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By Mike Johnson on 2008-09-25 12:54:00

NWA champ Adam Pearce finished up with Ring of Honor for the forseeable future at this past Saturday's Glory by Honor event where he regained the title from Brent Albright in Philadelphia, PA. Pearce's departure was announced by manager Larry Sweeney on his voicemail hotline (215-781-2250) with Sweeney announcing he was "flexing his muscle" by pulling Pearce out of the company. Pearce was aware he was finishing up over the weekend and said his goodbyes to the crew. I believe it was simply a cost-cutting issue as ROH simply had too many people being brought in regularly, but there was no heat and the door is open for Pearce to be used down the line. Pearce will be a big part of the NWA's planned relaunch of their Wrestling Showcase series on The Dish Network's Colours channel in the fall.

Ring of Honor announced they will return to the Pittsburgh area for the first time in several years, running the Court Times Sports Center in Elizabeth, PA on Friday 3/20/09.

ROH will debut a new match stipulation at their 10/24 event in Danbury, CT (which is replacing the Hartford, CT date) with a 30 Minute Iron Team Match where the winner will be the team that scores the most falls over the course of the time limit with ROH Tag Team champs Kevin Steen & El Generico vs. The Briscoes vs. The Motor City Machineguns vs. Chris Hero & Davey Richards.

Scheduled for 10/25 in Edison, NJ is Austin Aries & The Motor City Machineguns vs. The Age of the Fall in a 6 man match.

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