry at his BBQ website, which you can read by clicking here.

He opened by ripping into a fan for taking him to task for saying that Mike Knox reminded him a young Bruiser Brody.  Ross wrote:

Too bad a few idiots who provide feedback on some wrestling websites simply don't get it. I mentioned that Mike Knox reminded me of a young, 1974 version of Bruiser Brody known then as Frank Goodish. I actually "knew" Frank and did not simply get to know the character by seeing his persona on old Japanese wrestling tapes. Knox is a smart guy, like Frank, has a big rangy frame, just as Frank did in the mid 70's, and pays attention, just as Goodish always did. Will Knox ever be as good as Bruiser Brody? We, as fans, can only hope so. So, no having a beard and being a large, Caucasian male isn't the only similarities I see between Mike Knox and Frank Goodish aka Bruiser Brody. And these little geeks call me a dumbass. 

For what it's worth, I am in total agreement with JR here.  Whoever ripped Ross for writing that was out of line.  He continued ranting on fans when he wrote:

About 99% of the wrestling fans I have met over the years are good folks and are nice to be around. The other 1% of which some were represented in Albany Tuesday night can be a real pain in the ass. They can't stand it if those within ear shot don't know that they read the wrestling newsletters and spend ample time on wrestling websites. They love to spout "insider" info especially personal items that makes one embarrassed to be a fan during these uncomfortable times.  I could care less if fans rib me about being an OU Football fan as that's old news but when these alleged, educated (I'll use that term loosely) fans are so insecure that they want to be a part of the show and would rather make jackasses of themselves or yell at Tazz and me than watch the show then there is something wrong. 

About this Friday's Smackdown, he wrote:

Speaking of Tuesday night, Friday Night Smackdown was in Albany, N.Y. taping the next two Friday nights of the broadcast. Both shows are wrestling heavy based on today's TV wrestling world and this Friday night see significant wrestling action featuring multiple, competitive matches involving HHH, Jeff Hardy, and Vladimir Kozlov, among others. There has never been a perfect wrestling show produced at least that I have ever seen but this one is a good,solid program that features mostly in ring content and not backstage bits that often times do not play to the individual's strengths.  

He added that contrary to what the spoilers said, he and Tazz did voice over all of the segments at the building.  He will clean up commentary via his home studio. 

In a funny story, he wrote:

Thanksgiving reminds me of the time that the King and I rode on the WWE float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade years ago televised at that time by NBC. The King was so motivated to be a part of this American institution that he actually wore a warm coat, Lawler hates outer wear, and as we turned the corner to go in front of the NBC broadcast position "it" happened. Al Roker said there is the WWE represented by so and so including the Monday Night Raw broadcast duo of Good Ol J.R. Jim Ross and Jerry "The RING" Lawler. Not the "King" but the "RING" which thoroughly pissed off the King and he uttered a long list of profanities directed toward the NBC weatherman for several, freezing blocks. To this very day,  if the subject is brought up we get a laugh out of it. Surely, no one will be brazen enough to bring any signs to Raw that would say, Jerry "The RING" Lawler, would they?? 

He stated that The Undertaker's submission hold is now officially being called "Hell's Gate." 

He also talked about whether a 60 minute draw work work in today's environment, how he thinks Jack Swagger is the real deal and a lot more that isn't recapped here in his always-must read column.  Again, you can read the entire piece by clicking here.

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