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By Buck Woodward on 2004-06-14 00:50:00

Backstage, Eric Bischoff told Jonathan Coachman that William Regal was barred from ringside for the Eugene-Coach match tonight.  Eugene overheard the conversation, and confronted his uncle about not liking him.  Bischoff said Eugene misunderstood him.  Bischoff talked about the injuries Triple H and Chris Benoit have suffered, and how he was just trying to protect Eugene from suffering one of those injuries. He told Eugene he could call off the match, and Eugene could just leave wrestling, or he could have his match.  Eugene chose to wrestle, and hugged his uncle before walking off.  Bischoff just shook his head. 

Chris Jericho vs. Tyson Tomko, with Trish Stratus. Jericho's ribs were not taped, although the announcers said he was not a hundred percent. A "Y2J" chant started at the bell.  Tomko rammed Jericho into the buckles and took Jericho down in a corner with punches and elbows.  Jericho responded with chops, and kicked away a backdrop attempt before being felled by a Tomko clothesline.  Tomko lifted Jericho by the throat and choked him in a corner.  Jericho booted a charging Tomko and hit a second rope dropkick. Jericho hit a springboard dropkick to send Tomko to the floor.  Jericho dove off the apron at Tomko, who caught him.  Tomko went to ram him into the post, but Jericho floated over and rammed Tomko into the post.  In the ring, Trish distracted Jericho as he climbed the ropes, and Tomko grabbed him in a press slam. Tomko attacked the ribs with kicks and shoulderblocks, then delivered a bodyslam.  Jericho fired off chops again, and kicked at Tomko's legs, but Tomko planted Jericho with a side slam for a two count. Tomko put Jericho in a bear hug, and Jericho tried to fight out, but Tomko just slammed Jericho down to the mat.  Jericho dodged a fistdrop and a charge into the corner by Tomko.  Jericho hit a clothesline and a bulldog, then went for a Lionsault, but Tomko moved.  Tomko put Jericho in an overhead backbreaker, that he turned into a shoulderbreaker (which looked nasty) for a two count.  Tomko went for a press slam, but Jericho raked the eyes to break out, then chopblocked the leg.  Jericho went for the Walls, but Tomko kicked him away.  Tomko went for a jumping knee, but Jericho moved and his knee hit the turnbuckles.  Jericho went for the Walls again, but Tomko kicked it away.  Trish was on the apron, and Tomko charged, but Jericho moved and Tomko collided with Trish. Jericho then hit Tomko with an enzugiri for the pin at the six minute mark.  Winner: Chris Jericho. 

Post-match, Trish was irate, while Jericho soaked in the cheers of the fans on the stage. 


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