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By Buck Woodward on 2008-10-30 10:00:00

Do you think Evan Bourne's success has given some of the under utilized talent in TNA the idea that they CAN make it in the new WWE?

I think it might give hope to some of the smaller wrestlers who don't fit into the usual WWE mold, but at the same time, you can count on one hand the number of smaller performers that are getting any kind of push in WWE right now.  Evan Bourne, Rey Mysterio and Brian Kendrick are all very talented performers, and are the exceptions, not the rule in WWE.

I recently saw a female wrestler on the indy scene called Vyper, she was wrestling for CCW in Florida. Do you have any info on her? She is as hot as a mega ton bomb and seems to have a good style in the ring. Do you know her? Has she ever been anywhere or done anything?

All I know is that she is based out of Florida, works for CCW, which features students of Team 3D's wrestling school, and is quite photogenic (that is to say, she's hot).  I haven't seen enough of her work to have a solid opinion on her wrestling, but she certainly seems motivated to succeed. 

Here is what I don't understand. The WWE lives and dies by the fans. The sales (both ticket and merch), weekly TV, and PPV are all based on the fans reaction to the performer. HHH is wildly popular with the fans so he is the title holder. Taker, HBK, Jericho, all the top guys are there because the fans respond to their characters. But, it seems that some performers are not given runs even when the fans are behind them. I'm thinking of 5 people (Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston, Mickie James, Jeff Hardy, and CM Punk) that all have big fan support and/or a huge building support. None of these people are being put in a title position. Jeff keeps getting close but they won't pull the trigger. Why do some performers get their status based on fan support while others get their obvious support ignored by the upper management?

In the five cases you've mentioned, there are reasons they haven't been pushed harder.  Bourne hasn't even been on television for four months, so to expect a smaller wrestler to get pushed to the top of the card that fast is unrealistic.  Kofi Kingston is another talent that is slowly being worked up the card. Unlike Bourne, he has yet to have a real standout match that stole a show.  Mickie James lack of push, in my opinion, was due to WWE wanting to have a Candice Michelle-Beth Phoenix run, and now that it is over, I imagine James will be back in the mix.  Jeff Hardy had been main eventing PPV events, but the reason he hasn't gotten the title is solely his own fault due to his past actions.  CM Punk just had a title run, although I feel (like many) that he was booked to fail and is now a tag team champion.  He would be the one case where his popularity should have ensured a better run at the top, if WWE was paying attention.

Do you know of any internal feelings on Kofi Kingston or Evan Bourne? Are they seen as huge prospects or just upper-card fodder for the main guys?

I don't know about huge prospects, but there is a feeling that Kofi can move up the ladder over time, however he still needs work.  The feeling on Bourne is mixed.  He could be the next Rey Mysterio, or the next Paul London. 

Do you think Orton calling out Steph and Shane instead of Vince was a sign that maybe Vince is finally willing to step aside on camera and let the kids run with it for a while? I mean why else would be mention those two and not Vince? Did I just miss him saying Vince?

I would imagine it was simply a storyline reason, since Shane & Stephanie have been "running things" since Vince had the Raw set collapse on him a few months ago. 

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