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By Larry Goodman on 2008-11-08 13:39:09

Results from Bert Prentice’s Lawler 35 Tribute show Friday night at the Nashville Fairgrounds Sports Arena with a crowd of 657 paying over $8000: Alan Shepard & Ali Stevens beat Travis Sawyer & Justin O'Day, Shane Williams over Lani Kealoha, Steve Boz beat Idol Stevens, The Naturals (Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas) beat Big Bully Douglas & Seven, Matt Boyce beat Shawn Shultz.  

Brian Christopher & Doug Gilbert beat the Moondogs. The brawled all over the building and despite a prematch agreement to the contrary, Gilbert turned on Christopher after the match. That sets up a rematch for the NWA Main Event show at the Fairgrounds on Thanksgiving Night.  

The main event was preceded by a very lengthy intermission for autograph signings by Lawler.   

Jerry Lawler beat Sid Vicioius (with Jimmy Hart). Old time Fairgrounds heat for this one. It built to a spot where Lawler slammed Vicious. Lawler won it after a low blow and a roll up. Country singer, Kevin Sport read a poem to Lawler before the match. Jim White, Lawler's first tag partner, accompanied him to the ring.  

Diana DeGarmo of American Idol fame sang the National Anthem. Kenny Chesney was in the first row disguised such that nobody recognized him. Corisca Joe was in the house as well. Former NWA Wildside and WCW referee Jamie Tucker was one of the officials.

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