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By Jorge Barbosa on 2008-11-26 13:00:47

Fight Network Radio Recap November 25th
With Mauro Ranallo and John Pollock

Dave Scherer of talks with Fight Network Radio about Survivor Series and Monday Night Raw.  Scherer tells us that his biggest issue with the PPV was on the Jeff Hardy angle.  This is another example of the WWE using tragic personal issues for shock value.  Aside from that, Scherer thought the show was dull, but liked Edge’s return.  On the Raw side of things, he criticizes the fact that Cena won the title on his first night back.   In regards to Raw, Ranallo puts over the promos hyping Cena’s return, and Scherer agrees.  Although the WWE has been marketing him well to a younger audience, Scherer believes they should also try to make him appealing to the older crowd who constantly boo him.  Since he is supposed to be the 2008 version of Hulk Hogan, it would benefit Cena and the WWE if they attempted to attract mature viewers and his attack on Jericho was a step in the right direction.  With the sibling rivalry in full effect, Scherer points out that Stephanie is obviously playing out the 2008 version of Vince McMahon.  However the problem is that she won’t take bumps like Vince did with Austin .  Scherer believes this gimmick will only work if the fans get to see some revenge bumps.  Ranallo brings up Randy Orton and his obvious potential to become a key figure within the pro wrestling landscape.  Scherer states that he doesn’t like Orton’s immaturity and thinks his promos have improved, but is skeptical about Orton until he sees stable behavior (interesting thoughts). 

Former WWE official Wes Adams talks about his release following the Matt Hardy and John Morrison incident.  Adams tells it like it is, as he recounts the events that ended the match.  Ranallo interjects by stating that one of the policies for WWE referees is that if a situation such as this one arises, they must call the match like a shoot.  Ranallo continues as he says, “…in essence Wes, you were fired for doing your job!” Wes replies, “it seems to be.” 

Wes continues as he explains that after the match, he tried to talk about the incident with the wrestlers involved, to which they gave a positive reaction.  John Laurinaitis on the other hand, had told Adams that the officiating ruined the match.  Adams tells us, he went looking for Vince McMahon to explain the situation, but soon after was let go without the opportunity to speak to McMahon (what a cold slap).    Adams continues by stating that the role of the referee is to help guide wrestlers, but mainly keep the pace of the match.

Following his release, Adams had been told not to accept offers from TNA or ROH until after the 90 days.  However post 90 days, he looks to use his new skills to try and get back into the business as a worker, or continue as a referee.  Adams reveals that all the agents strive to help the young talent understand ring psychology and booking.  Here’s a look at the inner workings, Arn Anderson works on the main events, Mike Rotunda is with the tag team matches, Finlay with women and Ricky Steamboat with the babyfaces.  (Now you know who to blame when you don’t like the matches.) 

Ranallo asks Adams if he would be interested in returning to the WWE or move to another promotion?  Without a moment’s hesitation, Adams answers yes, he would do it in a heart beat.  Adams holds no grudges, as he feels no anger toward Miz or Morrison and actually puts them over as some of the hardest workers in the business.  Following this interview one can’t help but think that Adams is a stand up guy; hopefully things will pan out in the right direction for him.    

Final Countdown - Ranallo is completely right in pointing out that it is unfortunate Adams got the axe for doing as he was instructed.  Adams had revealed that he was trained to use the shoot calls if put in the situation.  It’s absolutely terrible that one would get fired for following the companies’ guidelines, definitely a scary place to work.  Pollock makes a good observation in terms of the booking for that particular match, as he tells us that the end result would not have messed anything up, since it continued to make Hardy look strong for his upcoming title shot against Mark Henry at Summerslam.  This was just a poor decision made by the WWE as they picked on the little guy.

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