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By Mike Johnson on 2008-06-08 22:55:00

Awesome Kong's Open Challenge

TNA Knockout champion Awesome Kong came to the ring with Raisha Saied.  Jeremy Borash was in the ring announcing, saying that anyone over the age of 18 who could defeat Kong could try and win the $25,000.  

They picked Serena Deeb and Josie Robinson.  Kong and Saied picked Serena D, who wrestles as Serena Deeb and has worked in OVW, ROH and SHIMMER.  Robinson is from Minnesota and has worked for Harley Race's WLW.

TNA Knockout champ Awesome Kong vs. Serena Deeb

Serena was destroyed quickly by Kong, including a powerbomb into the guard rail.   Kong choked her on the floor with her boot, then slammed her head into the ring post.  Kong shoved down Josie, who was still in the front row.  

Kong rolled Serena back into the ring, then kicked her in the back.  Kong nailed the Implant Buster and pinned Serena.

Your winner, Awesome Kong!

Kong got back in Josie's face at ringside.  Borash asked her if she wanted to fight "the girl from Memphis" and Kong nodded.  Josie signed the waiver, then punched Kong in the face.

Awesome Kong vs. Josie Robinson

Josie attacked Kong, but was quickly tossed into the rail.  She went to hit Josie, but Josie ducked and Kong hit the ring post.  Josie punched Kong, then challenged her to get into the ring.  Kong quickly took control with the spinning backfist.  She beat down Robinson, then hit the Awesomebomb for the pin.

Your winner, Awesome Kong!

If you've seen the other Fan challenges, this was more of the same.  Serena did a good job selling for Kong and making her look like a monster.  Josie showed a little bit of fire to make fans think that the local girl might get one over, but in the end it was Kong looking strong.

Eric Young came out and said that it was the moment everyone was waiting for.  He said that no one believed he could find him, but Young did it.  He introduced "the Real King of Rock N' Roll...Elvis Presley."  An Elvis lookalike came out in the white jumpsuit.  Elvis said that thanks to Young, the King is back in Memphis.  Awesome Kong and Raisha were still in the ring and didn't look thrilled at their spotlight being taken away.  Elvis made his way to the ring.  He asked Kong how she liked visiting Graceland.  Kong kicked him in the gut and nailed him with the Awesomebomb.

They aired a Christian Cage video.

Lauren noted that Cage was a two-time TNA champion, so what was left for him to prove going into the King of the Mountain..  Cage said that he took a step back to get his life in order and realized that he still loved being the best and the measuring stick of the industry.  Cage said that there may be others qualified to be World champion, but all his Peeps will tell you that he's the most qualified.  Cage said that there is no one in TNA that has a better won/loss record or that has been in more main events than him.  He said that his motivation is to have his name in the history books as the very best.  He said he would become TNA champion for the third time.

We saw a video feature on Jay Lethal and So Cal Val's wedding.

TNA showed clips of the famous Beale Street.

The Wedding

The groomsmen were introduced first.  Ace Young wore jeans.  Seriously.  Some friend!  Kamala came out wearing a tuxedo and his African facepaint.  I love it!   Jake Roberts got a nice pop when he was announced.  Koko B. Ware was accompanied by Frankie the Bird.  Frankie didn't want to go on his perch.  When they announced George Steele, he came out, green tongue and all, from the side of the stage.  

They announced the Best Man, Sonjay Dutt, who was dressed like he was in a final audition for a Bollywood musical.  The maid of honor was a pretty brunette named Sarah.  No other women in the bridal party.

Jay Lethal came out in a gold and white Black Machismo tuxedo and sequined tie with pyro.  He was greeted by all the groomsmen.    So Cal Val came out in a flowing white dress.

They went right into the "Does anyone have any objections" and there wasn't even a hint of Sonjay speaking up.  Lethal said "I do" although the mic didn't pick it up.  As Val was about to say "I do," Dutt grabbed the mic and said this has gone on long enough.  Lethal said that he understood Dutt was worried about him, but he wants to do this and never wanted anything more on in his life.

Dutt said he wasn't speaking to Jay but to Val.  He got on his knees and told Val that he's loved her as long as he knows her and begs her to reconsider.  Val looked shocked.  Dutt was really good on the mic.  Lethal got mad and grabbed Dutt by the throat.  Dutt begged off, then attacked Lethal from behind with a piece of the wedding decoration set up in the ring.

Dutt beat down Lethal.  Ace Young jumped on him but was laid out.  Dutt nailed Koko B. Ware but the other Groomsmen overpowered him.  Jake pulled a snake out from under the ring.  Val ran to the back crying with the Maid of Honor.  Dutt escaped.  Lethal was furious as he was held back by the others.  Steele ate a turnbuckle.  For some reason, Koko destroyed the wedding set.

I thought the turn was great but once Dutt started getting laid out by the legends, it turned into silliness that came off like a third-rate parody of a WWE wedding.  The crowd didn't seem to care about any of this, either.  I felt bad for Lethal, etc. for being put in this situation.

They aired a video on Booker T.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Booker T.    He said that recently, Booker has seemed bitter.  Booker scoffed and said TNA begged him to sign with them and put them on the map.  Booker said that he was promised more money than any man could count.  He said that the ratings and PPV buyrates are up and when it came time to "pay the piper" Booker got a locker room that smelled like Elephant urine.  Booker said that it doesn't matter because he was going to take the TNA title tonight and get all the power that goes with it.  He said that the power could change everything including the equilibrium of TNA.  Booker said that he was told what to do in WWE, but that will not happen in TNA.  Booker said he would reach for the brass ring and when it was all done, everyone will bow down and praise Booker T, the World champion.  Booker's delivery was really good here, similar to the King Booker character without the silly accent and comedy aspects.

They aired a video feature on Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles.

Kurt Angle (with Tomko) vs. AJ Styles.

Earl Hebner made it a point to tell Tomko not to get involved before the bell.  Angle and Styles tied up and Angle forced Styles into the corner.  Angle was grabbing his neck when they broke clean.   Angle rode Styles to the mat and controlled him.  Styles grabbed the ropes and it was another clean break, although Angle slapped him in the back of the head as he broke the hold.

The crowd chanted, "Let's go AJ."  Angle caught Styles with a side headlock takedown.  Styles caught him with a series of deep arm drags.  Angle retreated to the floor, where he and Tomko had words.  When he returned to the ring, Angle took control, beating down Styles with a series of kicks.  Styles avoided an Angle charge and Kurt ran shoulder first into the ringpost.  Styles hit a springboard forearm.

Styles rebounded off the ropes but was caught with an elbow.  Styles fell through the ropes to the floor.  Tomko approached Styles, but Earl Henber jumped out of the ring and threw Tomko out of the ringside area.  As Tomko argued, Angle threw Styles into the railing, although the cameras missed it.  

Angle argued with the referee, giving Styles the chance to hit a running flip dive out of the ring.  Angle grabbed his neck immediately as he went down, although based on the replays, it appeared he was just selling.  

Back in the ring, Styles drilled Angle with an over the knee backbreaker, then slammed him.  Angle fought back and grabbed Styles in a rear chinlock, riding him on the mat to wear him down.  Styles nose was busted open.  Styles began to fire back with elbows but Angle nailed an overhead belly-to-belly suplex to cut off that attempt to change the momentum of the match.  Angle got a series of two counts.

AJ fought his way to his feet but was kneed in the gut as he came off the ropes charging.  Angle nailed a backbreaker for a two count.  Angle began working over Styles with uppercuts and punches in the corner.  Styles was hit so hard, he nearly fell over the ropes with his leg caught in the ropes.  Angle and Styles exchanged punches on the top rope.  Angle went for a superplex, but Styles countered with a gourdbuster off the top rope.  They called it a faceplant.

Styles and Angle exchanged back and forth strikes until Styles is able to take him down with a spinkick.  Styles kicks off an Angle charge and hits a pumphandle slam into an over the knee backbreaker for a two count.  Styles hits a suplex on Angle for another two count.  

Angle cut off Styles and began hitting a series of German suplexes.  Styles reverses one and turns it into a release German suplex with Angle taking a full backwards flip bump, landing on his stomach.  Styles called for Angle to get back on his feet, but Angle catches Styles as he attempts a discus punch, then hits a reverse German suplex of his own for a two count.

Styles came out of nowhere with an enziguiri on Angle.   AJ charges Kurt, who nails him with a belly to belly suplex into the corner for another near fall.  Angle went for an Angle Slam but Styles turned it into a DDT for a two count.  AJ began nailing Angle with elbows to the head.

Styles went for a sunset flip pinfall but Angle rolled through and went for the anklelock.  Styles rolled through and kicked Angle into the corner.  Styles nailed an inverted DDT for a two count.  AJ went to the top but was caught with an Angle Slam off the top for a two count.

Angle pulled down the straps and locked on the anklelock.  AJ rolled up Angle into a forward roll for a two count, then drilled him with the Pele Kick.  Angle grabbed the ropes at the last second to break the pinfall.  

Styles went for the Styles Clash but Angle grabbed his leg and turned it into the anklelock in the center of the ring.  Styles crawled to the ropes but was pulled back into the center of the ring.  Styles pushed off Angle, who bumped Earl Hebner.  AJ scissored Angle's neck and tossed him out of the ring.

Karen Angle made her way to ringside with a chair.  She teased handing him the chair but when Angle grabbed it, she wouldn't let go.  Styles grabbed Angle into a sunset flip takedown, then hit the Styles Clash and pinned Angle clean in the middle of the ring.

Your winner, AJ Styles!

Karen raised AJ's arm after the match.  Kurt drilled AJ in the back with the chair.  Karen slapped Kurt, who went after her and she ran from the ring.  Angle continued to beat Styles.  Security started to hit the ring, but Tomko hit ring a second later and took them all out.  Tomko held everyone at bay as Angle continued to work over Styles.  They showed Karen leaving crying. 

A really damn good match.  Angle was wrestling a smart match where he didn't take any insane punishment to his bad neck, going for a more mat-based style.  Since he's one of the best in the world, it worked because he's so damn good at it.  Styles getting the pin was the move that needed to be made to get him to the next level and Angle and Tomko laying him out only builds his babyface sympathy as well.  Loved this bout.

TNA champion Samoa Joe was interviewed by Lauren.  Joe said the sport of pro wrestling suffers from an affliction and Joe wants to be the cure.  He said that the sport doesn't reward the warrior that defeats the better man, but instead the opportunist.  Joe said the politician is the one who reaps the rewards.  Joe said that tonight they are going to change all that.  Joe said the TNA fans want someone who is going to walk out and beat the man put in front of him and that's what Joe is going to do.  Joe said that the history books might not say he's the fastest or strongest, but it will say that no one wanted the TNA belt more or fought harder to keep it  Joe said he was going to lead a new band of warriors into the future.  He closed saying, "I am Samoa Joe, I am the TNA World champion, and by God, I am pro wrestling."  All the promos building the main event have been great tonight.

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