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By Daryl Pink on 2008-11-25 14:26:13

On the recent edition of WWE 24/7's "Legends Of Wrestling" roundtable discussion with Ric Flair & Mick Foley (taped before both left the company), Gene Okerlund, Tazz, and Jim Ross; Ric Flair made various comments towards current TNA contract talent: Vince Russo & Kevin Nash.

Flair's various comments towards Russo were stating that working under him for WCW "was the most disorganized & disabled wrestling company alive." When discussing the Oklahoma character Ed Ferrara played in WCW, Flair also stated that he was embarrassed to be part of the company but in the end, Jim Ross was in the Hall Of Fame & the flagship announcer while "they're in the sh**can. Nobody knows who they are and nobody cares. They work for TNA. What is TNA?" The ironic part of this is now was that he was sitting next to Mick Foley when making this statement.

When the subject of the "Curtain Call" in 1996 came up, Flair stated that "Scott Hall's claim of fame was being in the ring at Wrestlemania X when Shawn Michaels was wrestling a ladder." Flair also stated that Kevin Nash, "had zero talent, he was in the right place at the right time. He had the look & the machine (WWE) got behind him but zero in the ring. ZERO!"

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