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By Richard Trionfo on 2008-08-10 22:52:46
We see the Tag Lines for the next match. It mentions how Roode and Storm got the title match. Then we saw the glass table match. Will Homicide’s injury affect the match?

LAX come to the ring and they are joined by Filthee who performs LAX’s entrance music.

Match Number Three: James Storm and Robert Roode with Jackie Moore versus LAX with Salinas and Hector Guerrero for the TNA Tag Team Titles
Hernandez attacks Storm before the bell rings and Homicide goes after Roode. Hernandez sends Storm into the rail and Homicide sends Roode into the steps. Storm sends Hernandez into the guardrail. Homicide with a head butt to Roode. Hernandez works on Storm’s back.

Homicide and Roode get into the ring and the match officially starts. Homicide with a back elbow to Roode. Homicide and Hernandez double team Roode in the corner and then Hernandez with a shoulder. Hernandez catapults Roode into a clothesline and then Homicide hits the senton onto the back. Homicide with a swinging neck breaker to Storm. Hernandez with a delayed vertical suplex on Storm and he eventually sends Storm onto the mat. Storm rolls out of the ring and Homicide pulls him back in. Homicide with a butterfly suplex for a two count but he pulls Storm up. Homicide punches Storm and then he tags Hernandez back in. Homicide sends Storm out of the ring and Roode goes out there too. Homicide with a baseball slide and they move. Roode and Storm hit clotheslines to the front and back but Hernandez hits the plancha onto Roode and Storm.

Homicide punches Roode as the action returns to the ring. Homicide with an overhead belly-to-belly throw but he pulls Roode up at two. Homicide punches Roode. Homicide tries for a monkey flip but Jackie distracts the referee and Storm spits beer in Homicide’s eye. Roode punches Homicide in the face. Roode with boots to Homicide and Storm comes in. Roode with a clothesline to Homicide in the corner and then Roode with a leap frog neck breaker to Homicide. Storm with a knee to the head and Storm punches Homicide in his injured eye. Storm works on the eye. Storm has the referee deal with Hernandez so Roode and Storm can double team Homicide.

Roode with chops to Homicide but Homicide punches Roode. Roode with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a two count. Roode with an Irish whip but he charges into a boot. Homicide counters a tilt-a-whirl move with a cross body. Roode knocks Hernandez off the apron and the referee does not see Storm come in without tagging. Roode is tagged back in and they hit a double suplex on Homicide. Roode and Storm celebrate by telling us the name of their tag team to take time away from working over Homicide’s eye. Homicide with punches to Roode but Roode with a drop toe hold. Storm tags in and he punches Homicide. Roode with a DDT while Homicide’s feet were on the top rope. Storm with a reverse chin lock on Homicide. Storm with a high knee to Homicide for a two count. Roode tags back in and they pull Homicide’s legs apart. Roode with a rear chin lock. Homicide with punches but Roode with a back elbow to Homicide. Roode with a snap suplex and then he rolls through into the Three Amigos.

Roode goes up top but he misses a frog splash and both men are down. Hernandez and Storm tag in and Hernandez with the slingshot shoulder tackle. Hernandez with clotheslines to both men followed by back body drops. Hernandez hits a splash onto both men and then Hernandez tosses Roode across the ring. Hernandez hits a spinebuster for a two count on Storm. Roode is sent onto the apron and he tires for a sunset flip from the apron. Storm with an enzuigiri and Roode hits a blockbuster but Storm can only get a two count. Hernandez with a double clothesline to Storm and Roode. Homicide tags in and he hits a double drop kick on Storm and Roode.

Homicide with a suplex to Storm and then he goes up top but Jackie grabs Homicide’s leg. Homicide kicks Jackie away. Homicide with a frog splash for a two count. Roode hits Homicide and Roode hits a spinebuster. Hernandez with a fallaway slam from a torture rack position. Storm with a lungblower on Hernandez. Homicide hits the Ace Cutter on Storm. Homicide yells at Hernandez and tells him to ‘do it.’ Hernandez picks up Homicide and border tosses Homicide onto Storm and Roode.

Hernandez rolls Roode into the ring but Hernandez misses a charge when Roode moves out of the way. Jackie with a low blow to Hernandez but Salinas goes after Jackie. The referee is distracted. Homicide sets for the Gringo Killer on Storm but Roode hits Homicide with the beer bottle and then the referee gets into the ring and makes the three count.

Winners: James Storm and Robert Roode

Sting is with Kevin Nash and Nash says that he saw Sting like this before and he thinks he knows what is going on in his head. Sting says that they know. Nash asks if there is another way to do it. Sting says that there is no other way. Sting walks away. Nash asks for a minute.

Match Number Four: Sonjay Dutt versus Jay Lethal with So Cal Val in a Black Tie and Brawl Chain Match
Dutt is hesitant to get the chain put around his wrist. Lethal ties the chain to the rope while Dutt gets it put on him. Dutt is chained to the ropes and Lethal punches him. Lethal punches Dutt while Dutt has nowhere to go. The chain is removed from the ropes and Lethal punches Dutt again. Dutt kicks Lethal and then Lethal gets the chain put on. Dutt pulls the chain up and it hits Dutt in an uncomfortable area. The match officially starts.

Dutt rips off Lethal’s jacket sleeves. Dutt punches Lethal and then he rakes the eyes with his boots. Dutt tries for a fist drop but Lethal moves. Lethal with punches and then he hits a running elbow to the head. Lethal goes after Dutt’s jacket and shirt. Lethal with a back elbow. Dutt’s sleeve is off. Lethal throws Dutt over the top rope to the floor. Lethal hits a pescado onto Dutt. Dutt is Irish whipped into the guardrail and ring steps. Dutt with a knee to Lethal followed by a punch and then he goes into the crowd. Lethal pulls Dutt into the rail. Lethal punches Dutt against the ring post and then he wraps Dutt against the ring post. Dutt’s shirt is almost off. Dutt moves and Lethal punches the ring post. Dutt punches Lethal on the floor and then he slams Lethal’s head into the apron.

We see Val and she is not enjoying what is happening between these two men. They return to the ring. Dutt kicks Lethal in the head when Lethal charges into the corner. Lethal chokes Dutt with the chain. Val tells Jay to stop while she hangs Dutt with the chain. Val leaves the ringside area and Lethal stops choking Dutt. Dutt pulls Lethal into the ring post and Dutt punches Lethal. Dutt pulls Lethal into the ring post a second time. Dutt puts Lethal in the tree of woe and Lethal removes the jacket and shirt. Dutt mocks Lethal and Randy Savage before sending Lethal out of the ring again. Dutt brings Lethal over to where Jay’s family is sitting and Dutt continues to work over Lethal.

They return to the ring again and Lethal punches Dutt as Dutt goes for the pants. Dutt hits Lethal with the chain. Dutt with a backbreaker and then he tries for a springboard move but Lethal yanks the chain and Dutt goes down hard. Lethal uses the chain to send Dutt across the ring into the turnbuckles. Lethal tries for the Lethal Combination but Dutt blocks it. Lethal with an inverted front suplex driver for a two count. Dutt with a kick and he hits the Asai DDT for a two count. Dutt goes up top and tries for a 450 splash and then he hits a suplex for a two count. Lethal punches Dutt and then he tells Dutt that he ruined his life. Dutt feels the Lethal Combination and then Lethal goes up top for the elbow drop and he gets the three count.

Winner: Jay Lethal

Jeremy Borash is with Booker T and Sharmell. Jeremy asks Booker about Sting’s agenda tonight. Booker tells Jeremiah to look around and he says that he sees nothing but crap. TNA has put him in this situation again and he says that he will talk to his agent about that. Booker says that him and Sting are two of wrestling’s crown jewels. They think alike. Both men have issues and Sting has issues to deal with himself. One of those issues is Samoa Joe. Booker says that he does not respect Joe. He says that Sting does not respect Joe. Him and Sting paved the road that Samoa Joe walks on today. Booker says that Joe has ruined that. Joe is nothing but a backyard, trailer park wannabe independent worker. Tonight, he is going to prove why he is the TNA Heavyweight Champion. The title will stay where it rightfully belongs. Booker drinks some champagne as the segment ends.

Match Number Five: Team 3D versus Christian Cage and Rhino in a Jersey Street Fight
Team 3D attack Rhino and Christian before the bell but Christian attacks Ray while Devon chokes Rhino. Christian with a punch to Ray and they go outside. Rhino punches Devon and Rhino with a shoulder tackle. Rhino with a short arm clothesline. Ray and Christian fight outside the ring but they go back in. Ray punches Christian while Rhino and Devon go outside. Ray misses a charge and Christian with chops and a running clothesline or two but Ray stays on his feet. Ray with a big back body drop to Christian. Devon punches Rhino. Ray hits Christian with a plastic street sign.

Rhino and Devon fight into the crowd and Ray and Christian do the same. Rhino celebrates in the crowd, but he turns around into a punch from Devon. Christian chokes Ray with a Team 3D shirt. Christian throws a drink in Ray’s face while Rhino does the same to Devon. They make their way into the stands. Rhino and Devon fight into the concourse. They all meet at the concourse entrance. Ray is sent into the wall by Christian as Rhino and Devon make their way down towards the ring. Christian with a splash onto Ray.

Devon punches Rhino as they go back onto the floor. Devon with an uppercut and punches to the head as they return to the ringside area. Christian and Ray continue to fight on the steps. Ray and Christian return to the floor. Ray with a double sledge to Christian’s head. Rhino sends Devon into the plastic roadside barrier. Rhino gets a ladder and he brings it to the ring. Christian takes a large sign from the crowd and it was a Do Not Enter sign. Devon hits Christian and Rhino hits Devon. Rhino with a shoulder into the corner and he raises his arms because he can. Christian and Rhino kick Ray and they hit a double back body drop. Rhino and Christian with a double suplex to Devon.

Christian and Rhino work over Devon but Ray hits Rhino and then Christian with the sign. Ray grabs the ring steps and he throws them into the ring. Devon hits Rhino with the steps and Rhino goes outside the ring. Ray sets up the steps in the ring and Ray slams Christian’s head onto the steps. Ray sets for an elbow onto the steps but Christian stops him. Christian sends Ray face first into the steps. Christian hits Devon with the detour sign. Christian stands over Ray but he misses with the sign. Ray hits a BubbaBomb from the top step onto the mat and both men are down. Ray makes the cover but Christian kicks out. Ray hits Christian in the ribs with the sign. Ray gets a road cone from Devon and he puts it against Christian. Rhino with a clothesline to Ray but Devon hits Rhino. Devon charges at Christian and Devon stops. Rhino with a GORE to Devon but Ray breaks up the cover. Christian with a cross body to Ray for a two count.

Christian tries for the Unprettier but Ray gets Christian on his back and he hits an electric chair drop. Rhino punches Ray on the turnbuckles and Rhino sends Devon into Ray’s nether regions. Rhino with a rollup to Devon for a two count. Rhino and Devon with a double clothesline and both men are down. Ray gets punched by Christian but Ray with a super power bomb and both men are down. Ray gets a two count on Christian. Ray hits Rhino in the back with one of the street signs. Ray looks around and Devon brings a table into the ring. Ray hits Rhino repeatedly in the back with one of the street signs. A table is placed in the corner and Rhino stops short and hits a double clothesline on Ray and Devon. Rhino gets a ladder from Christian and he hits Team 3D with it. Rhino sets up the ladder as Christian crawls back in. Christian is helped to the top of the ladder as Rhino holds it. Christian hits a frog splash onto Ray and then Rhino with the GORE through the table for the three count.

Winners: Christian Cage and Rhino

After the match, Johnny Devine hits Rhino and Christian with the kendo stick. Devon punches Rhino. Ray holds the kendo stick like someone who might drink beer with a cigarette on his way to the ring.

Abyss’s music plays and he comes to the ring and he takes care of Team 3D and Johnny Devine begs for mercy. Abyss wants Devine to come at him with the kendo stick. Abyss with the Black Hole Slam when Abyss avoids a stick shot. Abyss grabs the stick and he drops it.

A.J. Styles is with Lauren and she asks A.J. if he got to talk to Sting. A.J. says that they talked and everything is cleared up. Lauren asks him about Kurt Angle. A.J. asks Lauren if she has seen what he has been put through over the last few months. This is personal. He wants to hurt Kurt and Kurt wants to hurt him. A.J. says that he is leaving it out in the ring. Kurt might be the better wrestler, but he will never be the better man. A.J. says that he will continue to knock Angle down. A.J. guarantees that Angle will not get up.

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