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By Mike Odd on 2008-09-09 23:16:00

The show begins with a video package of the ECW Championship scramble match at Unforgiven.

ECW comes to us from Milwaukee, WI; our announcers are Todd Grisham and Matt Striker. They introduce our new ECW World Champion, Matt Hardy. He thanks the fans and says winning the title is a dream come true. He says that by winning the title he's unlocked his destiny. He's not happy just being the ECW champion, he wants to be the greatest champion ever. He is interrupted by Mark Henry and Tony Atlas. Mark Henry says that Matt Hardy has his title and he wants a rematch. Tony Atlas tells Matt Hardy that if he ever lays his hands on him again there will be problems between them. Henry then attacks Hardy but Hardy fights him off and hits The Twist of Fate on Tony Atlas. Our main event tonight will be Finlay and Matt Hardy vs. Mark Henry and Mike Knox. We go to commercial.

Match # 1
Evan Bourne vs. John Morrison

As Evan Bourne comes to the ring they show clips from the tag match on Raw last night. John Morrison comes to the ring with The Miz. The match starts with a lock up. Morrison with a hammerlock into a snapmare. Evan Bourne with a headlock. Morrison rams him into the corner. Morrison with an Irish Whip. Bourne jumps over the top rope and attempts a Sunset Flip. Morrison blocks the Sunset Flip and Bourne hits a spinning heel kick for a 2 count. Evan Bourne with kicks. Morrison brushes him off and begins stomping. Morrison with a headlock. Morrison comes off the ropes then gets hit by a dropkick. Morrison falls outside the ring. Bourne hits a hurancanrana on the floor. We go to commercial.

We're back and Evan Bourne is punching John Morrison in the corner. He rushes Morrison in the corner, Morrison moves, he catches himself on the 2nd rope and The Miz knocks him off. Morrison with a chinlock, Evan Bourne fights out. Morrison throws him into the ropes and Bourne attempts a cross body block which Morrison avoids and dropkicks Bourne to the outside. Morrison joins him outside and drops Bourne on the barricade. Morrison puts Bourne back in the ring then kicks him in the head before getting back into the ring himself. Morrison gets a 2 count.

Morrison with a headlock, Evan Bourne fights out. Evan Bourne with kicks. Evan Bourne attempts a hurricanrana. Morrison catches him and throws him onto the ropes for a 2 count. Morrison with yet another headlock. Evan Bourne attempts to fight out but Morrison hits a backbreaker followed by a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Morrison gets a 2 count. Morrison with an armlock and throws Evan Bourne out of the ring. Morrison with kicks to Bourne's ribs and throws Bourne back into the ring for a 2 count. Morrison with another armlock. Evan Bourne tries to fight out but Morrison hits him with a quick backbreaker for a 2 count.

He gets Evan Bourne in another chinlock, Bourne fights out again. Punches and kicks by Bourne. Morrison hits a punch and knocks Bourne to the ground. Morrison attempts a couple clotheslines but each time is met with kicks. Evan Bourne with a running hurricanrana. Bourne with an elbow in the corner and a back kick for 2. Bourne with another hurricanrana into a pin for 2. Bourne with a kick followed by the standing moonsault which Morrison blocks with his feet. Morrison hits a kick for a 2 count, drags Bourne into the corner and attempts Starship Pain.

Bourne goes to the top, Miz gets on the apron, Bourne jumps off at The Miz. Morrison hits a big kick, drags Bourne back into the ring and gets the 3 count.

Winner - Morrison

They recap the Finlay/Mike Knox situation over the past few weeks. We go to commercial.

Match # 2
"The All American American" Jack Swagger vs. Josh Daniels

Jack Swagger starts the match with a thrown on the much smaller Josh Daniels. They lock up. Swagger with a headlock; Daniels gets to the ropes. Daniels punches Swagger. Swagger responds with a gut wrench suplex and mounts him for punches. Swagger hits a sidewalk slams and gets a 2 count. Swagger rams Daniels into the corner. Swagger hits a slam that Striker calls a Blue Thunder Bomb (a back suplex that turns into a sit out powerbomb) for the pin.

Winner - Jack Swagger

Finlay, Hornswaggle, and Matt Hardy are shown backstage walking. Ricky Ortiz stops them and gives them a rally towel which Hornswaggle happily plays with. We go to commercial.

Match # 3
Mark Henry and Mike Knox vs. Matt Hardy and Finlay

  Match starts with Hardy and Henry.  Henry powers Hardy into the corner.  Hardy fights out, hits a few punches, and tries in vain to knock Henry over.  Hardy stays on the offense until Henry hits him with a clothesline.  Henry puts Hardy into the corner, hits him a few times, then throws him into the other corner and gets a 2 count.  Matt Hardy with a few punches then drops Mark Henry onto the top rope.  Matt Hardy with punches, Mark Henry continues to push him away.  Matt Hardy goes for a cross body block off the 2nd rope; Mark Henry catches him and throws him to the mat.  Mark Henry hits a big elbow drop and stands on Matt Hardy's chest.  Mark Henry puts Matt Hardy into the corner and runs into him.  Henry goes for another big elbow but Matt Hardy moves.  We go to commercial.

We're back and Mike Knox has Matt Hardy in a headlock.  Hardy fights out, tags Finlay, and Finlay comes in with multiple clotheslines for a 2 count.  Finlay rams Knox into the corner and then hits a rollover fireman slam.  Knox hits Finlay with an elbow, goes for a sunset flip which Finlay blocks and clotheslines Mike Knox over the top rope.  Finlay follows him out, hits Knox's head on the ring a couple of times, and throws him back in.  Knox kicks Finlay as he's coming back into the ring and pulls Finlay over to Mark Henry before tagging him in.  Henry with stomps to Finlay.  Henry with a chinlock.  Henry tags in Mike Knox and they double shoulder block Finlay.  Knox stays on top of Finlay and hits a knee to the back of Finlay's skull for a 2 count.  Mike Knox with a headlock just keeping Finlay out of his corner.  Finlay fights back but still stops short of tagging in Matt Hardy.  Mike Knox gets him in a headlock before giving him a short arm clothesline.  Knox goes for a knee drop, Finlay moves and tags in Matt Hardy.  Hardy with punches to Knox followed by clotheslines.  Matt Hardy hits a bulldog off the 2nd rope for a 2 count.  Matt Hardy hits the side effect.  Matt Hardy hits a moonsault for a 2 count which Mark Henry breaks up.  Hornswoggle runs in the ring.  While the ref's distracted, Finlay hits Henry with the shillelagh.  Matt Hardy with a Twist of Fate for the 3 count.

  Winners - Matt Hardy and Finlay  

Post match Hardy, Finlay, and Hornswaggle are celebrating in the ring while Henry, Knox and Atlas walk backwards up the ramp as we go to credits.

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