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By Buck Woodward on 2004-06-28 02:00:00

John Bradshaw Layfield did a promo from the back, saying Eddie Guerrero intentionally got disqualified at the last PPV to save the title.  Layfield then complained that people don't like him because he is a "Great American" and he points out all the things that are wrong with us.  Layfield says he "guarantees" he will win the title tonight. 

Cruiserweight Champion Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero.  There was a "Bring Back Chavo Classic" sign in the crowd. Chavo trash talked at the start, then the two locked up and exchanged holds on the mat, with Rey grabbing early two counts with La Magistral and a rollup. Chavo tripped Rey to the mat for two, then grabbed another two with a sunset flip. They locked up again, and Chavo went after Rey's arm. Rey flipped out of an armwringer with a springboard and kicked the arm of Chavo before grabbing an armdrag. They ran the ropes, ducking and leaping over each other, until Rey grabbed an armdrag and then a crucifix for two. Chavo kicked Rey in the gut and hit some forearms to the back.  Chavo kicked Rey's leg, but missed a dropkick, and Rey hit a low dropkick to the face. Rey kicked Chavo's leg out and dropped a leg on Chavo's arm. Rey worked over the arm, driving a knee into the bicep of Chavo. Rey hammerlocked the arm around the top rope, then dropkicked it.  

Chavo reversed a whip and avoided a headscissors, throwing Rey to the apron.  Rey went to the top rope, but Chavo jumped up on the second rope and dropkicked Rey off the top rope and to the floor.  Rey appeared to have hit his knee on the apron as he fell to the floor.  Back in the ring, Chavo went to work on the leg, dropping all his weight on it repeatedly. Chavo wrapped the leg of Rey around the ringpost, then kicked at it in the ring.  Rey fought back, but Chavo hit a shinbuster.  Rey tried to float into a sunset flip from a second shinbuster, but Chavo rolled through it and applied a single leg crab.  Rey kicked Chavo, then went into a bodyscissors and into a DDT. Both men were slow to get up, and Chavo went to whip Rey across the ring, only to have Rey collapse on his bad leg. Chavo dropkicked the bad leg and hit a vertical suplex for two. Chavo kicked at the leg, flipping Rey over and to the mat twice.  

Chavo applied the Brock Lock (not called that by the announcers), lifting Rey up by the leg in torture rack position.  Rey broke outm and hit a series of rights, but Chavo rammed him into a corner and started kicking at the bad leg.  Rey booted a running Chavo, then got on his shoulders.  Rey spun into a rana for two.  Rey went for a leapfrog, but his knee buckled on him again.  Chavo hung Rey in the tree of woe, but Rey sat up to miss a charge, and Chavo fell to the floor after hitting his bad arm on the ringpost.  Rey hit a top rope senton onto Chavo on the floor. Rey tossed Chavo back in, and went to the ropes.  Chavo joined him up there, and they teased superplexes to the floor.  They ended up standing on the top rope together, and simultaneously went off, hitting dual facebusters in the ring. Both men were down, then traded cradles for two counts.  Rey managed a second rope dropkick for two, then hit Quebrada moonsault.  Rey hit a Russian legsweep for two, but had his leg buckle when he went to the ring apron.  Rey still managed the springboard senton for a two count. Rey put on the breaks on a Chavo whip and booted Chavo, but ran into a Gori Bomb, which got Chavo a two count. Chavo stomped Rey's bad leg repeatedly, but Rey managed an enzugiri that landed Chavo in 619 position.  Rey hit the 619 (sans running start) and went for the West Coast Pop.  Chavo caught him and applied the single leg crab again.  Rey got close to the ropes, but Chavo pulled him back into the center. Rey struggled, but made the ropes. Chavo went for the Gori Bomb again, but Rey turned it into a sunset flip-style powerbomb for the win at the twenty minute mark.  Winner and still champion: Rey Mysterio. 

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