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By Buck Woodward on 2004-06-28 02:00:00

The events leading to the Concrete Crypt match were shown. 

The Undertaker vs. The Dudley Boyz.  Paul Bearer was tied to a chair inside the glass crypt (big glass box) next to the cement truck.  Paul Heyman had the Undertaker's urn with him, and stood near the truck as well. Before the bell rang, Heyman took the mic and told Undertaker that he needs to do the right thing.  He then gave Undertaker an example of the consequences, filling the box with cement up to Bearer's shins.   Bubba took a mic in the ring, and told Undertaker to "do the right thing" by laying down.  The bell rang to start the match. 

Undertaker, after hesitating, laid down in the ring.  Bubba stood over him, saying he had been waiting his whole life for this moment.  Undertaker sat up and grabbed Bubba by the throat, then grabbed D-Von by the throat as well.  They Dudleys fought Undertaker off and pounded him on the ropes.  Undertaker battled back, tossing the Dudleys over the top rope to the floor. Undertaker tossed D-Von into the ringpost and back into the ring.  Undertaker went for the old school rope walk, but Heyman screamed "bad dog" and put more cement into the crypt. Bearer kept saying "The Undertaker will save me, nothing will happen to me".   The cement was up to Bearer's stomach.  Undertaker had released the hold, and Heyman told him not to disobey him again.  Bubba tripped the Undertaker and pulled him crotch first into the ringpost.  Bubba dropped a leg, then went to his corner while D-Von worked over Undertaker with punches. Bubba tagged in and went for a backdrop, but Taker grabbed him in a DDT.  Taker backdropped D-Von and hit a sideslam. Undertaker started to head up the aisle.  Heyman threatened to release the rest of the cement.  The Dudleys ambushed the Undertaker, while Heyman filled the cement up to Percy's chest. Bubba stopped Heyman from filling the rest of the crypt, saying they wanted to destroy the Undertaker, then Heyman could do what he wanted with Bearer. Heyman agreed, saying "train my big dog".  Back in the ring, D-Von used a rear chinlock and a flying back elbow for a two count. The Dudleys hit a double vertical suplex, then Bubba dropped a series of elbows for a two count. The Dudleys drove the top of the announce table into the Undertaker while working him over on the floor. 

Undertaker rallied, and Bubba applied a sleeper, but Undertaker got out with a back suplex. D-Von tagged in, but Undertaker hit a flying clothesline and gave him Snake Eyes, followed by a boot to the face. Undertaker hit a legdrop, and Bubba ran in.  Undertaker hit Bubba with some punches. Undertaker hit D-Von and Bubba with clotheslines.  Undertaker did the old school ropewalk and hit the forearm on Bubba.  Undertaker went for the tombstone on D-Von, but D-Von floated over and hit a low blow. The Dudleys hit their back suplex/neckbreaker combo on Taker.  Heyman came down to ringside, and Undertaker sat up. Undertaker hit Bubba with a chokeslam, and gave D-Von a tombstone for the pin at the fourteen minute mark. Winner: Undertaker. 

Heyman said that since Undertaker "didn't do the right thing", he was going to have to do the "right thing" himself.  Heyman went towards the cement truck, but a bolt of lightning came down at the truck.  Heyman, scared by the lightning, crawled off screaming (with the urn).  Undertaker bowed in front of Bearer, who was in the glass box with cement up to his chest. Undertaker went to the lever on the cement truck, took a mic, and said "Paul, I have no other choice.  Rest in peace." Undertaker pulled the lever and walked away as we saw the box fill up with cement, ending the PPV. 

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