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By on 2008-07-02 12:11:06

Last year, welcomed Dustin Rhodes for an extended shoot interview. Now, we welcome the rest of the family. Former WWE Diva Terri Runnels joined the site along with her daughter, Dakota, in a rare and special appearance!

Terri's 45 minute shoot interview with James Guttman had a lot of ground to cover. From her early days as CNN makeup artist turned WCW manager Alexandra York to her time as Marlena to the "Horny Little She Devil," Runnels has been of the most beloved and recognizable women in wrestling. In her shoot, you can hear her talk about a ton of subjects including:  The Original Name She Wanted For P.M.S., Brian Pillman's Last Night, Dakota's Thoughts On Whether She'd Want To Be In The Wrestling Business, The Inspiration For "Marlena," How She's Still Has Some "Alexandra York" In Her, TNA Possibilities, The Terri Invitational Tournament, What Made Her Want To Vomit Backstage, How You Can Win Her House, and More

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Also, as mentioned, fans may remember the many WWE video packages featuring Terri and Dustin along with their young daughter Dakota. Now, in an exclusive, hear from Dakota as she talks to James about her current interests, fans, her mom's wrestling gimmicks, whether she'll ever get into wrestling, and more.

One subject that James Guttman asked Terri about was the Brian Pillman-Dustin Rhodes "XXX Files" feud. The storyline was that Dustin lost her to Brian for 30 days. The angle was set to end at Bad Blood, where they would renew their wedding vows to chagrin of Pillman. Unfortunately, Brian tragically died before the finish could happen. Terri discusses Pillman's final night, regrets she has over it, learning he had passed away, working with him, and more. However, she also talks about the original ending for the storyline.

"The way that angle would have finished, Dustin and I would have had the renewal of our vows. I had a wedding dress that my designer had made for me. We were going to be in the ring. The preacher doing a renewal of our vows. At the time he would say, is there anyone here who has reason that these two people should not be married, let them speak now or forever hold their peace. And that would have been…Brian was going to come down and say, you know, me. I was going to actually, there was gonna be juice and lots of blood. I was gonna throw myself on top of Brian and say, Dustin, during those 30 days, I fell in love with Brian. I can't help myself, so, you know, I have to leave you and Dakota and go with Brian. The visual of that, I thought, would have been so amazing with this wedding dress, all the color all over it. And me leaving my husband and child to be with Brian."

She goes on to tell James about the way WWE changed gears for that angle and where they ended up going with it. It's just one of a ton of topics you can hear right now on and just one of over 120 guests available as soon as you sign up!

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