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By Mike Johnson on 2008-02-25 01:11:00

For those of you on the West Coast that have asked about the planned XPW reunion style show being produced by Big Vision this May, tickets will go on sale on 3/12 with an Internet pre-sale on 3/8.  To sign up for the pre-sale code, head over to and subscrine to the site's newsletter. There will be 200 ringside tickets and 500 General Admission tickets sold to the event.

The 5/24 event at Aviation Park in Redondo Beach, CA is being looked at as the first Blu-Ray DVD release from Big Vision with with Sabu, The Sandman, a Gangstas reunion with New Jack and Mustafa teaming for the first time in nearly a decade, Vampiro, Psicosis, Supreme, Homeless Jimmy, Vic Grimes, Kaos, Pogo the Clown, Angel, Nosawa, Tool, GQ Money, and Altar Boy Luke already announced.  Some additional names are expected to be announced shortly as well.

One name that won't be appearing at the event will be Shane Douglas, who was invited, but had already committed to a charity event in Pittsburgh, PA the same day. Douglas will be sending in a promo for inclusion on the DVD for the event.

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