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By Mike Johnson on 2008-10-27 09:08:35

As Dave reported yesterday on, ROH owner Cary Silkin made the decision to let Gabe Sapolsky go as the company's booker.

Sapolsky was informed after the ROH event in Edison, NJ and was said to have been completely shocked and stunned when he was told.  None of the talent was told before Sapolsky was dismissed, although other members of the ROH management's inner circle had to have been aware.

The actual meeting between Silkin and Sapolsky was said to have been professional with no tense, explosive outcome.  After he was informed, Sapolsky remained at the building for some time talking to other ROH executives before exiting.  Everything was left on good terms personally.

Regarding rumors Sapolsky quit, that didn't happen as he considered the gig his dream job.

Silkin made the call for a number of factors from a business side of things.  There was a belief that the company needed a change and that having all the great wrestling in the world could only take them so far as they struggle to grow.  While there was no denying what Sapolsky had done for the company, Silkin felt it was time for a new direction.

I want to note that there were some personality conflicts with Gabe and others at times, so that may have added to the decision, but I can't say for sure how greatly that weighed in.    I can say that while Sapolsky could drive people nuts with his fits at times, he was still extremely liked among the boys as they were just considered one of his quirks.  Most of the wrestlers I spoke to were shocked.

The bottom line was that to all but the most die-hard ROH fans, the company wasn't hitting on all cylinders anymore and while I wouldn't say the blame fell on Sapolsky completely, Silkin felt the best next move to make was to remove him and move forward.

When I spoke to Silkin yesterday, he confirmed it was his decision, would not comment on who the new booker(s) may be and said that Sapolsky did great things for ROH.

Those who have contacted Sapolsky were told he wasn't going to talk about the company as he was gone but wanted to thank everyone who supported ROH and himself the last several years.

For those who are wondering what this means for Sapolsky's role as the booker for Florida's Full Impact Pro, I don't believe Sapolsky has made a decision on whether he wants to remain working in the wrestling business.  He's been in the business his entire adult life after college but there are only so many places one can work full-time and make a living and he has a family to support.

Obviously, this will usher in a major new chapter for ROH   as a promotion.  For the first time since its formation, ROH starts truly a new creatively.  We'll have to see where that takes us.

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