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By Buck Woodward on 2004-06-14 00:50:00

A video package on the feud between Eugene and Jonathan Coachman was shown. 

Jonathan Coachman vs. Eugene.  Coach was decked out in Michigan State gear, to agitate the Ohio crowd.  William Regal came out on the stage with Eugene, then gave him some last minute advice, as Regal was barred from ringside by Eric Bischoff. Eugene offered a handshake at the bell, and Coach tried to squeeze his hand, but Eugene brought Coach to his knees by squeezing his.  Coach grabbed a side headlock, but Eugene shoved it off, leapfrogged Coach, and went for a monkeyflip, but Coach dodged it.  Eugene stayed rolled up in a ball on the mat anyway, and Coach rolled Eugene around the ring.  Eugene stuck his hand out, and when Coach grabbed it, Eugene armdragged him.  Coach whipped Eugene across the ring, and dropped down, but Eugene jumped over him, waved to him, then rode him around the ring like a horse.  Coach hit a knee to the midsection, and applied a headlock, but Eugene whipped Coach into the ropes.  They criss-crossed the ring, then Eugene went to ringside to get a stuffed animal from a fan ... while Coach kept running the ropes.  Coach finally realized what was going on, and attacked Eugene on the floor. Back in the ring, Eugene snapmared Coach and rolled him around the ring in a bodyscissors. Eugene hit the old Junkyard Dog headbutts on all fours, and lifted his leg over Coach as if he was a dog relieving himself.  Coach rolled out of the ring, and waved for someone to come down.  A bikini clad woman with a tray of cookies came to ringside. Coach took one, and waved for Eugene to come and have a cookie. Eugene slowly went towards the cookies, and handed one to a fan at ringside.  Coach jumped Eugene from behind and tossed him into the ring.  Coach rammed Eugene into the turnbuckles, and Eugene hulked up.  Eugene hit a reverse atomic drop, an atomic drop, and a dropkick.  Eugene put Coach in an airplane spin, and Garrison Cade came to ringside.  Cade ripped up the stuffed animal Eugene had earlier.  Eugene went after Cade, and Cade grabbed Eugene from the apron.  Coach charged, and Eugene moved.  Coach collided with Cade, and Eugene hit Coach with a Rock Bottom and People's Elbow to get the win at the eight minute mark.  Winner: Eugene. 

Post-match, Cade ran in and Eugene gave him a stunner.   William Regal came out and applauded Eugene. Coach got back up, and Eugene gave him a stunner.  Eugene started playing in the ropes, as Regal tried to get him to leave the ring. Eugene did the old "got your nose" trick with Regal as they left the ring. 


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