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By Richard Trionfo on 2008-10-12 20:55:14
Match Number Four: Taylor Wilde versus Roxxi Laveaux versus Awesome Kong with Raisha Saeed for the TNA Women’s Title

Wilde and Roxxi talk and Kong tries to ambush them but they avoid Kong. Roxxi and Taylor take down Kong and then Taylor almost hits Roxxi. Taylor and Roxxi with a double drop kick and Kong goes to the floor. Roxxi with a knee followed by an Irish whip. Taylor with arm drags and a rana. Taylor hits a jumping leg lariat for a near fall. Kong grabs Taylor while Saeed pulls Roxxi out of the ring. Kong with a splash into the corner and Taylor goes down. Kong tries for a choke slam but Taylor with a victory roll and Roxxi breaks it up. Roxxi sends Taylor out of the ring. Roxxi backs into Kong and Kong takes Roxxi to the mat followed by a chop. Kong misses a charge into the corner and Roxxi with chops and punches. Roxxi with a kick to Kong followed by a swinging neck breaker and back splash. Roxxi goes up top and Roxxi with a double knee to Kong but Taylor breaks up the cover.

Roxxi with a back breaker but Kong with a boot to Roxxi and Taylor goes down too. Kong picks up Roxxi but Roxxi with a jawbreaker. Kong with a cross body for a two count. Kong sets for the implant buster and hits it but Taylor kicks Kong to break up the cover. Kong with a clothesline to Taylor and Kong says that it is over. Kong goes up top but Taylor stops her. Taylor with a kick that sends Kong to the floor. Roxxi with a kick to Taylor for a two count. Roxxi with the Voodoo Drop set up but Taylor escapes the hold. Taylor with a German suplex and bridge for the three count.

Winner: Taylor Wilde

Back to Jeremy Borash and Mick Foley. A.J. Styles is in the office and he tells Mick that he is happy that Foley is here. A.J. says that he is not too happy about some of the people from the ‘other company’. Foley says that A.J. doesn’t have to apologize.

Team 3D come in and they call A.J. a mark and suggest that A.J. kiss Foley. Ray says that A.J. better relax and focus on his match. Foley wants to know why Ray had to raid his wardrobe. Ray tells Cactus hello and he says that he looks better in the red flannel than Foley. Ray says that they are here because they can be here. Just like in ECW and WWE, they run rampant. They are twenty time world tag team champions. Foley says that he has heard so many times since he got to TNA. Ray tells Foley to stay out of each other’s ways. Foley says that he has to get ready to be guest enforcer for the Jarrett/Angle match.

Jim Cornette is back and he is in a good mood. Cornette asks if anything happened while he was out. Foley says that he is going to be the ‘Sock of the Walk’.

Match Number Five: Robert Roode and James Storm versus Team 3D versus Matt Morgan and Abyss versus LAX in the Monster’s Ball Match with Guest Referee Steve McMichael

The champions are the victims at the start of the match but then Team 3D square off with Abyss and Morgan. Morgan punches Ray on the floor. Devon sends Abyss into the post. LAX double team James Storm and Hernandez with a body block. Storm is catapulted into a clothesline and senton splash from Homicide. Roode punches Homicide and then he punches and chops Hernandez. Hernandez with a body block that sends Roode out of the ring. Homicide hits the tope con hilo on Roode and Storm. Hernandez with the plancha onto Roode and Storm. Hernandez sets his sights on Jackie and then Ray hits Hernandez with the trash can lid.

Devon and Homicide battle in the ring and Homicide with a back elbow to Devon and then he uses a crutch on Devon and it shatters. Homicide has a fork and he uses it on Devon. Roode is sent into the ring steps by Abyss. Homicide continues to use the fork on Devon. Hernandez chokes Roode on the floor. Abyss punches Ray on the floor. Homicide with more of the fork on Devon’s forehead. Abyss is in the ring and Homicide wants some. Abyss with a boot to Homicide and then he hits Shock Treatment. Ray has a cheese grater and he hits Abyss in the lower groin. Ray uses it on Abyss’s head and then Ray licks the grater. Ray continues to use the cheese grater and we see the blood. Ray licks the blood again. Hernandez comes in and he punches Ray. Ray with a splash in the corner but he runs into a boot. Hernandez pulls himself up but he gets hit in the head with a trash can lid. Ray with a superplex. Roode breaks up the cover and he goes after Ray.

Roode with a kick to Ray and then Storm with an enzuigiri and then Roode with a blockbuster for a near fall. Storm and Roode try for a double suplex on Morgan but Morgan blocks it and hits a double suplex of his own. Morgan goes to the turnbuckles and he goes old school and hits a cross body onto Storm. A table is set up on the floor and Roode makes the save. Devon with trash can lid shots to Roode and Morgan. Devon with an inverted suplex. Abyss with a choke slam on Devon. Abyss with a choke slam set up on Roode. Storm brings in a back of tacks. The referee takes the thumbtacks and then Rood hits Abyss with a chair. Roode yells at McMichael. Storm with the beer helmet and he wants to get on the line with McMichael. There is a football. McMichael with a clothesline to Storm but Homicide can only get a two count because Mongo is slower than molasses with his count. Hernandez with a flying clothesline that sends him and Roode over the top rope. Morgan is in the ring and the fans want tables. LAX, Storm, and Roode battle on the floor and Morgan with a cross body onto all four men.

Devon and Abyss battle in the aisle and then Ray hits Abyss with a chair. Devon hits Abyss with a trash can lid and Ray hits him with the trash can. Ray has a staple gun and it goes into Abyss’s forehead. Ray and Devon pull Abyss to the entrance. Devon punches Ray when Abyss moves. Abyss punches Ray and Devon but Johnny Devine comes out with a kendo stick and he hits Abyss. Devine brings out a table and they set it up.

Ray has some lighter fluid and so does Devon. They spray the table and then Devine lights it. Team 3D with a double choke slam that sends Abyss through the flaming table. Abyss is aflame and then he is extinguished. Morgan chases Roode back to the ring but Storm with a super kick. Storm and Roode with a chest bump, but Hernandez hits Storm with the kendo stick. Roode punches Homicide on the top turnbuckle and then Homicide hits a double drop kick from the top. Homicide with a back elbow to Storm. Roode puts Homicide up top but Homicide with a DDT from the turnbuckles for a two count. Storm punches Homicide but Storm with an elbow. Hernandez catches Storm and hits a sit out power bomb for a two count. Hernandez with a gutwrench into a Samoan drop followed by a frog splash by Homicide for a two count.

Storm’s super kick is blocked and Hernandez with a clothesline. Hernandez gets Storm up and Homicide with the Ace Cutter and Hernandez with the cover but Jackie breaks up the cover. Mongo spanks Jackie for interfering. Morgan punches Homicide and hits a bicycle kick on Hernandez. Morgan drives Homicide into the mat and then he hits the fallaway slam on Hernandez. Morgan puts Homicide on the top turnbuckle and Homicide punches him. Hernandez with the border toss to Morgan. A table is brought into the ring. Ray slams Homicide and it is Wassup time. Ray says that it time to get the tables, but Hernandez with the slingshot clothesline to Team 3D. Hernandez sets up the table in the ring and Hernandez gets the thumbtacks and Mongo pours them on the table. Hernandez tries to set Devon onto the table. Hernandez gets a 3D through the table. Storm spits beer into Devon’s eyes and Roode get the three count.

Winners: James Storm and Robert Roode

Match Number Six: Booker T with Sharmell and Mongo’s Halliburton versus A.J. Styles versus Christian Cage

Booker and A.J. go at it at the start of the match but Styles with a punch and chop. Styles with a back breaker and then A.J. stares at Christian and that allows Booker to attack Styles. Booker with a spin kick. Booker has words for Christian and there is an alliance, but it was a trap. Christian with an inverted DDT to Booker. A.J. and Christian exchange punches. Christian and A.J. exchange near falls. Styles is sent to the apron and when Styles tries for a springboard move, Christian hits the ropes and Styles hits the ropes and Christian with a knee lift. Booker with chops followed by a super kick. Styles appears to set for a springboard move on Booker in the ring, but he hits an Asai moonsault on Christian on the floor. Booker tries to slam A.J.’s head into the announce table but A.J. does it to Booker. A.J. throws the referee down and the referee does not see Booker hit A.J. with the briefcase. Booker and Christian are in the ring and Christian with chops. Booker with a chop. Booker with a flap jack to Christian for a two count. Booker with knees to Christian followed by a jumping spin kick. Booker with a reverse chin lock on Christian. Booker with a jumping leg lariat and he gets a two count. Booker punches Christian and then he punches Styles on the apron as he tries to get back into the ring. Christian with an inside cradle for a near fall. Booker with a clothesline to Christian. Booker punches Christian and then he chops Cage. Christian with chops to Booker. Booker sets for a Bookend, but Christian escapes the hold. Booker and Christian with a double clothesline and both men go down. Styles hits the Phenomenal forearm on Booker when Christian moves. Styles with punches, forearms, and elbows to Booker and Christian. Styles with a clothesline to Booker and a flying forearm into the corner on Christian.

Styles sets for the drop kick but Christian goes under a flip from Styles and Booker gets clotheslined over the rope to the floor. Styles with a drop kick. Styles with a moonsault but Christian blocks the inverted DDT. A.J. hits it when he gets a second chance. Styles with punches to Christian. Christian punches Styles and Booker with a double clothesline followed by a clothesline to Christian and a super kick that sends Christian out of the ring. Booker with knees and chops to Styles. Booker with a kick and he tries for the axe kick but Styles with a flying arm bar. Christian makes his way into the ring and he rakes Styles’s eyes. Booker with a bookend to Styles and all three men are down. Booker gets a two count. Booker signals and it is spinaroonie time. He gets up and turns into a back elbow from the turnbuckles. Christian mocks Booker and Styles with a flying forearm to Booker off Christian’s knee. Styles with a Pele to Booker. Christian with a DDT to Styles for a two count.

Christian puts Styles on the turnbuckles and he sets for a rana, but Booker gets under Christian. A.J. sends Christian to the mat and Styles misses the Spiral Tap. Booker with an axe kick to Christian and A.J. Booker covers A.J. but Styles kicks out. He can only get a two count on Christian. Booker goes up top but Christian sends A.J. into the corner and Booker is crotched. Christian with a spear and Booker holds on to the referee to stop the referee from making the count. Christian catapults A.J. into the turnbuckles and all three men are on the ropes. Christian punches A.J. and he hits an Unprettier from the turnbuckles. Booker with an axe kick from the second turnbuckle for the three count.

Winner: Booker T

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