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By Jon Hewett on 2008-02-22 10:00:57
ere we go with the first episode of the NWA Wrestling Showcase on DISH Network Channel 9407 COLOURS TV to take place from within the ballroom of the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada!
David Marquez starts things off by welcoming the audience to the show. He says that the demand for watching the show on that they crashed the servers several times. I was actually told by a reader that was indeed the case a few weeks ago. You can also check out the show on as they have a feed of the show on the main page. David introduces our first match.
Match #1 - Mike Quackenbush (c) vs. Casandro the Exotic for the NWA Jr. Heavyweight Championship
Before the match gets underway, the announcers take a second to explain the NWA rules. Nothing out of the ordinary except that the NWA allows their referees to use a variant on a Lucha Libre style in that during tag team matches, illegal tag partners may enter the ring without facing a count and throwing your opponent over the top rope is a disqualification.
Casandro goes behind Quackenbush and gets a takedown into a front headlock. Quackenbush reverses out of it keeping Casandro's arm in an armbar. Casandro cuts a front flip into an arm drag on Quackenbush and finishes the series with a kip up. Another lock up sees Quackenbush take down Casandro and tie up his legs. Casandro sweeps Quackenbush back in a crucifix like pin and get a two count. Before Casandro can get to his feet Quackenbush takes him down again but how they wind up is a bit too weird for Quackenbush as he quickly gets up and back to the corner to wave off Casandro. Quackenbush shakes it off and locks up with Casandro again. Casandro hits a go behind and scoops up Quackenbush for a quick Fireman's carry. Pin attempt for two. Casandro locks up Quackenbush's leg and drags him to the corner so he can roll through flipping Quackenbush with him for a bump. Quackenbush flips over to get out of the hold but Casandro ties up his legs so he works out a kip up into an arm drag of his own.
Quackenbush and Casandro lock it up again after staring each other down and Quackenbush does a series of go behinds hammerlocking the arm of Casandro before hitting an inverted type Fireman's Carry while Casandro's arm was hammerlocked. Casandro retaliates immediately with a headbutt to the gutt that sends Quackenbush into the corner. Casandro charges in full speed but Quackenbush ducks which sends Casandro crashing into the ring post and out on to the floor. The referee checks on Casandro on the outside. Casandro is up and back in the ring before the 10 count.
Casandro and Quackenbush hit a series of fast drop downs and leapfrogs that end with Casandro hitting a back roll while Quackenbush goes over the top in and jumping roll. Quackenbush catches the arm of Casandro and springboards back into an arm drag. Casandro back with a quick punch to the chest that forces Quackenbush into the corner. Casandro with a chop to Mike's chest and he tries for an Irish whip to the far side but is reversed. Casandro leaps over the ropes to land on the apron as Quackenbush charges and he blocks a punch attempt then hits a chop that sends Quackenbush back a few steps. Casandro up to the top turnbuckle and he twirls off of it catching Quackenbush in a twisting arm drag. A frustrated Quackenbush tries to hit an overhand punch but Casandro grabs it and heads to the corner to walk the runway on the top rope from one corner to another hitting another arm drag at the end.
Quackenbush rushes Casandro with a clothesline but he ducks and when Quackenbush turns around, he plants him one on the kisser much to the announcer and my ear drums dismay. Quackenbush wipes his mouth like he took a shot of Caster Oil and rolls out of the ring. He paces around the ring but gets back in to face his stalker... opponent. Casandro offers his hand for a handshake but Quackenbush whips him into the ropes and catches him with a nice tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Pin attempt for two. Quackenbush steps between Casandro's legs and stretches him back with a surfboard like hold. Casandro releases the hold but Quackenbush locks up the leg again and this time leans back into a bridge to put extra torque on Casandro's leg. Casandro gets out of it again but he's cut off when Quackenbush scoops him up for a side backbreaker and goes for a pin. Two count. Quackenbush whips Casandro in to the far corner and comes in with a flying back elbow. He calls for another one but Casandro jumps up on the ropes and Quackenbush runs square into his spandexed backside. Casandro scoops up Quackenbush for a slam and hits an elbow drop. Casandro then gets Quackenbush up in a Gory Special stretch and slides him forward off his shoulders for a pin but gets a two. Casandro whips Quackenbush to the ropes but is reversed. He comes back with a quick body scissors into a Victory Roll for another two count. Quackenbush gets leapfrogged and then arm dragged for his troubles but elevates Casandro up and over to land on the apron. Quackenbush goes for a punch but is blocked and slapped by Casandro. Casandro up to the top rope and he hits a front dropkick on Quackenbush and Quackenbush rolls out of the ring. Casandro charges the ropes and hits a suicide dive on Quackenbush. Both men struggle to get back in the ring before the count hits 10 but they cannot.
Double Count Out but Mike Quackenbush retains his title.
Match #2 - The Young Bucks Matt and Nick Jackson vs. Alkatraz and Derrick Jannetty
Matt and Alkatraz circle each other and lock up but Alkatraz uses his power to shove Matt back on the mat. Another lock up sees the same result. Alkatraz goes for another lock up but Matt ducks behind him with a waist lock. Alkatraz struggles for a moment before hitting Matt with an elbow. He slugs Matt down and tries to slingshot him into the corner but Matt catches the middle turnbuckle. Matt comes off in a crossbody but is caught. Alkatraz tries to move him up for a slam but Matt slips out the backdoor and shoves Alkatraz into the corner. Matt hits the ropes to hit a running kick on Alkatraz but is caught. Alkatraz flips him backwards but he lands on his feet and ducks a back elbow from Alkatraz to come back with a flying clothesline and sends Alkatraz reeling towards his corner. Jannetty has seen enough and tags himself in.
Jannetty hits the ring and is immediately arm dragged by Matt and held in an arm bar for Nick to get the tag and come in off the top turnbuckle with a double axe handle. Jannetty is back up to his feet and grabs Nick in a headlock but is pushed off into the ropes. He comes back on Nick with a shoulder block then runs the ropes while Nick ducks then leapfrogs and catches Jannetty with a hip toss. Nick clamps the hand of Jannetty and heads to the corner for a springboard arm drag. Jannetty rushes Nick only to get caught in an arm drag to an arm bar and Nick moves them over to tag in Matt. Matt leaps to the top turnbuckle and hits a moonsault on the barred arm of Jannetty. Matt locks up the arm of Jannetty and tags in Nick who ups the ante with a 450 splash to the arm of Jannetty. Nice spot. Nick works over Jannetty but gets pushed off into the ropes. He slides under Jannetty and Matt comes in and they whip Jannetty into the ropes and hit a double hip toss into a double cartwheel into a double dropkick. Jannetty slides to the outside and as his partner Alkatraz checks on him, Matt nails Alkatraz with a kick and both Bucks rush the ropes with a double flip over senton to the outside on Alkatraz and Jannetty.
Both teams are slow to get up but they get back into the ring before the count out. Matt covers Jannetty for a two. Matt scoop slams Jannetty and hits a quick rolling senton for another two count. Nicks tags in and works on Jannetty but Jannetty shoves him off into the ropes for Alkatraz to hit a cheap shot. Nick quickly retaliates knocking Alkatraz down. Nick turns around into an inverted atomic drop linked to an exploder suplex. Jannetty covers Nick for a two count. Jannetty works on Nick and sends him to the corner but gets caught with a boot that drops him to his knees. Nick hits an Oklahoma Roll on Jannetty for two. Jannetty takes Nick down with a clothesline and goes for a cover. Two count. Jannetty brings Nick over to his corner and tags in Alkatraz who takes over the beatdown on Nick. Alkatraz plays to the crowd and grabs the referee showing him someone at ringside. This allows Jannetty to sneak a hit on Nick. Alkatraz picks up Nick only to chop him back down for a pin attempt but gets two. Alkatraz scoop slams Nick and hits an elbow drop into a pin for another two count.
Alkatraz slaps Matt down to the floor which causes Matt to try and enter the ring but he's stopped by the ref. Alkatraz and Jannetty double team Nick in their corner while the ref's back is turned. Alkatraz fakes a tag and Jannetty continues to beat down Nick grabbing his hair and slamming him down. Jannetty hits a suplex for a pin and gets a two. Nick fights back but Jannetty cuts him off and tags in Alkatraz. Alkatraz slingshots Nick into the bottom rope and taunts him. Nick is picked up and shot off into the ropes but comes back with a sunset flip that gets a two. Alkatraz is up and not happy as he clotheslines Nick hard. Alkatraz brings Nick to his corner but Nick fights him off and also Jannetty. Jannetty grabs the hair of Nick and slams him down. Alkatraz scoops up Nick for a running powerslam but Jannetty tags himself in which causes Alkatraz to turn and look at Jannetty allowing Nick to slip out and shove Alkatraz into Jannetty. Nick hits the tag to Matt.
Double dropkick to Alkatraz sends him out of the ring. The Bucks double whip Jannetty into the corner. Nick hits a running knee to Jannetty's face which forces him out of the corner into a Kamakaze by Matt. Nick hits a senton on Jannetty and Matt seals the deal with a moonsault for the pin.
Your winners via Pinfall - Matt and Nick Jackson - The Young Bucks!
Match #3 - Amazing Kong vs. Candice LeRae for the NWA World Women's Championship
Kong stares down LeRae but LeRae charges with a front dropkick but Kong doesn't move. LeRae tries for a series of elbows to Kong but she is unphased. Candice tries for another charge on Kong but Kong just plows into her and sends Candice to the mat. Kong grabs up Candice by the hair and throws her out of the corner by it. Ouch.
Kong steps on Candice's head sandwiching it between her boot and the bottom turnbuckle in the corner. Kong picks Candice up and clubs her on the back followed by a stomp. Kong puts Candice into the ropes and nails a chop on the challenger. Kong hits another chop then whips LeRae corner to corner and clobbers her with an avalanche clothesline. Kong steps on Candice's chest for a pin but gets a two.
Candice gets up but Kong locks in a sleeper hold then airplane spins her by the neck. To steal a phrase... Good God! Good God Almighty! Kong picks up Candice and elevates her with a double choke and tosses her down to the mat. Kong whips LeRae into the corner again for another splash but LeRae ducks. She hits more elbows on Kong then goes for a crossbody off the middle turnbuckle but Kong catches her then dumps her forward.
Kong goes for a spinning backfist but LeRae ducks then rushes the ropes for a sunset flip on Kong. Kong tries to squish poor little LeRae but she moves and Kong finds nobody home. LeRae hits the ropes again and nails a low dropkick and tries to pin Kong but gets a two. As LeRae picks up Kong, Kong breaks her hold and nails her with two quick jabs followed by an amazing spinning backfist that lays out LeRae. The referee checks LeRae but she doesn't answer.
Your winner via KO and still NWA World Women's Champion - Amazing Kong!
Kong isn't done and she picks up LeRae and hits an Amazing Bomb to show her dominance.
Match #4 - The Real American Heroes: Karl Anderson & Joey Ryan (c) vs. Los Luchas: Zokre and Phoenix Star for the NWA World Tag Team Championships
Before the match, the Real American Heroes show an interview from earlier in the day. Great stuff as Ryan and Anderson chronicle their rivalry.
Match starts off with the Heroes rushing the Luchas and getting the upper hand fast but the Luchas bounce back and lay out the Heroes with head scissor takedowns then dropkicks. The Heroes are sent to the outside and they try to leave but the Luchas chase them and they brawl on the outside. Zokre chops Anderson on the railing but Ryan has control of Phoenix Star.
Ryan gets Star back into the ring and tries for a hip toss but Star lands on his feet and ducks a right from Ryan into a waistlock. Ryan heads for the ropes and hangs on as Star tries for a roll up. We see Nicho El Millionaro (Psychosis) at ringside taking in the match. Action back in the ring now as Star ducks under then leapfrogs Ryan followed by a hip toss on Ryan. Star ducks a clothesline and springboards off the middle rope catching Ryan in an arm drag that sends him to the outside. Star dashes up and over the top rope hitting Ryan with a flipping senton.
Anderson and Zokre make their way back into the ring as Zokre hits a shoulder to Anderson's gut and then springboards off the top rope into a beautiful head scissor takedown. Anderson rolls through and gets into the corner. Zokre attempts to whip him corner to corner but is reversed. Zokre tries to float over Anderson but Anderson didn't rush Zokre so he can catch Zokre and ram him into the ring post and watch him crumble to the outside. Nicho checks on Zokre but Ryan is there to capitalize as he rams Zokre back into the ring post.
Nicho then checks on Star as both the Heroes go to send Zokre back in to the ring. Anderson hits a snapmare on Zokre then hammers down an elbow to the arm. Anderson taunts Zokre then nails Star. Anderson wrenches the arm of Zokre and tags in Ryan who gets on the middle turnbuckle and comes down with an elbow on Zokre. Ryan wrenches the arm of Zokre again and hammerlocks it back then scoops Zokre for a slam. Nicho is shown at ringside urging on the Luchas but Ryan takes another shot at Star who just got back up on the apron. 
Ryan brings Zokre back to his corner and tags in Anderson then lets Anderson get an easy kick on Zokre's ribs. Anderson hammerlocks Zokre's arm and shoves him shoulder first in to the corner. Another hammerlock slam on Zokre then just throws Zokre's arm down on the mat. Ryan is tagged in and gets Zokre in an inverted hammerlock keeping him from tagging Star in. Zokre gets to his corner but Anderson has the referee distracted and he didn't see the tag. Anderson gets tagged in and grounds Zokre then gets his arm in a top wrist lock. Zokre fights out of it but is whipped into the corner. Zokre ducks out of the way when Anderson comes in with a splash then dropkicks him. Ryan gets into the ring and cuts him off and forces him to the corner then locks the arm around the top rope. Anderson knocks Star off the mat and Star has officially seen more of the carpet than the match tonight.
Ryan takes Zokre out of the corner and hits a Northern Lights suplex on him. Ryan steps on Zokre's hand then stomps his arm as they continue to wear down Zokre. Ryan snapmares Zokre over and drops a knee to the shoulder of Zokre. Ryan brings Zokre back to the Heroes' corner and Anderson tags in. He wrenches the arm of Zokre then drops it with authority to the mat leaving Zokre writhing in pain. Anderson stomps at Zokre then spits at Star. Zokre's up but Anderson locks down the arm again and shoves him into the corner again shoulder first. Ryan tags in and taunts Zokre. Ryan wrenches the arm of Zokre and clamps in a knucklelock and lifts Zokre off the ground with it. Ryan tries to elevate Zokre again but Zokre snaps off a head scissors and rolls to his corner and tags in Star who comes in and lights Ryan and Anderson on fire with shots, clotheslines, and back elbows.
Anderson whips Star into the ropes and he comes back going for a crucifix into a head scissor takedown. Ryan peppers Star with elbows then tries to whip him into the ropes but is reversed. Zokre gets back in an elevates Ryan into a spear from Star. Star covers Ryan for a two count. Zokre goes up on the turnbuckle for a move while Star gets Ryan ready with a slingshot but Anderson catches Zokre. Star slingshots Ryan up but he hits Zokre in the gut then tosses Zokre onto Star. Anderson tags in and gets on the top turnbuckle and leaps towards Star. Star catches the legs of Anderson and smacks him on the mat then sets him for a slingshot. Zokre catches Anderson on the upswing with a flip over neckbreaker that brings him back down on the knees of Star. Star goes for the pin but Ryan comes in and breaks it up. Ryan tosses Zokre out of the ring and works Star into the corner. Anderson gets up and tries to whip Star into a super kick from Ryan but Star blocks. Star ducks under a Ryan clothesline but gets caught with a sweet double A version spinebuster from Anderson. Anderson covers Star while Ryan holds Zokre out of the ring but they only get a two count.
Ryan picks up Star for a powerbomb but Star blocks and spins out of it. He kicks an incoming clothesline from Ryan and then hits a Burning Hammer inverted Angle Slam type take down on Ryan but Anderson comes in with a leg lariat to cut off Star. Zokre springboards off the top rope and hits a clothesline on Anderson. Ryan spears Zokre and all men are down on the mat. Nicho tries to rally the Luchas. All men back up to their feet and they slug it out in the middle of the ring. Zokre gets the better of Ryan with elbows then hits the ropes for a move but Nicho grabs his leg. Zokre ducks a charging Ryan who is sent crashing to the outside. Zokre measures his target then hits a nice twisting plancha on Ryan. Anderson whips Star into the corner but Star ducks out of the way on the charge and Anderson ends up on the mat. Star covers Anderson for a pin but Nicho pulls the referee. When the referee looks, Nicho blames the Heroes' manager, C. Edward Vanderpile. The referee admonshes Vanderpile and Nicho gets in the ring and urges Star to go up to the top rope for a move. Before Star can pull off the move, Nicho hits a dropkick on Star that allows Anderson to get up and superplex Star from the top rope. Anderson covers Star for the three count and the win.
Your winners and still NWA World Tag Team Champions - The Real American Heroes: Karl Anderson and Joey Ryan!
After the match, NWA World Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce welcome Nicho to his stable with the Real American Heroes.
David Marquez wraps up the show and leaves some cliffhangers for next week which will see matches from TJ Perkins, Pepper Parks, and Rob Conway plus others!
Thoughts on the show:
This is what I wanted to see when I heard that the NWA was putting on a new television show. The matches were great, old school fun and they showcased most of the champions on the show and showed a solid outting from a future tag team championship challenging team. This was a solid 45 minutes of wrestling as there were very little in the way of segways and interviews but the interviews that were there were great, effective and short.
Amazing/Awesome Kong is simply one of the best talents to watch on TV today. The way she carries herself in the ring and is so believably dominant just makes me wonder how much more entertaining the Knockout's division on TNA would be if they let Kong's character dominate like she did in this match. I think that would make challengers like Gail Kim and ODB even better getting the face pop when they withstand the onslaught of Kong. I'm not saying that TNA isn't doing right with Kong but just that there's still a notch higher that Kong could be going at and I can't wait for the next NWA match with her in it.
The Real American Heroes and Los Luchas work so well together given the mismatch in their size but between this and the cage match from a couple weeks ago this a very good TV feud as far as I'm concerned. It looks like tag team gold may be in the future for Los Luchas coming down the line on the Showcase and I'm looking forward to seeing how they culiminate it.
All in all, this makes the months worth of screwy finishes and odd match pairings well worth it if the following shows are as solid as this one was.
As always, I can be reached at for questions, comments, or rants.

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