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By Juan Carlos Nunez on 2008-07-04 17:57:21

I attended the house show WWE made at "estadio nacional" in Lima, Perú as part of the Summerslam tour. So here are the results.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan defeated Carlito.  Carlito came out and spoke in Spanish about being Latin and being better looking than all Peruvians. He asked people if there was any famous Peruvian wrestler and people answered Sandokan (70s) and Pitbull and Tony de Souza (MMA fighters here in Perú), but he laughed anyway. Immediately, Hacksaw Jim Duggan's music started and he came with his wood stick. The match was a bit boring and HJD won after a clothesline when Carlito argued the ref after a 2 count.

Santino Marella defeated Charlie Haas.  Santino did some comedy stuff and got the pin with the inverted swinging neckbreaker.

Lance Cade defeated Paul London.  There were mild R-O-H chants and London smiled to the fans that chanted. Cade got the pin with his finisher.

Jeff Hardy defeated JBL.  JBL hit the ring and talked trash about Peruvian people, then asked everyone to stand up and sing USA anthem and chant " George Bush" because tomorrow is 4th of July. Jeff Hardy hit the ring, then JBL went down to ringside and a "kid" punch him from behind, which infuriated him. Then the referee told him to go back to the ring and the match began. Nice match, Hardy hit Twist of Fate and then Swanton Bomb for the pinfall.

Triple H defeated John Cena and retained the WWE championship.  People booed Cena.  I don't like him, but I felt bad for him. When HHH came out people went nuts. It was awesome. The match was good, intense and suspenseful. HHH hit The Pedigree and Cena kicked out.  Then the Cena hit the FU and HHH kicked out, then The STFU but Hunter got the ropes. Finally Triple
H hit a second Pedigree and got the pin. Triple H took a picture with a group of fans and went backstage.

Then there was 15 minutes of intermission and I swear the announcer said there were 4 more matches to come, but there only were actually 3.

Mickie James defeated Beth Phoenix and retained the WWE Women's Championship.  Both ladies are pretty in person. First Beth came out and I started a "Shimmer" chant, but obviously nobody knew what I meant. When the match was about to start Mickie bent over a bit and all the guys at ringside behind her started to scream excitedly, so she laughed and went the other side (my side) and did the same thing.  Unfortunately for her, the pervert shouts were louder and she laughed again. Back to the wrestling, it was a very solid match which Mickie won with the Mick Kick.

Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase defeated Cryme Time and retained the WWE World Tag Team Chapionship. Good action by both teams. Ted DiBiase won with a submission.

Shawn Michaels defeated Chris Jericho.  It was weird, the main event wasn't a title match. I was hoping for CM Punk to face Kane for the WHC like they did in Chile, but it didn't happen.  Good match, I was the only one cheering Y2J, despite interference by Lance Cade after Shaw Michaels hit the diving elbow drop. Then Jericho hit a Lionsault but got a 2 count and after complaining to the referee HBK hit
the Sweet Chin Music for the pin.  After the match HBK wore a Peruvian flag as a cape.

It was announced that they would come back next year. On another note, I guess attendance is a new record in South America, beating Mexico's 15,000 people. I guess there were between 18,000 and 20,000. A big problem was that there was no Titantron so people far from the ring could not see the action. Another problem was that the media just had 7 minutes to cover the event and they had no place assigned so there were almost some fights between reporters.

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