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By Buck Woodward on 2004-06-14 00:50:00

A video package on the Chris Benoit vs. Kane match was shown. 

World Champion Chris Benoit vs. Kane.  Benoit went right at Kane with chops at the bell, backing him into a corner and just kicking and pounding at Kane.  Benoit dared Kane to step into the center of the ring, as Kane glared at Benoit from the corner.  Benoit grabbed an armwringer, but Kane hiptossed out of it. Kane kicked Benoit in the gut, but Benoit fired off more chops.  Kane sent Benoit to the floor with a shoulderblock, and trash talked Benoit from the ring. Benoit kicked Kane in the gut and hit a chop, but Kane elbowed Benoit to the mat and started unloading right hands. Kane missed a boot to the face, and Benoit grabbed a waistlock, but Kane elbowed him away.  Kane missed an elbowdrop, and Benoit hit an enzugiri. Benoit went for a Sharpshooter, but Kane blocked it.  Benoit then went for a crossface, but Kane blocked that as well.  Kane hit an uppercut, and rammed Benoit ino the corner.  They traded shots, and Benoit kicked Kane in the arm as he charged him.  Benoit rammed Kane's arm into the corner and went for the Crossface, but Kane lifted Benoit and hit Snake Eyes in the corner. Kane rammed Benoit chest first into the ring apron and pounded him with elbows from the floor. In the ring, Kane hit a Hot Shot and choked him against the bottom rope. Kane drove his knee into the side of Benoit's face at the five minute mark. 

Benoit battled back with lefts and rights, but Kane hit a neckbreaker for two. Kane applied a neck vice, and a "Let's Go Benoit" chant started. Benoit elbowed out and hit a series of forearms.  Kane reversed a whip, sending Benoit hard into the corner, and delivered a sidewalk slam for two before returning to the neck vice. Some fans were not enjoying the neck vice spot, and some boos and catcalls could be heard. It didn't look like Kane was exerting any pressure on the hold. Benoit elbowed out, but Kane hit a uppercut.  Kane went for a back suplex, but Benoit floated over and went for a double leg takedown.  Kane just sledgehammered Benoit in the back to stop him.  Benoit fired off some chops and charged Kane, who sidestepped him and threw Benoit over the top rope to the floor. Kane lifted Benoit on the floor, but Benoit floated over and rammed Kane into the ringpost. Kane made it back into the ring at the seven count, and took Benoit down with a clothesline for two. Kane whipped Benoit into the ropes, but Benoit dropkicked Kane's legs out from under him twice.  Benoit stomped the right leg, and chopblocked it. Benoit went for the Sharpshooter, and Kane kicked it away at the ten minute mark. 

Benoit chopblocked the leg and went for the Sharpshooter again, but Kane choked out of it.  Kane whipped Benoit into a corner, then missed a big boot in the corner and hung himself up.  Benoit then hit a running dropkick to the leg while Kane was hung over the ropes by the leg.  Benoit applied the Sharpshooter, and the crowd came to life.  Kane struggled in the hold, then made the ropes. Benoit pounded Kane in the back and hit three consecutive German suplexes. Benoit signaled for the flying headbutt, but Kane sat up as Benoit was going to the ropes.  Benoit hit some chops and another three German suplexes in a row. Benoit blew snot on Kane, then went to the top rope and hit the headbutt.  Both men were down on the mat, but Kane sat up again.  Benoit went for the Crossface, and Kane fought it off, shoving Benoit away.  Kane grabbed Benoit and hit a chokeslam, but Benoit kick out at two at the fifteen minute mark. 

Kane complained to the referee about the count, and signaled for the Tombstone.  He lifted Benoit, but Benoit floated over.  Kane hit a boot to the face, then went to the top rope.  Kane went for a flying clothesline, but Benoit caught it right into a Cripple Crossface.  Kane struggled in the hold, and stood up in it, but Benoit floated across the shoulders of Kane and tried to apply the Crossface on the other arm.  As Kane tried to avoid it, Benoit jumped over Kane's back and rolled Kane into a pinning position with a cradle for the pin at the seventeen minute mark.  Winner: Chris Benoit. 


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