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By Monday Night Mayhem on 2008-11-09 11:34:34

The third eliminated contestant from CMT's “Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling," Erin Murphy, was a special guest on this past week’s live edition (11/03/08) of Monday Night Mayhem, hosted by The Big Mosh, Blade, & DFL. “Your Home Of Wrestling Radio” is officially presented by Custom Muscle, the official online nutritional & supplement company of Monday Night Mayhem (purchase over $50.00, type in the word GRAND, & get 10% off your purchase), and is also sponsored by: Old Time Wrestling, The History Of,, & Serenity's Treasures (all new customers receive 15% off your purchase through November 16th simply by using your coupon code of 54321) -- the right place to shop for wall art|wall ornaments & gift ideas for any occasion. In addition, The Mayhem strongly encourages all of its fans around the globe to check out the brand-new & official WWE Universe Fan Nation blogs of Charlie Haas ( & D-Lo Brown (

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Here are some of the highlights from Erin's interview on the show, provided by The Mayhem's official show correspondent, Dan Kriegbaum:

The Mayhem Crew welcomed the child star of TV's "Bewtiched," now deemed "The Mistress Of Mayhem," herself to the show to discuss her experience on CMT's hit reality show, "Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling," and to start things off, Mosh asked Erin to describe what it was like for her to compete on the program & to trace the beginnings of finding out she was going to be a part of it for MNM's worldwide listening audience. Erin said that she received a phone call, with someone informing her that CCW's executive producer, Jason Hervey, "absolutely positively" wanted her to be one of the cast members. She said the show was then explained to her as being "like Dancing With The Stars...but wrestling," to which she laughed at for ten minutes, and then said yes. She was then told that Hulk Hogan was behind it, and it was at that point she knew it was a serious gig. Despite any trepidations she may have had at the beginning, she was glad to have been a part of it.

Like Tiffany & Frank Stallone have said in the past few weeks of The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network, Erin also said that she had no clue who else was on the show until the first day on set. She went on to say that going in, she thought that the other celebrities would be young models, Olympic athletes, & people like Laila Ali, which made her think she would be "killed the first day." Erin then said that when she first got there, she noticed "The Motley Crue" that was assembled, but then thought it was a "good blend" of people in the long run. She mentioned that growing up, she did not watch any wrestling at all, so once she signed on to do the show, she started watching & reading up on it so she would have some knowledge going in. She also said that she thinks she was one of only four or five people who were not just there to be on the show, but were there to try & win the show. "We got there, we kind of all learned & did things the way they taught us...Some people did things very seriously, and some people were there for a pay check." She then wanted to let the fans listening around the world know that she appreciates the "art form" of wrestling now than before going into CCW, and since the beginning, she has taken everything seriously.

Mosh & Blade then asked Erin exactly which superstars, wrestlers, and/or performers she watched the most while she prepared to appear on CCW. Erin said that she watched a lot of Trish Stratus & Lita, along with all of the storylines, "like someone taking someone else's baby" & others. Erin then mentioned how when they first got there, the trainers told them that everybody wrestles the same, but after seeing just a few seconds of herself from the first match, she realized girls do not wrestle like guys. She went on to say that the first thing she asked after seeing the first match was "Can you guys show me how to climb into the ring, so I look like a cute girl...instead of looking like Danny Bonaduce?"

Speaking about Danny Bonaduce, Mosh asked Erin about her not-so-friendly relationship with him on CCW, and how it came about. Erin said that they both acted together on "Bewitched," but said that her fight with Danny was "kayfabe." She then talked about how going into the first episode, she was the oldest girl & not a great athlete, but from her past experience, she knew about how reality shows were produced. She went on to describe how the first episode for her was all about sound bytes & saying funny things that would make it on air to try & stick around into week two. In the second episode, she said that it was obvious that Danny was going to pick a fight with Erin's team, because he could not fight just within his own team. She said while they were sitting in the CCW "Kayfabe Lounge," Erin explained how Dennis (Rodman) & Dustin (Diamond) were there to wrestle & would not get involved, while Nikki (Ziering) & Frank (Stallone) were keeping themselves company, which prompted her to fight with Danny to try to stick around another week, and "bring a little heat," since she was a heel that particular week/episode. She very much hopes that a blooper reel will come out at the end of the show, because she said she winked at Nikki, Dustin, & a camera, and then skipped over to Danny once cameras stopped rolling, because she knew that would keep her on for another week. She said she also skipped over to Jason Hervey right after the fight, which was right before the "high jump" they had to perform, and said "That was good TV...Can I stay another week?"

The Mayhem Crew asked Erin how she went about getting the nickname "Mistress Of Mayhem," which she said is an acronym for "MOM." She said at first, Jason & the producers of the program wanted her to be the "MILF," but she added that she "really didn't want to explain to the children of America what that meant," so they went with MOM & came up with "The Mistress Of Mayhem."

One of the vital questions continually asked from the The Mayhem Nation to the contestants from CCW when they are on "Your Home Of Wrestling Radio" was then asked by DFL, as he asked Erin if she had any plans to be a part of the wrestling business in the future. Erin then gave the surprising news that she is currently training with UPW & Rick Bassman in Los Angeles, CA. She said that CCW was the best time she has ever had doing something sports-related, and with the rumors & discussions of CCW being taken on the road in the future, she wants to be as good as she can...if and/or when that happens.

Erin went on to say that the night she was voted off, she was talking to the judges & trainers afterwards when Jason Hervey asked if she heard the booing from the crowd at the decision for her elimination. She said that she did hear it, and they told her "Everything we do in wrestling, we do for a reason." Erin asked if he was trying to say that she would be brought back, and they replied, "We can do whatever we want...It's professional wrestling." The question on everyone minds across the globe: Have we seen the last of "The Mistress Of Mayhem" on "Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling?"

The Mayhem strongly encourages everyone to log onto Erin's official website ( & MySpace page ( "The Mistress Of Mayhem" is on the prowl, and not going anywhere!

*Continuing this Monday night (November 10th @ 8PM ET/7PM CT), fans of CMT's "Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling" will have the chance to hear the first public comments of the fourth eliminated contestant, of the program, Nikki Ziering, exclusively on "Your Home Of Wrestling Radio." You fans can interact with Nikki LIVE by calling The Mayhem Line (presented by Old Time Wrestling) @ (877) 666-2110, e-mail/MySpace the program @ &, or take part in the live Mayhem chat. The CCW mayhem continues next Saturday evening @ 8PM ET/PT!

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