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By Billy Krotchsen on 2008-07-22 23:03:08

Smackdown Spoilers from Philadelphia, PA:

*Smackdown opened with The VIP Lounge with Jeff Hardy.  MVP announces there will be a Battle Royal tonight to determine who will challenge Triple H for the WWE championship at Summerslam.  He brings out Hardy and talks about his suspension, his trailer burning down, behavior causing his dog's death and how he'll be fired if he screws up one more time.  Jeff had enough and shoves MVP, so MVP leaves the ring.

*WWE United States champ Shelton Benjamin defeated Jimmy Wang Yang.

*Backstage, Edge congratulates the Edgeheads on winning the WWE Tag Team titles and apologizes to them for last week.  They say it's OK but that maybe it's Vickie who needs an apology.

*Festus pinned WWE Tag Team champion Curt Hawkins.  The Edgeheads lay Festus out.

*Backstage, Edge is talking to Alicia Fox.  He tells her that he'll speak to her back at the hotel because Vickie might show up at any moment.  Bam Neely is seen eavesdropping.

*Kozlov defeated Stevie Richards.

*The Great Khali (with the returning Ranjin Singh)won a Battle Royal to earn a Summerslam title shot.  Also in the match were Ken Kennedy, Umaga and Big Show.  The Order of elimination is MVP, Umaga, Kennedy, Show, and Hardy.  Triple H comes out and has a staredown with Khali, but Singh tells Khali to leave the ring and he does.

*They air a vignette for R-Truth (Ron Killings), who is coming to Smackdown.

*WWE Divas champ Michelle McCool defeated Maryse.

*Vickie has arrived at Smackdown.  Chavo Guerrero is wheeling her in.

*They run a video announcing Maria will finally debut next week.  The crowd booed when they realized she wouldn't be here tonight.

*Brian Kendrick defeated Shannon Moore.

*Backstage, Bam tells Vickie that Edge wants to apologize to her in public

*Edge asks Vickie to come out for a public apology.  He tells her that she didn't see the full footage and he tried to resist Alicia.  She told him she understands and he apologized. He tried to kiss her and she turned her face.  She said she understands and hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.  She said she was upset and did something earlier today - reinstated the Undertaker.  The place went insane.  Edge was upset but said it was OK because he and Triple H could kill each other while he and Vickie were on their honeymoon.  She said that he couldn't do that because Undertaker had an opponent at Summerslam...Edge in a Hell in A Cell.

At this point, the show went off the air.  Chavo and Bam came out and backed up Vickie, who then told Edge he had a Philadelphia Street Fight against Triple H.  Triple H won with a Pedigree.

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