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By Buck Woodward on 2004-06-28 02:00:00

The Summerslam commercial aired.  It was very funny, using a play on the Summer Olympics. 

The events leading to Eddie Guerrero vs. John Bradshaw Layfield were shown. 

Bullrope Match: WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero vs. John Bradshaw Layfield.  As they explained the rules, they stressed that, other than touching the four corners, the only other way the match could end would be if a wrestler removed himself from the Bullrope, in which case the wrestler would be disqualified.  Other than that, it is no DQ, no countout. Bradshaw entered in his limo, Guerrero entered in his low rider. 

Eddie almost immediately dropkicked Bradshaw's leg out from under him and tossed him across the ring by the throat, using the rope.  Eddie choked Bradshaw with the rope.  Bradshaw hit Guerrero in the knee with the cowbell. The rope came off Guerrero's hand, but it was explained that it was unintentional. Bradshaw applied a chinlock and clotheslined Guerrero with the rope.  Bradshaw touched two corners, but Guerrero cut him off and hit a backdrop.  Guerrero touched two corners, but couldn't drag Bradshaw across the ring for a third corner. Bradshaw knocked Guerrero down, stopping his momentum (so the lights in the corners were cleared). Bradshaw whipped Guerrero with the Bullrope, then choked him with it, hangman's style.  Bradshaw hit Guerrero with the cowbell, and put him in the tree of woe.  Bradshaw then choked Guerrero with the rope from the floor while Guerrero was in the tree of woe.  Bradshaw cleared off the Spanish announcers table. Bradshaw then pulled Guerrero to the floor, and tossed him on the English announcers table. Bradshaw tried to piledriver Guerrero on the table, but Guerrero tripped Bradshaw using the Bullrope. Eddie hit Bradshaw with the cowbell twice, and pulled him into the ringpost by using the rope.  Guerrero grabbed a steel chair and cracked Bradshaw with it, busting him open. Guerrero pulled Bradshaw into the ring and blasted him with a chair again.  

Eddie touched three corners, but Bradshaw hooked his legs around the ropes so he couldn't make it to the fourth.  Eddie hit a baseball slide dropkick and a legdrop. Eddie hit three corners again, but a bloody Bradshaw stopped him again by hooking the ropes. They traded right hands, and Bradshaw hit a boot to the face and a DDT. Bradshaw hit two corners, but Guerrero slid between his legs and yanked the rope into his groin.  Guerrero went for the corners, but Bradshaw yanked him down. Guerrero hit the Triple Verticals, then went to the top rope. Guerrero hit the frog splash, then touched three corners, but Bradshaw rolled out of the ring to keep Guerrero from being able to touch the fourth. Guerrero rammed Bradshaw into the steel steps, then they started fighting on the apron. With Guerrero standing on the second rope, Bradshaw wrapped the rope around Guerrero's throat and jumped off the apron, sending Guerrero into the Spanish announcers table, which Guerrero bounced off to the floor. Bradshaw then powerbombed Guerrero through the table. Bradshaw dragged Guerrero back into the ring and touched three corners, but Guerrero hooked the bottom rope to keep him from making the fourth. Bradshaw blasted Guerrero with the cowbell, and touched three corners again.  He went into a tug of war over the fourth, and Eddie won, blasting Bradshaw with a low blow. Guerrero then whipped Bradshaw with the rope. Guerrero dragged Bradshaw around the ring, with both men touching the corners (one of Bradshaw's lights malfunctioned apparently, but he was even with Guerrero).  As they got to the last corner, Bradshaw got ahead of Guerrero, but Eddie dove at Bradshaw and touched the corner for the win at the 20 minute mark.  However, Kurt Angle came out and had a replay shown, revealing that Guerrero's dive caused Bradshaw's shoulder to touch the fourth corner before Guerrero's hand did. Winner and new WWE Champion: John Bradshaw Layfield.  

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