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By Buck Woodward on 2004-06-28 02:00:00

Backstage, Paul Heyman told a tied up Paul Bearer how everyone (including the Dudleys and the authorities) thought he was bluffing about using the concrete.  Heyman said that Bearer knows the truth, that he will really do it, if Undertaker doesn't "do the right thing".  Heyman then said that even if Undertaker does the right thing, he (Heyman) may not. 

Sable vs. Torrie Wilson. Michael Cole acted like having Torrie vs. Sable was better than having Dean Malenko and Arn Anderson (naming then specifically as past competitors on Bash cards) in the ring.  They started catfighting, then Sable hit some kicks in the corner and a kick to the back. Michael Cole teased Tazz about his Tazmaniac days, since Sable's outfit had a fur lining. They traded reversals on a sunset flip, and Sable choked Torrie on the bottom rope before hitting a stiff forearm for two. Sable applied a cross armed chinlock. Tazz wondered who had blonder hair, Sable, Torrie or ref Charles Robinson.  Seriously.  Torrie broke out and hit a dropkick, then chopped her. Torrie and Sable collided head to head, and both were down.  Torrie got up, but Sable wasn't moving. Torrie stood around looking confused while the referee checked on Sable.  Sable was playing possum, and rolled up Torrie from behind.  Sable hooked the tights, and Torrie's shoulder wasn't down, but the ref counted the pin anyway to end it at the seven minute mark.  Winner: Sable. 

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