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By Buck Woodward on 2004-06-14 00:50:00

Lita was stretching backstage, and was getting a kiss for good luck from Matt Hardy, when Eric Bischoff came in with security.  Bischoff told Hardy that either he was leaving the building now (eliminating the threat of interference) or Lita was being taken out of the title match tonight.  Lita didn't want Matt to leave, but Hardy told Lita she shouldn't give up her title shot, and left. 

WWE Women's Champion Victoria vs. Trish Stratus, with Tyson Tomko, vs. Gail Kim vs. Lita.  Victoria cut back on the dance moves, although she did strip off her warmup suit on the stage on her way to the ring.  Trish slid out of the ring at the bell and pulled Lita to the floor to brawl, while in the ring Victoria backdropped Gail and hit a standing moonsault.  Lita and Trish dove in to break up the cover.  Victoria was kicked to the floor by Trish.  Lita jumped off Trish's back to clothesline Kim in a corner.  Kim fell to the floor, and Trish and Lita went at it.  Lita rolled up Trish, but Tomko reached in and pulled Lita off of Trish.  The referee ordered Tomko to the back. Lita hit a Twist Of Fate on Trish, but Kim broke up the cover.  Victoria hit a side slam out of a fireman's carry for two.  Trish rolled up Lita for two. Lita used a headscissors to send Trish to the floor.  Kim put Trish in a Brock Lock, but Victoria broke it up.  Gail Kim put Victoria in a crossface variation, but Trish broke it up.  Kim slammed Trish hard and put her in a Dragon sleeper, which Victoria broke up with a dropkick.  Lita suplexed Victoria, kipped up, but the two awkwardly collided after Lita whipped Victoria into a corner. Victoria rolled to the floor. Gail ran into a Lita elbow, and Lita rolled her up for two, then hit a series of clotheslines. Gail missed a charge and went shoulder first into the ringpost.  Lita spiked Gail with a DDT, but Trish rolled up Lita from behind for the pin at the five minute mark. Winner and new Women's Champion: Trish Stratus. 

Post-match, Trish celebrated on the stage, while Victoria (who lost the belt without being pinned) gave an exasperated stare at the new champion. 


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