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By Buck Woodward on 2008-05-20 23:01:12

ECW on Sci Fi for May 20th opened with CM Punk, Tommy Dreamer, Chavo Guerrero, John Morrison and General Manager Armando Estrada in the ring.  Estrada said One Night Stand was the only night of the year where ever match is held under Extreme Rules.  Armando said all the wrestlers in the ring were former (and active) ECW Champions.  Armando said at One Night Stand there would be a Fatal Four Way Singapore Cane match with the four of them to determine a number one contender for the ECW Title.  He also announced a tag match for tonight's show, with Morrison & Chavo teaming up against Dreamer & Punk. 

The show opening aired, and Tazz & Mike Adamle welcomed us to the show.

The Miz entered the ring as he and John Morrison's successful title defense against Kane & Punk at Judgment Day was recapped.  The Miz got on the mic and said he had a concussion, bad back, stiff neck and "constant headaches" from Kane's chokeslam on the floor at Judgment Day.  Miz said despite his condition, he was going to do the same thing John Morrison was going to do after being victorious at One Night Stand ... beat Kane.  Kane then made his entrance. 

Kane vs. The Miz.

Kane immediately decked Miz, gave him a short arm clothesline, and dropkicked him as he sat up on the mat.  Miz fought back with punches, but Kane pounded him down in a corner.  Kane put Miz in a Hangman, then dropped him to the mat.  Kane ran into a Miz boot, and Miz tried to mount some offense before Kane flung him over the top rope.  Kane went outside with him, but Miz rammed Kane back first into the ringpost.  Kane rolled back into the ring and Miz kicked at his head, then jumped off Kane's back to go over the ropes and yank Kane down throat first on the second rope.  Miz hit his between the ropes clothesline, then applied a cravate.  Kane battled up and slammed Miz to break the hold.  Kane blasted Miz with a boot to the face, then hit a running clothesline in the corner.  Kane hit a second clothesline, then a side slam for a two count.  Kane went to the top rope and nailed Miz with the clothesline.  Kane called for the chokeslam, but Miz elbowed out of it.  Kane blasted Miz with a punch, then pounded Miz in a corner.  Kane hung Miz in the Tree Of Woe, then went out of the ring to yank at Miz' chin, bending back his neck.  The referee disqualified Kane for refusing to break his illegal hold from outside the ring while Miz was in the ropes at the four minute mark. 

Winner via disqualification: The Miz.

After the bell, Kane chokeslammed Miz.  He then went for a chair and put it around Miz' head.  Kane went to the top rope, but John Morrison ran out and pulled his partner from the ring.  Morrison helped Miz down the aisle while Kane watched from the ring. 

Kofi Kingston vs. Shelton Benjamin

As Shelton entered the ring, they reviewed Kingston's previous two wins over Benjamin.  Kofi threw a leg kick at the start, but Shelton backed Kofi into a corner for a break.  Shelton hit some knees to the gut and began pounding Kingston.   There was a chant for Kofi, who kicked away a backdrop attempt and took Benjamin down with a headscissors variation. Kofi went for his mount punches in a corner, but Benjamin pulled Kofi out of the corner and threw him into the turnbuckles, catching his leg on the top rope.  Benjamin took Kingston down and rammed his leg into a ringpost, then in the ring hit a shinbreaker and applied a leglace. Kofi got out and threw a few kicks, but Benjamin caught one, and Kofi turned it into a headscissors takedown.  Kofi hit a dropkick, but was favoring his knee as he crawled for the cover and got a two count.  Kofi hit a legsweep, then went for a double legdrop, but Benjamin blocked it and turned it into a cradle for a two count.  Benjamin applied a single leg crab on the bad leg, but Kofi made the ropes for a break.  Benjamin kicked at the leg, but missed a splash in the corner.  Kofi went for his Trouble In Paradise kick, but Shelton ducked it and Kofi landed on his bad leg.  Benjamin hit the jumping faceplant, almost losing the handle on the move but managing to grab him, for the pin at the five minute mark.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin.

Shelton smiled from the aisle while Kofi looked angry in the ring that his undefeated streak is over.

Colin Delaney & Kelly Kelly vs. Mike Knox & Layla.

They recapped how Colin Delaney earned his ECW contract two weeks ago by beating Armando Estrada.  Layla and Kelly trash talked as soon as Layla hit the ring. The ladies started the match, with Layla kicking Kelly in the gut and throwing her over the top rope.  Kelly skinned the cat and grabbed Layla in a headscissors and took her to the floor.  Kelly and Layla got back in the ring and Kelly hit a second rope bodypress, but Knox broke up the cover.  Colin ran in, but Mike Knox grabbed him and flung him over the top rope and to the floor.  Knox exited the ring and Kelly dodged a charging Layla, who smashed into the corner.  Kelly hit a Rocker Dropper on Layla (called a "K2" now) for the win in less than a minute.  No tags were made in this match.

Winners: Colin Delaney & Kelly Kelly.

Mike Knox grabbed Colin and gave him a twisting face plant.  Armando Estrada came out in his wrestling gear and ordered the referee to start an "official match".

Armando Estrada vs. Colin Delaney.

Armando gave Colin a reverse gourdbuster and pinned him.

Winner: Armando Estrada.

Armando walked off, still trash talking Colin, while Kelly checked on her unconscious partner.

The Raw Rebound was a recap of the William Regal-Ken Kennedy angle and match, resulting in Regal losing last night on Raw and being "fired".

Tazz & Mike Adamle (who in all honesty, wasn't being goofy or screwing things up as much this week) reviewed the One Night Stand lineup.  They clarified that the winner of the Singapore Cane match with Tommy Dreamer, John Morrison, CM Punk and Chavo Guerrero will get an ECW Championship match at the Night Of Champions PPV.

Here's the lineup:
- WWE Champion Triple H vs. Randy Orton in a Last Man Standing Match.
- John Cena vs. JBL in a First Blood Match.
- Shawn Michaels vs. Batista in a Stretcher Match.
- Jeff Hardy vs. Umaga in a Falls Count Anywhere Match.
- CM Punk vs. John Morrison vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Tommy Dreamer in a Singapore Cane Match.  The winner will receive an ECW Championship match at Night Of Champions. 

CM Punk & Tommy Dreamer vs. Chavo Guerrero & John Morrison.

I spoke too soon.  Adamle called Punk, "CW Punk".  All four men made separate entrances.  Dreamer started off with Morrison, hitting a shoulderblock and a facebuster, then armdragging Morrison and applying an armbar.  There was a chant for Dreamer.  Morriosn tagged in Chavo, but there was miscommunication and Dreamer got the partners to collide.  Dreamer armdragged Chavo, then slammed him after tagging Punk.  Punk hit a slingshot somersault splash on Chavo and then hit a delayed vertical suplex.  Chavo hit a forearm, but ran into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.  Punk put Chavo in a double underhook, but Chavo backed him into his corner and tagged Morrison.  Morrison threw some shots, but Punk slammed him.  Morrison responded with an uppercut, then Chavo tagged in and kicked Punk in the gut.  Chavo worked over Punk in a corner, but Punk battled back, elbowing Morrison off the apron and throwing Chavo to the floor.  Punk went for a pescado and Morrison moved out of the way, while Chavo got hit with the move.  Punk got on the apron, but Morrison grabbed him and gave Punk an Electric Chair on the floor.  Punk was down on the outside as they went to commercial. 

Back from break, Morrison worked on Punk with a surfboard, then hit a Russian legsweep.  Chavo tagged in and hit a slingshot kneedrop on Punk's leg.   Chavo kicked at Punk and put him in an armbar. Chavo and Morrison kept Punk in their corner and worked him over.  Morrison hit a kick to the back, and Punk kicked Morrison in the leg, from his back, hard.  Morrison responded with stomps, but Punk cradled him for a two count when Morrison stopped to yell at Dreamer.  Punk went for a tag, but Morrison hooked his leg and tagged in Chavo who dropkicked Punk in the face.  Chavo hit a backdrop driver, then called for the Three Amigos.  Punk blocked it and hit an enzugiri.  Morrison tagged in and cut off Punk from making the tag again.  Punk flipped out of a suplex attempt and hit a jumping knee and bulldog on Morrison.  Punk made the hot tag to Dreamer, who decked Morrison with punches and knocked Chavo off the apron.  Dreamer gave Morrison a clothesline and a pumphandle suplex.  Dreamer missed a charge in the corner and Morrison went for a springboard kick.  Dreamer ducked it and Morrison rolled through it rather than crashing on the mat.  Morrison kicked Dreamer and set up for the Moonlight Drive, but Dreamer reversed it and hit a DDT.  Dreamer covered, but Chavo broke it up.  Punk attacked Chavo and they flipped over the top rope and to the floor.  In the ring, Dreamer hung Morrison in the Tree Of Woe.  Dreamer went for a dropkick, but Morrison sat up in the corner and Dreamer crashed to the mat.  Chavo got on the apron and tagged in, then gave Dreamer a frog splash for the pin at the twelve minute mark.

Winners: Chavo Guerrero & John Morrison.

Big Show's music hit.  Big Show came out and chokeslammed Guerrero, while Punk started fighting Morrison.  Show then grabbed Punk and chokeslammed him.  Show picked up John Morrison, put him in a cobra clutch, and flung him across the ring. Show got on the mic, and "reminded" us that he was a former ECW Champion.  Big Show said that he was putting himself in the Singapore Cane match at One Night Stand, and that he would go on to be ECW Champion again.  Big Show then helped up Tommy Dreamer, then chokeslammed him as well.  Big Show walked off, as they replayed him laying out all four men.  Big Show stood on the stage smiling while the other four former champions were down in the ring and on the floor as the show ended.

So, the new lineup for One Night Stand:

- WWE Champion Triple H vs. Randy Orton in a Last Man Standing Match.
- John Cena vs. JBL in a First Blood Match.
- Shawn Michaels vs. Batista in a Stretcher Match.
- Jeff Hardy vs. Umaga in a Falls Count Anywhere Match.
- CM Punk vs. John Morrison vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Big Show in a Singapore Cane Match.  The winner will receive an ECW Championship match at Night Of Champions. 

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